Trump to Puerto Rico: Your lives don’t matter

30 September 2017

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Eric London

Is this some kind of left's tactics to discredit after how well he handled Harley?

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I guess Democracy Now is reporting something similar
which further links
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What particularly pisses me off about this was back in the congressional hearing when the current Robocop-style corporate administration was being imposed, how everyone in the room was peeping up about all sorts of ideas that could help Puerto Rico, and the chairman was just dismissing each one like "Bitch, if you so hot on this, why didn't you mention it MONTHS ago, before PR's credit was completely exhausted". Congress's ability to ignore problems until they become crises is absolutely execrable.


"This is an island, surrounded by water. Big water. Ocean water,”

The US has sent over $1 billion in aid to PR, but somehow the media is still spinning it as Trump hates brown people. I don't like the guy either, but this is ridiculous.

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That 1 billion in aid will surely comfort this island of literal slaves when their government has to take out billions more in loans to rebuild their whole country, for which they and their children and children's children will be doomed to repay.

The only good news to come out of this is that it looks like Lares won't be posting again for a while.


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[Citation needed.]

So what would you rather? The US give them nothing, or dump the whole economy on them?

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Puerto Rican independence when?


The bourgeoisie got you by the balls.

Somehow humans survived millions of years through disasters, be they tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, whatever. But today it's impossible for a small island nation, where people have survived for a very long time, to survive without their big papa daddy USSA to dump cash all over their bodies.

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From the sounds of it, that's exactly what they're doing.
And that's a false dichotomy you stupid faggot.

You are a moron if you think adequate help means crashing the economy (although it will do that on its own)

First their debts must be forgiven if they are going to have a chance and the Jones Act needs to be completely repealed.

(He literally tweeted this from a golf course)

Cuckitalists, everyone

Government doung stuff isn't socialism. Why should their hospitals be inoperable when they very well could be helped and your precious billionaires will still have their divine profits.


I can't wait until global warming swallows all of these little islands up. Hurricanes were enough of a pain in the ass in central Louisiana, I couldn't imagine actually getting hit by one.
Beachside property just isn't worth Mother Nature cold-cocking you every few years.
Yes I know they can't move

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Could a Spanish speaking comrade tell us if this article is bullshit or not?

Somehow humans survived millions of years without cash either, but somehow maintaining that is more important to a cuck like you


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This, the blatant ignoring of the social contract here means even by Hobbesian standards rebellion is justified

How long until we start hearing about succession and #prexit shows up on twitter?


In the most powerful nation in history, there is no such thing as a "natural" disaster.

The disaster in Puerto Rico is entirely political.


Reminder Puerto Rican separatism is responsible for more terrorist attacks in the US than Islamism

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Trump is making them suffer in order to force them to sell their government off later. This is all part of a privatization scheme.

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The story has a lot of personal anecdotes by people on the island so I just translated the official stuff.

Holy shit, this is worse than I imagined. This is mad max/haiti tier. Why is this not in the media?

Because it's all part of the plan.



This is scandalous to the point of insanity. These people are American citizens on American soil, yet I've seen better responses to American tourists trapped in a sticky situation at some 3rd-world country.

he said what all of america was thinking tbh

Remember the time some Somali pirates took over a container ship and the US sent the entire fucking Navy to fuck them up the ass?

Those goddamned long-legged pissed off Puerto Ricans

Sweet Christ.

Thank you for your work user, you are a true hero of labor

Many lives actually do matter but not in this 3rd world shithole called usa.

You can't shock and awe a hurricane


Well they're half right. The US doesn't have a de facto obligation to assist to the same extent it did with Harvey unless they're made a state. The issue is whether it has the right to keep them on as a territory if it won't aid them on a more objective humanitarian level. There isn't much practical purpose in keeping them around except for military projection with their debt, so ditching PR is a win-win for the left and right, excluding the more hawkish among both sides. Ironically, the US at the same time doesn't deserve PR, and is burdened by PR.

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FAKE NEWS! Our president is doing great in helping them. MAGA!

Russia, China, North Korea should be "What a terrible tragedy and those evil people are at fault!"

Cruz hasn't even met with FEMA. Supplies are sitting there in Puerto Rico, but aren't going anywhere because nobody wants to get in a truck. People are going to die because this cunt wants to be on TV.

And all those stories say is that it's the fault of the commie PR govt. that they can't get the supplies out correctly. Not Trump's fault!

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you do realize you can't drive a truck if there are no roads/they're almost all underwater, right?

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None of these Nazi motherfuckers understand the sheer scale they are talking about. Two submarines powering an entire island of 3.4 million people. The dumbest people on the planet, notable only for their cruelty.

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I mean yeah, but also no submarines were sent to PR anyway so it's all based on fake news that doesn't even sound believable

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The hurricane hit on the 20th. I'm not familiar with the topology, but if almost all the roads are still underwater, Puerto Rico is fucked. It would be cheaper to move them all to mainland US and prevent anyone from living on the island.

Not all the roads have to be ruined for it to be useless ffs

I like how you slid from underwater to ruined. So which is it?

sections of major roads being underwater is a subcategory of "ruined" along with several others like "large section has been torn out" and "large obstructions".

Go to the_donald

As much as I dislike bourgoise Trump, CNN is the least credible source on anything relating to that guy.

They are poor, therefore they matter less in the eyes of the world.

South Africa might as well be 'who cares?' at this point. Under the ANC rule it has lost a lot of wealth and the nation is just set on a course for failure.

According to the IMF its economic situation has actually improved significantly. It took a major hit in the transition from apartheid, but fiscal reforms in the late 90s/early 00s have aided its economic recovery. The report I read even attributes its strong economic situation to its 30% union rate, though it also blamed it for keeping wages "artificially high" :^)

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