Post your ideology and personality type:

Before you ask, yes my chair I spend 90% of my time in is amazing, spent all my money available on it.

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I'm lazy as fuck so I'll just type this shit out

trot intj

Libertarian Marxist. INFP-T.

I except better

Market libertarian socialist; INTJ masterrace


Post-fascist socdem

Like Clockwork

Anarchist, INFP-T

I was celebrating these threads supposed death until you showed up


ultra-leftist anarchist

They added another letter?

INTJ. Interesting how the rarest personality types flocks too image boards.

You can tell who doesn't know anything about MBTI by whether they add the extra letter at the end. It means they only recently took the test, and don't understand it at all.

I can't tell by your post whether adding or not adding the letter means you don't understand the test.


cult of Luxemburg


Marxist Socialist

INTJ, pragcom



Mutualist / Closeted Basic-Income-Cum-Guzzling-Succ-Dem

any other INFJs here? I don't really have a specific ideology, just socialist.

Why I'm not surprised.

I don't now MBTI, I prefer Socionics (I live in Eastern Europe).
Socionics type is ESI (ISFj), political views are classic orthodox anarcho-communism with syndycalist tactics prefered, member of IWA-AIT.


Reminder that MBTI is pseudoscience bullshit.

I got INTP but I sometimes get INFP. The test I took also said I was assertive rather than turbulent (so INTP-A).

I'm an anarcho-communist that's become disillusioned with a lot of anarchist methods and increasingly sympathetic to non-anarchist tendencies; possibly transitioning to ML.

Has this been tested ala MBTI? Seems to have more acceptance in academia in eastern Europe but most of the material I've found online is in Russian so I don't know.


Leninist who agrees with Trotsky on most everything

What about are you talking especially, comrade?

Yes, we studied socionics from Russian materials. In our community it's not big respectability for Western socionic school, and English socionics is perceived as more amateur and because of this pseudoscientific (reminds MBTI) than Russian.

Trot and INFP.

This supports my theory that INTx/INxF-J is the most susceptible to leftist/anarchist politics irregardless of the tests scientific nature or not as they explain signs of anti authority and hierarchy. Btw INFJ-A is the > literally Hitler personality type

Rejection of hierachy*
My bad

INFP. F all authority but me

some sort of ultra probably. starting to really like communization (I'm also Catholic but mainly for emotional reasons. don't bother asking how I reconcile the two. At the moment, I don't)

the ideology compass thing is meaningless too. this is just some fun navelgazing. stop being a little bitch

are all ancoms this retarded?

No fun allowed in AnComston


Well we're in a chan, a place that attracts lots of introverts.

Ancom INTJ


I'm an INFP Communalist

I’m also and INFP communalist

Communalism and INTP but the briggs myers test is astrology for nerds


I don't know who told you it was okay to engage in blind consumerism.

what if it was a gift from his family? he isn't the one to blame

then he should sue Apple for brainwashing his family.

INFP - left Maoist/third worldist

my horoscope is INTJ, and I believe we would all benefit from bureaucratic socialism

Communalist Gang

INTP turned INFP here.

Yeah, I prefer the Big Five model, personally.

I laughed hard

I've been looking for a left-wing version of this right-wing Holla Forums meme. Do you have a larger version of this?

Wobby/Marksucc, ENTP/ENFP

All you I**J people need to go outside immediately

I**P here. No thank you.

Libertarian Marxist INFP

Same shit.
Psychoanalysis is the cool shit these days, catch up grandpa.

lolbertarian INFP

really these sex questions shouldn't even count

MBTI is pseudo-science
literal trash

hey, rebel


hey, muke


INTJ Marxist Leninist

Reactionary Communitarian

INFP, syndie.

Feels > Reals confirmed

Will you gulag me daddy?

INTP Marxist-Leninist


Libertarian Marxist, INTP

big five is much better than the MBTI

Any ideology that isn't liberalism, conservatism, libertarianism, or progressivism is skewed in introverted intuitives.

also, here's a basic explanation of the big five

Extroversion and Neuroticism

revolutionary shitposter


Universalist Asatruar & Anarcho syndicalist

Praise Thor and smash capitalism

idgaf about your stupid hipster cred labels, I only care about what benefits the working class and what doesn't

INTJ *tips fedora*
And I would best describe myself as an ultra-leftist/adherent to communization. Was a vague M-L prior to this.


INTJ Marxist, Council Communist

What the fuck are you me?

Like literally everyone else here?

INFP, Maoist

insurrectionary communism

4w5 Enneagram
Anarchist at heart.
Big five-wise leaning towards introversion, very low agreeableness, low conscientiousness if I'm not mistaken, about or above average neuroticism and highly open.


Esoteric Hitlerism / Not Socialism / White Nationalism



INFP ancom.

also a sad boy who listens to postpunk

Is that a picture of you

No it's David Graeber. Also an ancom and suspect would score as INFP.

>I'm still the only ISTP on Holla Forums


Im an INFP into hardcore man!

Im really curious, how christian are you?


0%, I just had that flag on to shitpost while pretending to be my actual christian socialist friend.