Market socialists, Titoists, and Mutualists get in here. Discuss, post memes, etc. Tankies need not apply

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Starting off with some dank tito memes




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No, Soviet strategies were the most developed at the end of war.

Google deep operations.

right but before then they literally just threw bodies at the Germans. How else do you explain the Soviets ridiculously high casualties?

Well what? USSR and other actually-existing socialist states didn't have boom and busts, accumulation and reinvestment, etc. while the Yugos clearly did. They had unemployment, economic bust cycles, debt, etc.

not to mention

that's probably reffering to shit like sending sodliers into minefields.

They were being invaded by a powerful industrialized nation?

Soviets lost almost all of their military stockpile and armored divisions during the early months of operation Barbarossa. Additionally their supply lines were not motorized effectively, leading to massive loses in armored and tank divisions.

You are going to take lot more casualties regardless of the army if you loose 90% of your air forces and most of your military stockpile at start of the war. Additionally red army was in middle of organizational reforms at start of the war.

This is nothing but a meme form those who`s understanding of the second world war is based around video games and not study of the military history.

Market socialism would be a great transitional stage but it as a final goal seems ridiculous and underwhelming. I'm mostly a confederal syndicalist now because "markets" in leftism really doesn't make sense but I can see it as a historical development into socialism then into fully-automated communism

every time, all the wonders achieved by Tito were made possible through borrowed money, what a lame piece of garbage Yugoslavia turned out to be.
ML's and Tankies where right about it all the time.

Do *any* market-socialist see it as an end all solution? I'm mark-soc and I sure as hell don't. But personally, I do see it as the best first step. Actually PUTTING the MOP into the hands of workers should be a no-brainer.

marketsoc is and should be transitionary, like the NEP

German disregard for life?

I critically support marksucc because doing so slightly increases my chances of finding a qt. Otherwise it's gay and just slightly better capitalism.

You forgot Bukharinists and Anarcho-Individualists m8

A legit Bukharinist was visiting our lefty/pol/ dubtrack, I wonder what have happened to him since.

Tito was a manlet, too

they did u fuckin scrub

What did OP mean by this?


Training and I.Q. gap

This has nothing to do with the high casualties, but rather the failure of modernization and the post-purge state of the military(too many inexperienced and young officers).
Difference in training only really kicked in during 1942 summer, as most members of previous standing army had either been captured by the Germans nor killed in combat(with exception of Siberian divisions).

titoists are normie tier, anarkiddies literally like him.
Only reason anyone likes him over stalin is because the US never mounted massive propaganda against tito.

Left-wing capitalists of the market-kind (as opposed to state fetishist MLs) fail to realize how class society is enabled and perpetuated by the very existence of money.

Not only is """worker's self management""" not a definition of socialism, it wasn't even present in Yugoslavia.

This goes for both Stalin and Tito.

This is your brain on liberalism.

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lol, you still needed the soviet union to liberate parts.
Albania was the only country to self-liberate. Don't force me to make The Virgin Tito vs The Chad Hoxha

Capitalism, Other Capitalism, and Capitalists get in here. Discuss, post memes, etc. Communists need not apply

Boy I sure do love socialist commodity production, socialist markets, socialist private property and socialist money!


MarkSuccs call everyone who doesn't like capitalism a tankie.



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Lol this board sure needs more banter between Titoists and Hoxhaists

Do it.


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Anyone have that bee gees clip from tito?


Wmy use them "market socialism" when you can call it normally - "bleeding heart capitalism"?


OP here Market socialism is absolutely transitional. My ideal society would be something along the lines of libertarian socialism, but given the current political climate I think market socialism is the best way to get there. Tankies and Anarkiddies alike are completely braindead when it comes to how a revolution could actually take place in the 21st century. They're so obsessed with LARPing 20th century movements that they fail to realize that their praxis is woefully outdated




top-tier memes friend

Tito: Ideology lives on in edgy 3rd way highschoolers
Hoxha: Ideology lives on in Hundreds of African and South American parties and guerilla movements.


This is simply not true.

168cm / 5' 6" was the norm in Balkans 1890. So being born in 1892 to becoming 170cm / 5' 7" isn't even close to manlet levels.