What to wear to "rallies"

Does anyone else think that street revolutionaries need to step up their game?

Black bloc kind of seems like a dead meme. It was fun for a while in the USA. Now that we've seen how the police respond to it for events involving mass mobilization, we know that it's not the best outfit for actually fighting (against the Right / cops). Video cameras, drones, technology-aided spying reduce the benefits in regards to anonymity that early black bloc tactics saw – several papers have came out this year that are showing that FBI/DHS can "see through" bandannas (which aren't good against teargas, anyway).

Baseball helmets make a lot more pragmatic sense than hoodies, especially with the abundance of "flag" poles and "sign" poles at rallies. Respirators make a load of fucking sense too, as do ski goggles (with ventilation holes glued shut). Elbow pads and knee pads may be slight overkill, but if you're possibly flying onto concrete, it's better to look a little goofy than it is to fucking break your knees or elbows isn't it? Wearing an "athletic cup" would make good sense too.

Short of wearing riot gear and full body armor, what alternatives to black bloc does Holla Forums consider viable? Another benefit of ditching the black bloc is that the New Left can escape the stigma wrapped around antifa (idpol terrorists, if you go by the news stories)

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If it's a normie rally wear normal clothes, if things are gonna get smashie and the cops might get involved go black bloc. I really have no idea why you'd switch it up except to trigger right wingers into hating a different outfit

Chinese police, as now with American federal police, are identifying activists through footwear.

Cost of a plastic bag: $0.01

Why does no one wear bags over their shoes?

It's not a problem about the clothing. Maybe is more a problem of the reasons and tatics, ever thought of that?

black bloc is alright for a bit of scuffling … but lol… have you ever tried to change out of black pants in a kettle / alleyway? Do you really think the best outfit for charging police is a hoody and jeans? With enough numbers, yeah, it doesn't really matter what people wear – but pragmatically, a change in dress could pay off.

This for the start, perhaps wear red as it will fit in, but if things are going to get heated don't go black bloc, go full on Japanese air port activist:
Rock-climbing helmet
scientific or digging goggles
Sports top with padding (ike just regular cloth) underneath
Walking boots
Leather jacket
Facial protection (either gas mask, dust mask or just a surgical mask

Most jeans are pretty bad for moving about quickly, especially if they're wet. Suggest a cheap pair of walking/outdoor trousers instead.

Yeah but they are designed to be quite strong: baggy jeans allow for mobility and won't get ripped.

if i black bloc, i prefer wearing scrubs or BDUs

scrubs because they are cheap,
BDUs because they're made for active persons

Coverall rainsuits (as pictured) that are designed to be rolled up to be placed in bags can be effective too

but as police brutality ramps up I still think that a stronger form of defense than a stick, a ski mask, and a pair of running shoes will become necessary.

there are steps/levels between civvy wear and open carry in body armor. And personally I think the left should scale its game

all of a sudden I want some black break-aways


\\Well this is my antifa x /fa/ fit what does everyone think?



wear shoes over the bags for grip

But how do you hide the shoes over the bags over the shoes?



literally too cool to arrest

How do you hide the stilts?

fuck you're right, better call the whole thing off

Definitely a gas mask, Yugo M1s are literally $15 and with a 60-40mm filter adapters you can put more modern NATO filters on it and the adapter only costs $5. For $15 to $20 you're protected from tear gas and pepper spray.

Whatever you wear don't forget to smile to the camera.

this is the future liberals want

That's actually kinda funny

The funny thing is, since this will go down in left-wing extremism crime statistics.
German politics as of late desperately try to argue that left-wing extremism is as bad as the right-wing one.
So with arson and murder on the right side, you got blocking the street and being carried away on the left.

It's very possible they'd be putting that out just as an attempt to scare people.

Even if it's true, you can work around it all over again by just incorporating something new. Very probably it means they're using infrared cameras which can see through clothes, and computer facial recognition. If that's true, then you can add a layer of IR-blocking material to your disguise. And to fight against computer-generated facial recognition you can add mass to your face to distort the shape it makes in the bandana and make sure your covering is effective, wear sunglasses. Don't let skin show through if you can avoid it. Don't take it off until you're covered up by something else, such as inside a tent.

Helmets are a good idea, definitely. Some level of armor to prevent yourself from getting whacked by simple blunt instruments could be good. I've heard magazines are pretty effective, but they're very flammable. Just duct tape them to your outermost layer. Most likely, put them on your arms, the most likely things to be hit. Simple cloth padding is also useful, but it can get very hot.

A respirator or breathing mask of some kind to fight tear gas is good. I know there's some chemical recipes to impregnate cloth with from WWI that were used to good effectiveness against tear gasses. Goggles are good for the same thing, but again make sure it's also doubling up as a masking for your eyes.

Isn't he in jail yet again? He seems to be one of those "pathological criminals" that seem to be incapable of living a normie life. You know, the ones that rightwing types want dead.

Protesting socks

Anyone know how useful stuff like picrelated that go under your clothes are? I'd think they're probably good for avoiding pain if you get hit by a baton but I haven't ever tried them.
Motocycle shit seems to be made for protesting, look at those knuckles in picrel2.
Only problem I see with this shit is that it's probably hard to ditch the under clothes stuff

Motorcycle gear isn't really about softening impact. At the speeds you're normally going there's fuck all you can do about that usually. It's more about avoiding friction. If you crash a bike into something, you're pretty much dead, but if you just fall off the bike you're pretty ok as long as sliding along the road doesn't tear you to shreds. If you're really concerned about impact use shit like hockey pads.

On the topic of helmets
Are impact helmets like for a pedal bike useful compared to a steel helmet?
And can we just appreciate how pretty the SSh-36 is?
And howabout those thick steel MICH looking helmets? The ones that anglosphere NATO countries are using?

I think that the impact helmets are probably decent enough against bludgeon attacks, and the old steel helmets are likely not better for that (thought they look cooler), I've taken many heavy falls wearing an impact helmet for snowboarding and bicycling, and I think I'm only a little retarded.

hide your power level leftypol

What ever shit they have



This fucking faggot tranny is in favor of Socdems I fucking whish HE dies in a cesspit.

The job of the revolutionary and counter revolutionary are fundamentally different retard and its people like you that make antifa such a fucking retard fest. The Aut Right gear is meant for attacking poorly equiped protesters, we should be geared to deal with militarized police (molotovs, face masks, all black, weighted gloves ect.)

Full body armor, a gatling gun, and 10 days of food supplies and ammo.

Fuck off reactionary.

Bike helmets are marginally useful. If you're going that angle use motorcycle helmets or football (American football) helmets or something like that.

The entrails of dead capitalists and their supporters.

For face stuff I recommend colored contacts, and lot’s of face paint designed to distort your facial features.

Just make sure to get fit before you go to a riot. Also I exercise in Jeans which aren’t ripped, but have been worn a lot just fine.

I wear semi-tight jeans and exercise in them just fine.

We Iraqi IED makers now.

Drop the hoodie for black long-underwhere ski where. Less likely to get snagged, and it’s lighter.

Just paint your shoes beforehand, then rinse them afterwords. Let them dry for a day and they’ll be fine.


Still /k/ does have good advice for shit that we should use. We shouldn’t discard them because they disagree with them.

For not falling and supporting Gender dysphoria lol.
You will end up as a liberal in a few years faggot.

fucking kek
is this what black bloc is gonna do halloween night

No there going to through IEDs that look like eggs at Wall Street Skyscrapers.

Sap gloves are actually illegal in a number of states. You should find out their legality before you give cause for arrest.

Why do the japanese protests and riots look so organized and cool? Whats their secret

It's a Japanese thing you know.

er I would suppose it's because they actually organize themselves beforehand


why combine those? lenin dealt with kronstadt and makhno rather bad

also why your kin never goes against black or yellow pride?

what is needed is the foiling of facial recognition software in a functional and easy to reproduce way.

At the price of looking like a total dumbass

Fuck off I would hate to look like the mirror image of the Kekistanis.
Just google Black Block you bunch of nerds.

I meant Anarchy or hammer and sickle. Of course, both combined works too.

I don't like either prides. I don't like racial pride in any form.

What about a 12'' Black Flag?


Who are these guys? Unionized proles?

those shorts could go under sweatpants … But the danger of anything too baggy is that it can be easily grabbed.

These are cool but they look kinda larpy. Motorcycle helmets are easier to justify…

But contacts don't play nicely with teargas. I do agree with the idea for Yugo M1s

That's part of what motivated me to post this thread. Wearing different helmets to signify different roles / affiliations is brilliant. The Japanese Left was amazing theatrical

This but with Clinton so that the Right gets properly pissed at the libs.

Zengakuren, ancoms


Well fuck.

I can only recall wearing a motorcycle helmet once but I remember my visibility being pretty shit and it being fucking heavy on my head. Hearing can be pretty bad as well. Wouldn't a helmet and some goggles be more practical in a street confrontation? Gas mask worn around the neck for easy access.
Motorcycle helmets tend to have a lot of extra mass around the face. This is good if you're rolling on the ground after having just fallen off your bike going 55 mph, not as great if you're trying to stay mobile on your feet.


This thread is a bunch of people proposing attending protests dressed in similar armour to riot police. The original black bloc is a disguise as one or two posters have implied, not body armour. Police are not completely stupid. If a sizeable group of individuals appear dressed in body armour, that directly implies violent intent. The police ALWAYS have access to better weapons than you. The armoured group will be designated a major threat and removed post haste.

I also suggest reading this piece to get an idea of why mobility beats armour.

Wear a suit of metal armor over top a suit of bulletproof armor
Become Invulnerable

I have a pair of these actually

Then wear your body armor under a baggy hoodie


Don't worry bro you are not alone.
Nobody ITT will ever participate in any rallies or riots, we are just LARPing.

Most American leftists are too scared to chuck molotovs or make IEDs (very serious crimes) but you might be able to convince a mob to break a police line if they felt suitably dressed …. yes, the state will always be better armed, but they won't switch from rubber bullets to real bullets because you decided to wear a helmet instead of a beanie cap

I've personally organized three rallies in the last year.

Why do right-wingers dress like preps while antifa goes full techwear?

Because they are all entitled rich cunts.

I wanna go to one to. I’m so lonely.

This almost got me, it's that rare for a tash to criticize the rich instead of anarchists.

THATS because this is me and this isn’t also me. The stach thing was a joke from another thread and I forgot to switch

Oh my god, so true. The ultimate "Do you know who my dad is?" types.

You only need a few people chucking molotovs and grenades to have an effect.


Difference in tactics teebeehaitch, I doubt the alt-right has too much higher of a percentage of middle class white kids than the folks who show up to anti-fascist counter protests.

Alt-right rallies are declarations of relevance and attempts at normalizing. The idea is to appear clean-cut, presentable, and maybe even appealing to a certain type of muppet. Ridiculous klansmen outfits do not aid in this goal and your movement will never be admitted into the mainstream if everyone's going anonymous all the time.

Black bloc protesters are doing something entirely different. They aren't presenting a vision for society that they are trying to popularize. They might do so in other avenues, such as good old fashioned strike organizing and marches, but the black bloc is purely for security's sake. They don't trust the authorities, so they remain anonymous and non-descript while they take what they perceive to be the necessary actions to stop rising fascism or to protect other people from police brutality. This is also why black bloc protesters don't come geared up with their own custom kits like stickman. Any distinguishing trait that can possibly be used in identification is to be avoided. Stickman gets arrested every single time he assaults someone at these rallies. Also, the weird "alt-knight" bullshit is embarrassing larping in the first place.

use a plastic bag.

If you're on a budget Soviet GP-5s with newer Russian GOST filters will be a substitute for Yugo M1s. They have less visability and fog up easier but they're better than literally nothing. Also anyone who tells you that a rag soaked in lemon juice will protect you from tear gas is a fucking retard and you shouldn't listen too them. Full face industrial masks are really expensive and half masks don't protect your eyes. Avoid these.

Forgot flag, same yugo m1 dude as before

Where are the fuckin shields?