ITT: post the most lib image you have

ITT: post the most lib image you have

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extremely accursed image



this is obviously a joke

This actually is pretty woke if you have a pic at the bottom of the masses of proletarian youth saying "we want communism then"

Millennials and their successors will be the generations that make global communism a reality. I mean they kind of have to. Otherwise humanity will go extinct.


Wait for it to happen in real life.

stop bullying adam

Reminder that 51% of burger millennias say we oppose capitalism.

There's your problem. That wasteland should be eliminated


t. philistine

How this guy fucks so much I'll never know

Bugs fuck a lot.


Bugs reproduce fast in vast quantities.
Rosas will defend this

Do personal experiences count?



Mate I don't know, I don't follow electoral politics

Oh god, the girl in the back looks like she's dying

why do you think they called the Ghostbusters?



Is that you





Damn that's liberal as fuck.


Unironically beat these people with a baseball bat.

Face of Holla Forums


My gott I can't stand these geek chic pretend-nerd slags

This is what a man looks like when he is freed from toxic masculinity

Wait, are those clear lens glasses?

Such as the people in Chapo and Cumtown?


The irony here is that Holla Forums is far more liberal. Racism and white supremacy are illiberal. They are just retro.



Titoist are just slightly to the left of Liberals in my opinion.

Elon 2020, 2024, 2028, 2032…..

over a year later and this one is still my favorite

No they are radically different.
I get being annoyed with mocking brooklyn hipsters but that's a whole different beast from the geek-chic lootcrate bullshit.

I'd say hipsters are twinned with geek-chic. Evidences A through ZZZ: SJWs.


But chapo and cumtown make fun of these people

Nothing is more cruel than deporting kulaks back to liberal Yugoslavia indeed.

Oh I know, that's one of life's ironies: them and Weird Twitter at large pretty much created SJWs on their image. They will shit on SJWs all day long, then circlejerk all night long with them on Twitter. They are in denial about being SJWs themselves.






You've never interacted with corporate sjws if you think they like leftism or vulgarities


What exactly do they think is so hypocritical about antifa? I don't like antifa, and I've been aware of and disliked them since the 2000s, which is more than most of the public can claim, but I don't see how this is a valid criticism of them.


Hilarious that Solzhenitsyn said that when he spent half of his life making shit up about the Soviets


african is not a race and he is mostly correct, the ridiculously high birthrate is unsustainable.
stop being a fucking snowflake

Look, Clinton just gets hungry sometimes. We all get hungry. Sometimes she needs to eat an entire ham.



Now personally, if I had an encounter with actual bonafide slave labor and I didn't lift a finger to try and stop it, I might want to keep that shit secret. I might even hesitate before I bragged about it in the massively published autobiography I'm writing. Especially if I'm a political figure who theoretically likes to put on a facade that I stand for 'progressiveness', an image that might be shattered if I talk about how friendly I found the house nigger slaves at my friend's mansion. That sort of thing I might try and keep under wraps as much as possible, instead of taping the page to my crotch and proudly humping it into people's faces in a massively publicized, best selling book toured across America.

But I'm not a lizard person wrapped in human skin so what do I know.



Whedon's Twitter after the election was hilarious.

There are corporate SJWs, there are LARPing SJWs (the goons in denial), and other subtypes, but they're pretty much all connected to each other on Twitter with a couple of degrees of separation. They all think they're sticking it to The Man, whether it's by doxxing people who misuse pronouns or by "spreading class consciousness" in a comedy podcast. In the end, they're all bougies who think their porkish way to make money will somehow help mankind.

There's probably people who actually discuss theory, participate in far leftist orgs etc among them, but I can tell you the oldschool WT goon crew aren't among them. Hell, I saw one of them flash a FYAD meme on primetime national TV as he clutched pearls over some Republican pundit. They LARP about fighting the system but they are the system.

Beats me man, I can see a lot of problems with them but hypocrisy isn't one of them. I'm guessing it's centrist logic, imagining them to be nao-Nazis' mirror image.

I'm not scared of fat people, they're just gluttons that I like to bully. Get it right, liberals.

This is the thread for liberal pics, not (literal) Burger pics.

It's called simulation hypothesis and it's exactly that: the notion that our universe is a simulation (or a dream or whatever) taking place in some higher plane of existence. For some reason, Rocket Jesus is obsessed with it. Maybe he hopes he'll h4x0r reality and turn into Neo or some shit.

Musk is going to pop out the simulation when he dies and everyone will be like "Damn Musk your player character was fucking autistic as hell just play the damn game man"

how do you prove that, though?


how the fuck can someone be so disingenuous and just plain wrong immediately after a tragedy? the inhuman snake doesnt even realise that silencers are not real. and a suppressor would have still been louder than the concert. Besides that, at the distance he was at, they heard people get hit and scream before they would've heard a gunshot.

As opposed to ironically beating them with a baseball bat?

This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

Where the fuck do they find these people?


I've always hated this hairstyle. I remember seeing a couple younger kids wearing it when I was in high school 5 or 6 years ago and have no clue why it's still around. It looks so fucking dumb, holy shit.

The Dems gun control efforts are almost entirely spectacle anyways. It's just a way to waste political capital and appease police unions.


good one

thank god hes south african

No idea, but I imagine that proving we're in a simulation would fuck our reality up something fierce. Seems like the most accessible and far-reaching doomsday device possible, now that I think about it.

damn i was reading an article and this is the synthesis of this shit

For these "professional" type women, support for Hillary is an expression of class interest as well as the usual idpol. They hate Bernie's policies but don't want to seem unwoke.


blame skrillex


Only passable flag there and the colours are still a bit shit. The many horizontal stripes only look good if you have 2 colours and something like the triangle+star such as Cuba/Puerto Rico

It shits me to no end that people think musk is some genius for stumbling over the idea the world isn't reality. Its like ffs Zhuang Zhou was writing about it over 2000 years ago when he dreamt he was a butterfly.

It's not even an intelligent or original thought to have in this day and age either. Who wants to bet this racing to get out of the simulation is another "it's a talented scientist/engineer but he's a brainlet at philosophy" episode.

replace scientific evidence about big bang with selected sci-fi literature. But hey, supporting scientifically disproved theory is totally not religion but just scientific curiosity, ok?

The bigger thing is that androgyne is the only flag there whose colors don't bleed into one another to make one giant pastel nightmare. Pangender makes my eyes water just trying to perceive the fainter-pink between darker-pink and white.

And the ones that use 5+ colors are just revoltingly bad.

This picture is proof that SJW's never inherited gay fashion sense.


You can't.
My main gripe with this theory is that the term "simulation" is too anthropocentric. Maybe an entity existing in an higher dimension created us for its amusement or whatever, just like we have created 2D video games. Even then, it is just a way to say that evolution maybe was devised through intelligent design with the possibility to have an element of randomness or imperfection at the core of the creation process.
But in the end, we just are, and we will probably never understand why we are here in the first place, as our brains are too limited for that.

Is Musk even a scientist or engineer at all, or just Steve Jobs' buttbaby?

And speaking of which, I was just reminded of this liberal as fuck magazine cover from a few years ago. I don't think translating is needed.

I never did catch all the Unown's in Pokemon

Probably the biggest issue with all this shit. Is there even a countries flag with a pastel colour in it?

Pastel blue is actually pretty common in flags. There's nothing particularly wrong with using it for one color, but by all that is holy don't cram it in next to two other similarly-saturated colors.


Shit, that's the fake one. I meant to post the real one from 2 yrs ago.


So, I wasn't the only to make that connection

Are Anarkiddies even trying to be taken seriously any more?

Nice materialist analisis you got there pal.

Silencers don't work like in the movies

Check her website, and be sure to Paypal her!

About the second pic, Nickerson is the guy who wrote a couple of articles on Salon to the tune of "I'm the pedophile, you're the monsters". Seriously. Salon deleted both before running that Milo pedo history.


source? couldnt find anything and ita good to have it as backup info


That sounds like it has strong potential for hijacking.

not even once

you could honestly fill this entire thread with just moviebob


I looked at Movieblob's recent posts and it's all just movie bullshit.

And recent hot takes from the blob?

im so glad killary lost
i hate these two more than any right wingers and the idea of them being assblasted makes me smirk

I really do hate the misuse of the word technocrat that neolibs constantly utilize. The actual technocratic proposals throughout history have all been anti-capitalist.


there's…um…whatever this is

>capitalism and socialism

So much LARP, where are all the crusts?

He's the kind of guy, if given power, would turn into Ceausescu.

pic related