Meat Eaters are Lame

Prove me wrong.



Your mother ate my meat last night and she was pretty lame.

Vegan cum is so good.

False story. Your dick is too small to suck. You can't even get an erection.

clearly a false flagger

If you eat meat, you are scum and deserve to be shot and buried in a shallow grave.

daily reminder that shitposters are banned for much less than this


why do you keep spamming some guy who posted on revleft all over the Holla Forums?

why are you bumping a shit thread by a brainlet

why does it matter if this board is slow as shit rn

why don't you bump good threads instead

You expect me to eat your 'meat' but you wont eat mine…

why do you keep spamming read rafiq everywhere

because rafiq is actually good zizek/lenin-tier theory


Stop falling for memes. Zizek is a meme.

you think this only because you've interpreted zizek through memes rather than zizek himself

Zizek is a butthurt meatcuck. He ain't shit.



Forgot pic

Also sage

Humans are meat eaters, isn't that proof enough?


Meat is yummy and cool

rafiq is an anglo
prove me wrong
hardmode: you can’t

ok. rafiq unironically uses 'ango saxon philistine' as an insult.


I'm pretty sure he literally said he was from somewhere in the middle east that I don't remember
just look at one of the screencaps, it's there.

Mods aren't actual leftists, this board is bullshit.

Humans are not meant to eat meat.

thanks for revealing that you are /r/socialism. pic very related.
come back when you have actually read something