High Autism Levels

Leftcoms are just typical Reddit fedora scum and should be lauded as such

It's a communist rick and morty copypasta thing m8

Do everyone a favor and kill yourself fashstash.

No it isn't

Leftcoms should kill themselves

yes, yest it is.

charge your phone

You're using the flag, why don't you set an example?


Tankies, fuck off. No one likes you.

Stop with the fascist arguments, liberal. Maybe you should fuck off (back to pol), libfashshit.

Why are you pretending to not know that that's a copypasta?

can someone give me a quick run down on the "ultraleft"

But it is.

Bump because OP should feel bad

Why do people here seem to be triggered about the concept of I.Q.?

Probably because your definition of "triggered" is "disagrees with me"

tankies are liberals

Thee's a difference between disagree with something and flying off the handle into an autistic rage over a scientific concept that's a well established and observed as gravity.

Everyday the same guy woukd come around derailing threads with infographs, so a word filter was created.

I don't understand when people say this

Because there's an extremely common tendency among tankies to adopt hard left, anti-reformist positions and harshly criticize everyone who differs from them. At the same time however, if you look at the actual organizing they do it's generally pretty reformist and arevolutionary. There's a disconnect there, and a lot of tanks are just liberals who like the soviet aesthetic

That's a satire post.

How assblasted are you? Did a mean leftcom steal your pancakes?

Please leap off the nearest highrise.

Redditors are cancerous retards who spout whatever pseudo intellectual buzzwords into a shitty one or two liner. Then they get pissed off and think you're le defeated if you post that they're retarded. They then are genuinely surprised that after you wrote down a few paragraphs you just give a quick reply you're retarded to their shitty pseudo intellectual tier one liner.

I now fully understand where the fedora memes come from. From these retards typing one or two lines about how christianity (always christianity as well lol never islam judaism or anything else) doesn't work and atheism is the only thing and makes them intellectualy superior. But the real fedora is this attitude of shitty one or two liners pretending to grasp whatever is being said, but they actually do not know shit.

This is highly infuriating when it comes to discussing history or politics. On r/the_donald they completely ignore the downsides and negatives that Trump has brought them as a group. On r/politics they are so insane to believe even the most insane anti trump conspiracies, and they legit label you as a Russian if you say that their arguments are deeply flawed / devoid of evidence.

except Autism Level as an perfect or even reasonable measure of human intelligence is not well grounded.

I still don't understand how being able to put blocks and shapes into an autistic matching pattern order is supposed to be an accurate representation of general intelligence.

Yes, I'm buttmad because my childhood Autism Level tests, but it's still a valid point. Intelligence is more than pattern recognition, it's about your ability to think critically and analytically.

Which is problem solving. Pattern recognition is analytic thinking.

Yes, but pattern recognition is only a very small, concretistic part of analytic thinking.

I'm much more impressed by an influential philosopher than a chess grand master.