Wouldn't we need capitalism to modernize the third world in order to have the stability and infrastructure necessary to...

Wouldn't we need capitalism to modernize the third world in order to have the stability and infrastructure necessary to maintain collectivization and decentralization after we surpass it?

if this is your first priority or even in your top 10 priorities you need to be gulaged

My goal is stability and longevity, which is rather difficult when most of these countries aren't even industrialized. How can we possibly reach post-scarcity until this issue is met?

Wanna know how russia went from an illiterate peasant state to a global superpower? It wasn't capitalism you fucking retard

Capitalism is why they don't those things in the first place.

Industrial modernization is a 20th century ideal that has been rendered obsolete by technological advancement, even 1st world countries have been de industrialising. dude have you been asleep since the 60s? ML developmentalist regimes all crashed and burned, every last one of them. Besides production fetishism is a dumbfuck stupid idea, communism is about abolishing commodity production and exchange, not about forcing people to pproduce mountains of commodities for no reason.

It literally was, famalam

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Lenin literally admitted the NEP was capitalistic

Infrastructure development is not equivalent to commodity fetishism. I'm completely fine with surplus production ceasing to exist but HDI will be an important factor for gauging the success of fully decentralized, stable societies. Not even being utopian this is a pretty basic concern. Semi-authoritarian states with limited free market capitalism have proven themselves to be pretty efficient at this. Just look at Singapore. Once we reach this globally, then we can raze it and achieve communism in its skeleton.

why not just do communism instead? if production was geared towards meeting human needs instead of surplus production we could skip the authoritarian development phase entirely. communism was already technically possible back in Marx' own day. Capitalism is at heart a social relationship not a consequence of underdevelopment

There you have it kid, this is what having no theory looks like

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Capitalism is pretty good at allocating resources. The people who benefit from the system are terrible when it comes to managing them unfortunately.

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Possibly. I'd much prefer state-mediated capitalism such as the early USSR than the shitty slow private capitalism prevailing now though.

Have you ever fucking read Marx at all

Literally what

bump. Surely some theorist has touched on this topic at least once.

old shanghai looked better. also good luck with that lol

Yeah, Marx.

He's actually right no meme, you're retarded if you don't think that you need an SNLT of ~ 0 to achieve communism.


It might be viable, except that the New World Order is predicated on keeping countries in their current hierarchy. TPTB, even the local elites, literally don't don't poor countries to develop.

this is what no theory looks like

wew lad it's like you don't even want to abolish the value form.