Illegalism - It robs from the rich and gives to itself

Leftypol - why haven't you re-appropriated your portion of the collective property yet?

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Bluecollar crime is too hard to get away with nowadays, every square inch of the world is on camera, your fingerprints are on a database along with your DNA, and your car, your mobile, and your Xbox are all telling the cops where you are.


Like basically all forms of anarchism, I see where they're coming from but I don't agree with their conclusions.

Not enough revolutionary tanks. Appropriating the means of production while sitting on top a tank makes the capitalists more willing to negotiate, and if not they can more easily be made into red stains.
As for crime, why settle with anything less but all of the means of production?

Why? Because sadly the tanks aren't coming. I guess you could say helping yourself and helping others to do the same is a compromise

I agree to an extent but what about using a disguise? A burner phone? Steal someone elses car? Trade in your Xbox for a Switch. Seems that with a little creativity these issues can be tackled or atbthe very least mitigated.

When you can't even be gangster without paying due to the Big Other

God damn it's so insulting and invasive, and it must be degrading the people doing it because they are probably personally blamed for any inventory irregularities.

You can't have half a revolution, you need to drown capitalism in blood to you absolutely are sure it is dead.

Don’t bring your phone with you. Use a car that doesn’t have a GPS.


You may as well just use the fucking checkout.

The State is not omnipotent, but you overplaying its power plays into their hands.

To anyone who doesn't know this
It's enhances thor with other features just check their website. It's not unerring but used by very srious people. Just read their FAQ i think they talkabout operation silkroad. If they don't and if you dont know what it is google it.

At the very least everyone on this board should be running a torrent client.

Stalin robbed a bank and was involved in the ensuing shootout with guns and grenades though, like 50 people died.

Who says I'm not?


Marx was wrong about lumpenproles and the one passage he wrote about it has been blown out of proportion by Marxist cultists. Dude probably wrote it in blind rage after being robbed on his way home from the library

kek, that's some quality /leftyposting comrade user

Would you care to explain why? Or are you just a mad lumpenprole?

He didn't predict the current precariat's existence and all it means, signifies in late capitalism. He couldn't of really, it's been well over a century.

Not the other poster, but I want to add on to what he said. IIRC Marx feared that the lumpens would be easily swayed into joining the bourgeoisie with bribes when they were threatened, when it panned out in reality the lumpens were one of the bourgeoisies biggest objects of disdain and the feeling is mutual.
It's especially funny when you see MLs who loved Stalin shitting on lumpens, because he was one, bigly.