Should I read Settlers?

Should I read Settlers?

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i save you the time


If you shit up this board with low effort OPs I encourage you to read it and deal with the brain cancer that comes with reading such garbage.
Better researched and makes more sense than Settlers tbh.

I'm reading it now, it's a historical materialist perspective and quotes Marx extensively so far. What issues do you have with it?

It basically claims that white people will always be the bourgeoisie and therefore need to exterminated.

read marx instead

No, it's complete garbage.

no, it's anti-marxist tripe.

Sounds hysterical fam. Can you quote that?

Seems reasonable to me, after all this user:

's preferred interpreter made a similar claim about the "bourgeois of the countryside", did he not?

Yeah, this alone makes it not worth reading. It's fucking retarded.

So, is the book about yanks? And what african colony is it referencing?
Sage because everyone seems to be triggered and I don't understand why.


Theyre dismissing it because it's a meme for autistic tumblrbot left liberals i.e. not for a good reason

It is in some ways well written and a good critique and I'd recommend everyone to read it. If you are triggered to the point where youre sperging out about spelling choices and cant offer a real criticism that says a lot about your critical capabilities.

Settlers is basically anti-materialist and anti-Marxist because it equates "the highest wages" and contempt/violence towards poor laborers with "bourgeoisification", which is an understanding of class based on wealth and attitude instead of actual material relations. I think there may also be some problems with the sources of the data presented but I'm not sure.

I glimpsed over the front page
Typical angry, resentful black rambling which reeks of identity crisis.

No need to bother. Multiculturalism and the dogma of diversity were a mistake, because their end result is precisely this.

Not an analysis of slavery and a memory of it, but a materialistic want for compensation, revenge and a deep resent for white people which transpires in every page they write.
They are rude, impolite, entitled, suffer from an inferiority-superiority complex and will probably NEVER be able to find peace with themselves and even less with the white people they are talking about. Which I suspect they don't really want to. They want to feel superior.

Settlers is a racist book that gives a very strong foundation to nazi racial theories, if nazis knew how to read they will claim this book as their own. In the end it only shows that SJWism and nazism are two sides of the same bourgeois coin arguing over the interests of their class.

protip: many socialist revolutions in the real world had an ethnic character, with one ethnic group (or more) seeking revenge on another.


You may read it OP, but realize it's a croc of shit.

Then they weren't that socialist. Also that's kind of the opposite. The Soviets had a lot of trouble with ethnic minorities, historically.

Yeah, and how did those go? Wew.

How so? Please elaborate.

Change white with black or jew and you are literally a nazi

How would Nazis use this against us?

You should know by now that idpol goes both ways.

That's irrelevant. If you won't critique this book for it's lack of logic, then you cannot criticize Nazis for falling for the same flaws but blame it on someone else. Settlers is shit, get over it.

If you validate xenu tier tumblr bullshit, you validate the idea that we hate whites. Fascism is giving the fault of capitalism to something external, this books does the same thing


Pretty much this.
If you applied this logic to any other area in the world the ridiculousness (and frankly anti-Marxist position) of its assertions become clear. For example if a working Serbian and Irishman were compared to one another it would be impossible to say that the latter doesn't have a better life than the former; in terms of pay, benefits, and welfare. But that doesn't mean that they aren't both engaged in surplus labour production that benefits capitalists and exploits them. They both have much more to gain by working together to over power the capitalist and improve both of their lives, because they are both tools of capital.
But this book would argue that, no infact the Irish man is so muh privileged that he is defacto exploiting the Serbian by virtue of having more wealth. Which is one counter revolutionary, and two an incorrect reading of the economic and political environment.
Now you could argue that America is a special snowflake case, which may be able to be argued in the 1700s. Where you literally have slaves that work outside but for capitalist production (aka slaves produce goods for capitalist production but are not engaged themselves in wage labour capitalism). But this breaks down in the modern age where white proletarians have more wealth on average than black workers but they are both workers. They both have the same interests, and ironically this writer is falling right into capitalist propaganda of "whites are the benefactors of capitalism."
Any ways this book seems like trash from the reviews I have seen of it and the excepts that I have read. If you want to read a better interpretation of American race relations from a leftist American perspective I would recommend that people read something by Malcom X.

They don't, which is the very reason why the Irish worker is better of than the Serbian worker.

The hell?
So if an Irish factory worker gets 2 euro for every 5 euro of value that he creates, and a Serb gets 1.5 euro for every 5, then the Irishman is now a capitalist because porky only rammed his dick half way up the ass of the Irishman?

This is a liberal-tier understanding of how class works.

The Serb did the gommunizm thing and he slaughtered the pig that only ever eats in this zero sum game. The Serb should now be richer than the Irishman who didn't… except he isn't.

Kek the fuck you on about?
Even with revisionist teir market socialism Yugoslavia was able to provide a much higher standard of living than the current Serbian capitalist government.