Neo-Nazi march at gothenburg sweden

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do these people ever quit?

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Nah, not until the browns are outta the country.

There are only a few millions swedes left.


Of course they do.

So they will do it until they do, cuz every bits help.

Nazis have low lQ

non-commie/non-neonazi traveler here

Do you guys honestly think Sweden is perfectly fin right now in regards to their immigrant population, crime, and cultural differences?

No, the crimes of the far-right has to stop.

Hermann Göring had an Autism Level of 138.

Probably true.

Maybe he should have been more specific: the conman nazis are usually not dumb just the followers that eat their shit.

Of course they don't.But these assholes don't care.They're too busy jerking off to their revolutionary nu-male fantasies.To them, everything either increases revolutionary potential or it simply doesn't.

For everyone's information, only around 500 showed up, facing around 10 000 anti-racists. They attacked the police so halfway through the march it got stopped and their leader arrested, they're probably going to get bussed away by the cops soon. Talk on twitter NMR's own website is that the march is a total fiasco, which is pretty surprising considering how much they've grown as an organization lately, just goes to show what a difference anti-fascists mobilizations can make

*Talk on twitter and NMR's own website

Sweden is doomed to either liberalism or fascism. It’s been this way sense in the 60’s the chose social democracy over real socialism.

Sweden is already neoliberal



Youre not even wrong, most communists are idiotic children in exactly the way youre describing. But 99% of people being boring idiots isnt an argument against the critiques provided by communism at its best.

Don't be upset your march failed user, learn from your mistakes! :)

sorry that the march got shut the fuck down :(


Based swedes. I hope all the subhuman inferior shitskin invaders get ovened.

only five hundred people showed up and it got instantly BTFO by the local anti-fascists

You won't be able to protect your subhuman nigger pets forever.

sorry, facts don't care about your feelings

t. eternal losers

Well, it certainly looks like it seeing how weak the far right turned out today. I mean I've seen my fair share of failed demonstrations but this one… wew

They've been shut down. The nazis are trapped by cops and surrounded by antifascists.

The winds are changing direction as the shitskin infestation continues to grow and formal Islamic parties start entering European Parliaments I 100% guarantee naive white antifascists hoping to protect their nigger pets will not exist at all in the coming years.

Again, you cannot protect your nigger pets forever people will not sit idly by and allow Europe to turn into an Islamic Brazil.

You seem upset :^)

I love it when Holla Forums admits how mad they are

those fucking dont exist mate
parties that are openly Islamist are banned basically everywhere in europe except for bosnia-hertzog and albania and even then those parties dont hold power

this fantasy about this giant white uprising isnt going to happen
the far right is already losing popularity

w-why the fuck are these nazis marching without masks???

literally why does it matter?

I think it's their sect's stupid policy. Of course this leads to them being identified and outed by Antifa, and easier convicted for crimes

Because everywhere in the world the police let the far-right roam free while leftist activists get their teeth kicked out if they don't smile at cops.

The one thing I will say is that if you think your movement will work you should not be afraid to speak out without need for anonymity, action will change the environment to your whim, by wearing a mask you are showing that this will do nothing, you are just walking around and kicking shit for an hour then going home. I've said it before and I'll say it again rallies do nothing, we must directly attack the government.
Also this

Every time. The right is filled with strong men, while the left can only muster up faggot soyboys who hide behind the police. Leftism is for beta males, proven by reality once again.

I doubt you really believe that drivel. Even saying you're a nazi will get you arrested pretty much anywhere. Meanwhile commies and anarkiddies can say they want to destroy the state and the cops won't do shit since they're on the same side.

my nigga you gay as hell


Has Eagles been resurrected and became a nazi?

They look way tougher than any antifa protesters I've ever seen. A bunch of fat cunts and soyboys every time.

^^^^^^this is the case everytime you faggots march


literally calls the cops himself in this one. Steven Yaxley Lennon


It's funny how easily amerifats out themselves

Police are ordered to stand down at every antifa protest. Explain that.

Because they're supported by the establishment.

Yeah no, that's not how this works. You don't get to vaguely allude to whatever retarded Breitbart non-story you read last week and act like we have to explain away the fake story to you

Explain this

Where are the proves, Billy?

PSA: For any Holla Forumsacks looking through here, I hope you know that lefties are against mass migration as well. They see the faults economically and culturally that can arise from importing an entire continent. They know that it only benefits the people on top and not the bottom. However, that doesn't mean we stand with people who mindlessly lash out at people who should be allies in the fight against this. These far-right groups lash out at the wrong people are just as much a problem as the ruling class whi benefits from this. Hope this cleara things up.

The last major antifascist counter protest in Malmö, Sweden ended with like 30 cops on horse-back cavalry shocking the crowd.

PSA for any naive leftists who think raiding Holla Forumsacks will ever sympathize with you if you reach out earnestly: they won't

oh shit
no proof?
What did he mean by this?

He's not Billy.

b-b-but we will sieze the control with our african/muslim bros after the great glorious uprising they will totally obey us!!


sweden, the rape capital of the world

if someone is so left-wing that that person takes part in a leftist uprising i dont think that individual is that much of a muslim
same thing goes for africans

We will win. Or Scandinavia turns into Somalia.

White nationalism or barbarism.


if you hate jews so much how come you can't come up with any ideas without them?

Yes this is absolutely realistic and totally what will happen if you don't shitpost on Holla Forums.

Barbarism then

Go live in Apefrica if you want barbarism, do not bring it here.

oh im laffin

nice delusion

Right wingers are unironically subhuman

Barbarism is here and it only getting worse, courtesy of the Africoon pets you make pretend to love.

Don't worry, as soon as you leave your cloistered universities you will begin to hate them too.

The white race will not allow you to use ape bioweapons against us for much longer.

White nationalism today, white nationalism forever.


No, non whites are subhuman.

You're way too dumb to judge

Let the subhuman apes improve on their own instead of flooding my country.

Also lol Sankara? How long did he last, five years? Are you going to bring up Catalonia next?

Gas yourself you baboon lover.

Monkey man says what?


Not an argument, baboon lover.

Monkey men have to go back to MENA and Apefrica.

actually it is
you have no arguments except calling people monkeys because you dont like

Why would I *like* inferior invasive monkey people? I am not an insane leftist.

Stop pretending you're white

nice fencesitting there pal

Ooooh look at this dude

Stop pretending you're human.

Why do commies get so butthurt over the white working class? NazBol gang is needed more than ever. There is literally nothing wrong with white ethnicities having their own nations and deporting neoliberal capitalists' colonists they've brought from the 3rd world.

more germans and poles moved to sweden then somalians dipshit theres no invasion

There is no white working class. Read settlers.

You first neet.

Says the low I.Q. basement dwelling waste of space.

You're delusional, baboon lover.

You're not white Holla Forumsyp, we've seen the pics

HmmmMMMMMMM. You to the gulag first.

commies love killing white christians

Shouldn't you be licking some tyrant's boots right now?

This is true. In America, the internet has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt they should all be gassed.


attempt again faggot


"You're delusional" says the nazi


its time to stop Holla Forums

Deportation of neo-colonialist non-white populations when? They all must go. White working class solidarity.

The Russians should have just fucking shot the nukes during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Just to keep this thread from existing.

Reverse neoliberal colonialism, then you won't hate white people, you racist. White indigenous rights now!

working class solidarity
no such thing as a "white working class"
its just "the working class

Never actually, in fact the first world's capitalist decisions have only made climate change exceedingly worse, which will render swathes of the globe uninhabitable. It's either integration or genocide. The "first world", gets karma it built up for the last 500 years.

As long there x more poles than baboon people coming in that means baboon people coming in are okay?

Let me take a shit on your plate, as long as French fries outnumber the turds everything should be okay, right?

Of course that stat is only for the number of arriving in 2016, and not total overall demographics, ignoring the fact that Somalians and sand niggers have been growing like a tumor in Sweden since the 90s.

Why are baboon loving leftists so dumb/disingenuous?


Colonialism is allowing billions of people to starve in British owned India. You are being colonized is a complete joke.

Nice Reddit spacing, dude

Reddit spacing. Go back.


Why are you still pretending to be white? It's really embarrassing.

Race-classcuck detected. Gulag for you.

Are billions of British people starving to death as their colonies once did? No, they're not.

ill show even more stats

If indigenous peoples are allowed to preserve their unique ethnicities and cultures, then so can white people. Stop being racist cuckolds. Deportation of non-white colonials is the only way to prove your anti-racism.

Hahaha, Europe will just allow itself to be swamped with billions of BLACK demons because they are hungry and out of some weird sense of karmic justice, hahaha you are insane. Mutumbo and Abdul are going to starve as a result of global warming that's just the way of the world.

Ultimately it is our fault for sending European doctors to them to allow them to breed like rats.

Their children are being gang raped by Pakistani colonists, though.

How are you not an SJW again?

Ah go fuck yourself, I'd never defend a nazbol. But this shit is liberal tier reasoning.
You are jusitfing their reasoning this way, idiot.


finland is invading sweden we need to kill those awful subhuman finns right?

Stats for the number of immigrants that arrived in 2016 are not relevant to this discussion, I'm sorry. I will let you rub together the two brains cells you have to figure out why.



This but unironically

I'm sure your corporate masters would love that, fascist scum.

Holy fuck the burger is strong in this thread!

It's not really shit tier reasoning if its true. The West doesn't want to pay the consequences for its inaction at its economic and government policy with the rest of the world, for so many countless years.

It's pathetic really.

Nice SJW meme, breh. And yeah, Pakistanis are creating rape gangs to molest thousands of white children on the basis of their race. If you were anti-racist you would have some humanity, but because they're white, you don't. Racists need to leave.

Finns actually work.

Why do you want to protect a class of people who don't even contribute to society?

This thread is proof positive that most people are too broke-brained to process politics outside of idpol

The article you linked states 23% of Sweden's population is foreign born, this is a catastrophe alone, it doesn't even get into the generations of non whites that are borb in Sweden, Sweden at this juncture is realistically 40% shitskin overall.

lel i kind of wish the incel wasn't banned just so i could see you and him shitfling at each other like retards for an hour or so

Woah source

you dont need to contribute to the society. and they actually do they keep the police and welfare services going.

Oh fuck not 23%

Good, keep filling your diaper

What is with trots on this board and actual racism? They cry about Holla Forums with nigger memes, but they're perfectly happy to laugh at white victims of racial violence, like gang rape. Dismiss it as 'individual cases' and so on, but as soon as they'd see a gang of white skinheads raping black girls, they'd hop straight on the idol bus. Why is that?

yeah, but I could use this argument for every fucking country that holded power in history then. And then you are legitimizing concerns of the nazis, so you create the image of the "communist hate whites". Drop this contrarianism, you are not here to trigger nazi.

Laughing at fake news isn't racism

asides think about this
a lot of sikhs work in the U.K does that mean that sikhs should be allowed in?

When does it become a problem to you cucks?

Everyone has a number where they will become a nazi, nobody not even communists want to be ethnically dispossessed at the end of the day, which is why our final victory is certain. :^)
I'm sure I'll get a "DEM SOME RIGHT WING SITES!!!!111!!" so if you're unable to figure it out yourself google this "pakistani grooming gangs -insert country name here-"

For just a few examples.

The only purpose they actually serve is bringing down the Capitalist system by being leaches; fine, I'm somewhat alright with that. The problem is is that they will not stop being leaches once the government has fallen; they will become ravenous parasites like what happens when they don't get the treatment they expect.

As an example.

Why are you denying gang rape?

fake news


The majority of that 23% is from other Nordic countries, and the overwhelming majority is from other EU countries. Stop pretending they're all Iraqis and Somalis.

Racist Bourgeoisie propaganda. But those English girls deserve it for their forefathers raped the Bengali and Indian people.

Karma is a bitch, CUMSKINS.👏

You are a racist. Get your head checked.

Anti racists are the real racists.

This thread is cancer. Nazbols and nazi are idiots than instead of understanding that everything is capitalism fault you give fault to commies, the others are liberal idiots that would rather die instead of giving the right wing a point.
Kim shoud fucking nuke you already

right? I hope you're memeing.

I could say the same to you then, YOU DESERVE ALL THIS GENOCIDE BECAUSE OF THE BARBARY SLAVE TRADE. And no it's not 'Racist Bourgeoisie propaganda' it's an actual thing that happened.

Lol you guys really are just SJW. Sorry snowflakes, your feels don't count for shit

Go back to reddit

most people dont give a fuck about some "great replacement" bullshit

and oh i already was one of you so i can see though the shit you talk because ive said it all myself at some point

I thought being racist was a good thing. Make up your mind you intellectually dishonest shithead.

You're being invaded and destroyed CUMSKIN deal with it.👅👐👏👊👏

Pretty sure it's just one falseflagging Holla Forumsyp "backing up" his two buttbuddies


They do. If they don't they will.

Even you will at some point. I guarantee it.

Nope I'm serious. Fake news

Sure buddy, keep living in that fantasy of yours.

The rich won't ever care and their grip on society remains - regardless of individual country demographics - worldwide, you stupid fucking cuck

Idiot. We don't belive in it, but who belives in it here knows that is capitalism that create this kind of bullshit situation

There is a problem with Western nationalism. National consciousness, instead of being the all-embracing crystallization of the innermost hopes of the whole people, instead of being the immediate and most obvious result of the mobilization of the people, will be in any case only an empty shell, a crude and fragile travesty of what it might have been. The faults that we find in it are quite sufficient explanation of the facility with which, when dealing with young and independent nations, the nation is passed over for the race, and the tribe is preferred to the state. These are the cracks in the edifice which show the process of retrogression that is so harmful and prejudicial to national effort and national unity. We shall see that such retrograde steps with all the weaknesses and serious dangers that they entail are the historical result of the incapacity of the national middle class to rationalize popular action, that is to say their incapacity to see into the reasons for that action.

not everyone on earth is a Holla Forumsyp like you

i was i got over it because i stopped being an idiot

Whatever makes you feel better, ziocuck

absolve us of this nonsense, Dear Leader

haha well memed trololololol xD

Vinterflamma is hotter than any snownegress and white male leftists should be shooting their baby batter into the superior wombs of brown qts. All nazis should be shot as well.

Holla Forums is reddit, just look at their spacing.

Of course the rich won't care. They live in cloistered 99% white communities with private security. The average man will care, though.

Eventually your "it's all capitalism's fault ¯\_(ツ)_/¯" apathy will run thin.

Seen through its eyes, its mission has nothing to do with transforming the nation; it consists, prosaically, of being the transmission line between the nation and capitalism, rampant though camouflaged, which today puts on the masque of neocolonialism. The national bourgeoisie will be quite content with the role of the Western bourgeoisie’s business agent, and it will play its part without any complexes in a most dignified manner. But this same lucrative role, this cheap-jack’s function, this meanness of outlook and this absence of all ambition symbolize the incapability of the national middle class to fulfil its historic role of bourgeoisie. Here, the dynamic, pioneer aspect, the characteristics of the inventor and of the discoverer of new worlds which are found in all national bourgeoisies are lamentably absent. In these countries, the spirit of indulgence is dominant at the core of the bourgeoisie; and this is because the national bourgeoisie identifies itself with the Western bourgeoisie, from whom it has learned its all lessons. For White Nationalism cannot exist outside of the pure genericness of its name alone.

It follows the West-em bourgeoisie along its path of negation and decadence.

In its beginnings, the national bourgeoisie of the colonial countries identifies itself with the decadence of the bourgeoisie of the West. We need not think that it is jumping ahead; it is in fact beginning at the end. It is already senile before it has come to know the petulance.

You are in denial. Don't worry I have no doubt we will see final victory within our lifetime.

Daily reminder that the only nation worth hating is the USA.

Lol you people really are hopeless. You can be fucked over again and again by the elites and still never ever consider them your enemy no matter what. Seriously the most cucked of any people on earth

why it is that these working men rather support nazism than our cause?

The oppressed within capital will always believe the worst about themselves. For it is in the interest of commercial power that you not only think of yourself as being inadequate, but others as well. You must feel like you must be able to improve at the price of others. You have to keep buying products, keep buying ideology.

Because you cannot truly accept that these problems exist within the capitalist paradigm that makes you lust for inner and outer change.

We are coming for the rich too. we simply won't replace them with a Jewish marxist Leninist vanguard that wants to erase all global borders like you want to :^)

The pitfalls of nationalism. Liberal reformism. Being stuck trying to improve.


Nationalism has, and never will, accomplish this. Because it works within the logic of capitalism.


Kek how are you planning on doing that exactly? By sucking off zionists so hard they die of exhaustion?

Again, like I said. White nationalism or barbarism. Either we win or all of europe turns into Apefrica.

You will see.

Two centuries ago, a former European colony decided to catch up with Europe. It succeeded so well that the United States of America became a monster, in which the taints, the sickness and the inhumanity of Europe have grown to appalling dimensions.

Europe and America are more dangerous to this planet. than Africa, the Middle East, or Asia.

*Capitalism or what you were taught of socialism.

You are the equivalent of the SA, and you remember what happened to them?

Imagine being this insecure. Migrations are a fact of history there is quite literally nothing you dumbshits can do.

this is just fucking sad

Mass violence and death on a civilizational scale usually follow mass migrations as a fact of history and there is nothing you can do.

White nationalism is barbarism though

Europe has declined all humility and all modesty.


This is why we need communism.

The West saw itself as a spiritual adventure. It still does. Something outside of the rest of the world. It exists within this world as much as you fear it does.

No, importing barbaric ape people and allowing them to terrorize the natives from ethnic ghettoes while cashing welfare cheques is barbarism. You communists are always so confused.

Sounds like what Europe did.

stop this liberal bullshit dio

Is there something fundamentally wrong with nazi brains that they can only talk in emotionally loaded sound bites and slogans? Does their mind refuse to process anything that won't emotionally pamper them and confirm their biases…of course it doesn't what am I talking about?
Anyway, you're like obese American children who won't eat anything unless it's full of sugar and dipped in butter and you should be shot.





That's called colonialism. Actually.


No, it was simply migrations!

and so is having the status quo ante as an end goal

This happened to you back then, what makes you think it will be any different today?


most native american people died of pox

Why is this board so stupid?

Either way, massive death and violence is coming to Europe because mass dear and violence always follow mass migrations. Nazi masturbation fantasy is coming and we will win.

Stay defeated, /leftycuck/

Diseases wiped out 90% of the native American population, what the colonists dealt with was the Mad Max-esque remnants of their culture. But that's not even what I was referring to. There's a MASSIVE FUCKING difference between the movement of individuals into an existing state, and colonialist imperialism.

I was referring to the fact that Euro-American societies received a MASSIVE immigration surge in the 19th century and came out better for it.

When the Somali crown sends troops to secure the Stockholm area and turn it into a lumber-producing colony for the mother country, then your retarded analogy will begin to make sense.

The soviet union doesn't exist any more? And even if it did it wouldn't come to the aid of the baboon people investing Europe?


i agree go masturbate to cuck porn Holla Forumscuck

It accepted African Americans over your idea of "actual Americans" just fine.

this is a thread about an event where you guys literally were defeated

Yes, euro American societies received immigrants from Europe and came better for it, I agree.

What is the benefit of baboon people immigrating? It is not the same.

seeya tomorrow fag

I didn't leave. Nazi masturbation fantasy is coming we are already in the midst of a low intensity one.

based filter owns yet another nazi

and i thought lefties were delusional sometimes

The US is inching closer to the revolution every day when the option is between your retardation and capitalist realism

Here is the real news

Holla Forums thinking:we're all gonna die bcus [insert flavor of the month ethnicity] are coming! better kill everyone we don't like! that'll make us popular for sure!

God I love these filters.

You will not replace us.

And Asia, and Latin America.

Irish and Chinese were once considered "baboons", but after a few generations they integrated and are now integral parts of American society.

Why do you think European culture is so weak that it'll get destroyed by immigrants? Is it REALLY so weak that it's unable to assimilate anyone? If so then nothing you do can save it.


The nazis true enemy, the man eating catfish.

Whats the original word supposed to be though?

Juvenile filters. It's all you have.

Juvenile filters for people who subscribe to a juvenile ideology.

So much for the tolerant left

Saying it would ruin the fun.

Mad at filters

You can't go a single post without filling your diaper and using emotion laden words and arguments


Do we have to get the catfish.

wordfilters are as old as imageboards, fucking newfag

No, Irish and Chinese were never considered baboons. Baboons were subjected to Jim Crow laws until last century. It's not the same.

Mass migrations beget mass violence. Always.

times i have seen pol complain about them is close to zero


I wonder….


We will win.

Hail victory.


Potato nigger detected

Bring in the catfish boys


Are you over 17?

They were considered inferior to "le anglo-saxon masterrace" for sure, they even had laws passed against them and faced anti-immigrant violence.

That's why the Chinese, Irish, and Latinos took over America and turned it into a Sino-Catholic wasteland of barbarism, right? Or did they assimilate into society and prove all the insecure nativist faggots wrong? Hmmm, I'd better check those history books.

Exactly. In 2017 they're considered to be fine, but if Holla Forums were around in 1877 it would be full of threads about how they're evil subhumans brought here to destroy America.

You have no chance at winning anything other than a nice prison cell until the capitalist elites begin to support you, and they won't do that until the system begins to break down under its own contradictions. I believe we'll see some fascist movements take off in the future once millions of laid-off workers turn to socialism and the elites get scared.


Most anarchist thinkers were old and wise, while most nazi "philosophers" were relatively young and inexperienced. Makes one ponder…

The average Holla Forumstard is 12, so this seems like a trick question

why are you guys so obsessed with us?



Because you're a massive pain in the back.

It's fun to see the nazis contort themselves into knots attempting to defend their failed joke of an ideology.

Most of the anarchists you see are very young however

Friendly reminder that false rape accusations were often the excuse behind lynching black men in America.

Nazis just want to replace capitalism with something more racially friendly to them.

You load sixteen tons, what do you get
Another day older and deeper in debt
Saint Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go
I owe my soul to the company store

Lol yes we fucking will and you will be buried alive with your culture.

thats one hell of a cash money song right there

Wow, replacing capitalism with capitalism. What a fucking genius idea

Chinese were excluded from migrating in 1924. If they weren't it is perfectly conceivable there would have been a lot more Sinitic influence in the united States in the present day. San Francisco still has a distinctly Chinese flavor over a century later. Race riots and lynchings were also very common all throughout the mass migrations of the 19th century.

Overall the character of the united States has become decidedly less protestant than it was a century ago and more Catholic as well.

Nothing you type really helps your position at all.

It's the end goal of all fascism. A somewhat biased form of former capitalist luxuries.

The only one looking to the past for models how to run a society is you, ironically.

What century did marx live in again?

Either way I wasnt the one who invoked "mass migrations were always a thing bro you simply gotta embrace your ethnic dispossession" reductionism. Somebody else in this thread did.

Of course it does. America is far stronger today than it would have been without that immigration. Sporadic violence is to be expected when people like you take out their sexual frustration on innocent people, but there was NEVER a "r.ace war" or anything EVEN CLOSE to an utter societal collapse like you believe will happen in the near future in Europe.

I thought we were talking about your assertion that "Mass violence and death on a civilizational scale usually follow mass migrations"?

The fact that you've moved the goalposts from that all the way to "uhhh but modern America is more religiously tolerant these days???????" speaks volumes about the strength of your argument.

Tell me, fascist. Why do you think European culture and civilization is so fragile that it needs a bunch of obese LARPers to defend it from people who you consider to be so utterly inferior? Why is it weaker than cultures in Asia and Africa which were occupied by foreign imperialist powers FOR CENTURIES, facing genocide, economic exploitation, and cultural chauvinism but came out with strong identities intact?

One thing is true. Marx's predictions come true. Nazi predictions do not come true.

Made up bullshit. Nobody is confiscating white people's property to give up to immigrants. Nobody is being killed, nobody is being herded into reservations, nobody is being exploited at gunpoint for the benefit of their home country.

Literal tumblr tier debating tactics.

Why did asians and africans come out of imperialism in tact? Well the Dutch and the French merely practiced a different form of imperialism on them. Amerindians of the Americas for example were not so lucky, or the indigenous peoples of northern Asia the Russian Slavs dispossessed.

Where is the global revolution and why didn't marx predict social democracy and financilization? Why didn't Lenin predict post imperialism?

Marx isn't Trotsky.

He did.

Marx isn't Lenin. What's so difficult about all this?

NOBODY is being killed? Really?

Nobody is having property stolen from them? Every apartment and food subsidy being consumed by a baboon person or sand nigger belongs to a native European. Every doctors visit Mutumbo takes advantage of he is robbing from a European. Every maternity benefit Aisha uses to shit out her fifth son named Mohammed is being stolen from a European.

They have to go back.

The working class.

Hmm yes engage in pedantry to cover up the fact none of Marx's predictions came true nor any of the thinkers that derive from him.

So you accuse me of, meanwhile you're ignoring my points and calling me "tumblr" while abandoning your original position and attempting to shift the conversation in a different direction.

Why are fascists such slippery little shits? Why can't they defend their arguments without resorting to diversionary tactics?

And what we're seeing right now isn't imperialism at all. It's the movement of a small amount of private individuals without the support of any imperialist state. They're not expanding markets for the home country nor are they securing land or resources for it. Europe will be just fine, so quit being so fucking dramatic about this mundane shit.

Nobody actually believes in class reductionism, and the funny thing is all the baboon people and sand niggers are lumpens anyway. They are not working.

B t w
Like clockwork Holla Forums cuck

You confused Marx's theory with Trotsky's

Another thing you share with Tumblr. The term class reductionism.

This has to be bait

Europe is not fine. It is very sick and you will continue to engage in bourgeois apologetics for mass migrations until one day you too will find yourself surrounded in a sea of hostile Algerians and Somalians.

There's one thing White Nationalists have always had backing from that nobody else had. That's the FBI.

Really. Please point out where native Europeans are being rounded up and executed so that their possessions and property can be taken for the use of immigrants.

Is that why modern Europeans are starving and homeless? Is that why they have no medical care or maternity benefits for themselves?

Show me where white people are being driven from their homes and left to die in the streets. Show me where they're starving so that immigrants can take their food.

The very fact you have the gall to even claim you're against anything bourgeois is hilarious.


When is the communist revolution going to happen in the most developed capitalist nations like England or Germany? Never

Marx was wrong and so are you

have you ever actually been to northern europe?

This is what you've been trying to prove to me. So far you've done a really poor job at showing this.

From the literal nazi, lmao

The high school I went to was majority non-white. I did class projects with children of Eritrean and Burmese immigrants. I went to prom with a Vietnamese girl and played on a rec soccer team with a Palestinian refugee.


It's happened multiple places, multiple times, spanning the entirety of the last century. And you think this historically recent phenomenon is just going to roll over?

You've never even read Marx yet you borrow from him, more like plagiarize, whenever appropriate in your arguments. You're silly as shit.

Have you ever actually gone to Europe? Or do you just watch a bunch of Aut-right podcasts from the US?

People are being robbed and raped and killed by baboon people every day. Pensioners are suffering cuts so Mutumbo can have 12 kids. Terrorist attacks are happening on a monthly basis. The prisons are overflowing with sand niggers and baboon peoples.

Keep burying your head in the sand.

I doubt you even live in Europe.

Marx explicitly predicted communist revolutions in developed capitalist economies which never came to pass. Only in feudal backwaters did communism take hold. Marx was wrong.

Nice one Holla Forumsyp

Except you know, when it did.

far-right parties always let the governments fuck the old people in trade for harsher immigration laws.

Which developed capitalist nation had a successful communist revolution? None.

You've never read Marx lol

You can do better than that.

Show me where white people are being herded into reservations and their property confiscated and you'll convince me that ethnic replacement is occurring. Otherwise, the symptoms you're telling me of can be much more plausibly explained in the same way that crime could be explained in the Irish and Chinese slums of the 19th century; as temporary ethnic tensions concurring before assimilation.

European culture is not under attack. Whites are not being exterminated.

Which developed capitalist nation had a successful fascist revolution?

You’re telling me to read a book that the author admited was bullshit. That’s below Holla Forums tier. That’s /r/the_donald tier bullshit.

Have you ever noticed that these attacks are invariably carried out by people born in Europe? The so-called "rapefugees" are not the ones who commit terrorist attacks, but rather their children who grown up marginalized in intolerant societies without a sense of belonging. Really makes you think

Immigration will only be a bad thing until the last few Europeans are being corralled into concentration camps huh? The fact that there will be massive demographic shuft in less than generation is not a cause for concern huh? Mass welfare abuse and crime and monthly terrorist attacks will just be something we have to live with huh?

It will all just sort itself out hmm?

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I've got nothing. Keep on sucking that neoliberal dick.

What difference does that make if they are born in Europe? They are still non European invaders. Logically it follows we should want less first generation muslims born here not more right?

Imagine being this delusional

Absolutely correct, that they grow up with a deep hatred of the society they where born in. Does this justify the crimes and terror attacks they commit? No. You basically admitted that over time, the children of the current wave are more violent and will attack the hand from which they feed. Why not do the obvious thing and deport them?

but we already knew you guys were brainlets

Immigration is not a bad thing presently and Europeans will NEVER be corralled into concentration camps by immigrants you delusional cunt.

Firstly this is drummed-up and overblown in right-wing torturechambers such as Holla Forums. Secondly, what shifts will occur will NOT result in "Mass violence and death on a civilizational scale". Everything will be fine.

If your problem is with welfare then change your laws.

Pretty much. Of course it'd help if you didn't actively alienate vulnerable /r9k/-tier young men such as yourself who are especially prone to violent extremism.

There isn't a single western country in the world where free speech isn't wildly more curtailed in schools than in public. If you think you can fly an isis flag in that same school or think that the swedish flag was banned for the general public you're even more retarded than I thought

"Since Hitler, only Ronald Reagan has seemed to understand this. As President, he realized that to restore prosperity in the United States meant boldly stimulating the economy with credits and a drastic reduction in taxes" - Leon Degrelle

I don't know why are you desperately trying to pigeon hole me into merely having a anti refugee stance, I oppose all muslim immigration and muslim residency in Europe in general. First generation, second generation, fresh off the boat. They all have to go back.

Who are the liberals really cozying up to? It's surely not the ones who want to abolish capitalism and the state. No, wait it's the far-right populists, because guess what? If rightists get their will on idpol-shit they don't care about anything else, and will let their own supporters rot. Even your ideology depends on having someone superior to yourselves, but who you identify with because a fucking phantasm that has been conjured up to let you be used in mindless wars, exploited and alienated. But that doesn't matter as long as you don't see minorities around does it?

Good for you

Because a strict "they all have to go back" rule for muslims is unenforceable retardation

Sorta pokes a hole in the "immigrants are bringing ISIS with them" narrative, doesn't it?

I don't care either way. Less, more, either option would be fine.

Possibly because they face constant reminders of their otherness and "baboon-like nature" from enlightened redpilled intellectuals such as yourself.

Absolutely not, but it does explain them more plausibly than the elementary-school tier "muds are savages lmao"

America doesn't have this problem because unlike Europeans we actually understand how to assimilate immigrants. see

Then communists will do what they always have done after they create their government out of the chaos: line up the useful idiot leeches on a firing line. That's what will happen to nearly 100% of these turd-world useless feeders.

So what you want to evict half the people in Bosnia-hertzog most people in Albania and basically everyone in kosovo?

You're conducting a post hoc analysis of early 20th century immigration to the united States and necessarily arguing the success the united States enjoyed will be repeated in Europe. Europe is not America. Different place and different time. Different people migrating, different fertility rates for natives, different economies, and heck different material conditions :^)

There is absolutely no reason to believe the success will be repeated and you are simply engaging in wishful thinking.

Muslims are indigenous to Albania and Bosnia you shit for brains and they are basically atheists anyway. Not real muslims :^)

Stupidest neoliberal meme I've heard to date. If you have force you can enforce anything.

Leftists prep the molotovs and start burning houses down the second a rich white person moves into a black neighborhood as a way to fight gentrification (I.E black economic and cultural genocide).

Rightists make memes, dress like power rangers and vote for zionist losers and traitors like Trump and Le Pen as a means to fight global "anuddah shoah".

Let's be honest, when it comes down to it you don't actually believe in anuddah shoah or you would actually do something about it. Something like actual guerrilla resistance which is what blacks and browns have done and succeeded at to prevent ACTUAL genocides on them. This shit is just a game and a way for you to feel more important than you really are.

The right wing reaction is a bigger threat to Europe than the immigration ever was

What are you gonna mind read every muslim or just hope that they're all actually super strict with their faith and aren't afraid to eat bacon around you?

The picture never claims to being able to hoist an ISIS flag in school. Ever heard of reading comprehension?

Source that racism is so rampant that it makes muslims go postal? I'm not the same guy who is calling them baboons by the way.

You would first need to prove that the muslims are doing the terrorist attacks because of racism and isolation from society and not because it is stated multiple times in the Qu'ran to kill unbelievers and bang your cousin.

What? Are you making as bold as a claim that muslims don't commit terrorist attacks in the US?

Yeah leftist defend their nigger pets to feel all bubbly via their secular Christian slave morality, what is your point? Negros generally live in squalor and are content with it, the only guerilla tactics they engage in is on each other for drug turf and air Jordans.

Hardee har har

How do you enforce deportation of all muslims from the EU without genocide? Do you expect them to NOT resist or something?

Yes and neither did I. Ironic that you can't read for shit and that's your go-to insult. Must have heard it a lot

I don't respect a black man because it makes me feel superior to do so I respect him because he is a human who I believe is deserving of respect

How much resistance can they really put up? I mean really? Not much at all.

Mass deportations are perfectly viable, tin pot third world nations engage in them all the time. How many rohingya were deported this week alone? At least a million.

The point is that you don't have even a fraction of the actual courage and will to resist oppression that leftists, blacks and brown people have. If anuddah shoah was real you would start dropping bombs and shooting politicians which is the only moral and correct thing to do when a genocide is occurring. You're nothing. You're a coward and a bitch.

I don't know how it is possible for people to miss the point this fucking badly.

We will see.

Besides, since when are leftists opposed to genocide to achieve political goals?

I'm arguing that your assertion that immigration causes societal collapse is stupid bullshit, and that you're an ignorant ideologically-blinded faggot for believing it.

Not disputing this. I'm simply offering a much more plausible explanation for current events than your hysterical predictions of apocalypse.

There's absolutely no reason to believe that immigration to Europe will result in the destruction of Europe. It didn't destroy America despite the fact that we initially faced many of the problems contemporary Europe is facing.

It's not as simple as "racism makes people turn evil", it's more like racism leads to increased alienation which leads to an increased rejection of the liberal values the host societies espouse in favor of violent extremism.

I'm saying that we've had centuries of immigrants, and that after a century of assimilation the immigrant communities which were once hotbeds of crime and unrest are completely subsumed into the larger culture, taking the problems with it.

so much for the anti-globalist right

" If you think you can fly an isis flag in that same school"
Can you see by how you worded this one can get confused by what the fuck you mean, especially too a non-native speaker?


See what? Every second that you do nothing about your so called genocide is another second that you won't get back, another white person that you won't get back, another piece of blood and soil that you won't get back.

as in "these stories would be hypocritical IF this were true, but it isn't"
imagine my shock

If white women reading Foucault and not fucking you is genocide then surely mass deportation fits the bill. Also every leftist worth their salt has resisted genocide, need I point out Lenin's hard line stance on the right of nations to self determination? Or the Vietnamese sacrifice to end Pol Pot's CIA sponsored terror?

I was making a point about enforcing something using force, point still remains and has nothing to do with your made-up scenario

Nazis should really start doing suicide attacks. You kill shitskins and clean up the white gene pool. It's win win


I know what you mean and I agree with that point, but my wording was precise for a reason. A real, strict "muslim deportation" is unenforceable since it's defeated by going "hey i'm not muslim we're cool right?" The point isn't that the state can't do anything awful, it's to not lie about the fact that it would really be a "this person looks like they could be muslim" deportation plan

Now if we're talking about an arab ban or s




Care to have an actual point or are you going to continue to make up scenarios and ignore the guidelines of genocide

All you have to do to confirm somebody is muslim is inspect their penis. Mass muslim deportations are perfect viable.

Damn it, even on the internet you guys are boring.


You know how I know you're gay?

What he mean to implicate with this statement?


I've spent enough time on Holla Forums to know they think white women have been corrupted by jewish psyops, it's literally their worldview, this was before Trump by the way.

Yes let's get rid of most americans too then.


Penises are inspected all the time in a none homo erotic context stop being so insecure in your sexuality. Is my eurologist gay?

Well at least now we know you're not a burger

I get my news from the Kremlin user, fix your shit


It's ok to admit you're gay nobody would even be surprised

My first claim was that I wanted to you prove that Muslims are being faced with Racism in the first place, which through deductive reasoning you will conclude that they aren't, seeing as
1) "Islamaphobia" is illegal in many of these countries, par example;

2)Muslims live in ghettos that they themselves created, thus isolating themselves on their own prerogative, see;

3) Why, despite the alleged racism, do people continue to move into the countries where they experience such "hatred"?

I'm saying that we've had centuries of immigrants, and that after a century of assimilation the immigrant communities which were once hotbeds of crime and unrest are completely subsumed into the larger culture, taking the problems with it.
The people that have been immigrating to the US have been of European stock, which, of course poverty does correlate with crime, had the potential to assimilate. Inbred pakistani's and afghani's do not have any potential to assimilate due to a) being a part of a hostile culture, incapable of integrating with a host country and b) being inbred to the point of near retardation, as I posted in the graph from the previous reply. Did the sons of the immigrants who came to the US during the 1920's produce a heightened amount of crime like the sons of Muslim immigrants?

Which one is it?

Nazis confirmed closeted faggots

You're a teenager. Be gone.

The fucking awfully done sharpie on his duct-tape shield

Imagine trying to backpedal out of that retarded statement by trying to sound like a real mature master planner drafting the blueprint for mass deportation.

Your calling for mass deportation of people based on dick condition, it is so ridiculous (he he).


Humor aside, how do you mass kill people of a different ideology otherwise?

I get that the bullying is giving you flashbacks to middle school, but no one's buying this weak defense

By not doing so.

Keep it up watching you crash and burn is funny

Gee I don't know, maybe you're all faggots or something and that turns them off? Could be, or perhaps they enjoy working for their own country and welfare rather than the welfare of others who they owe nothing to.

I can't believe people want to advise against bullying incoming Holla Forumsyps when we can get them to come out with this shit instead

Checking for circumcisions is a sure fire and practical technique for mass muslim deportation, the fact that they circumcise themselves is a God send really, I am sorry you lack the maturity to understand just how convenient it is for us.


Totally, just a regular practical reason that you have to check every tanned dick in the country

Keep going this is great


How do you suppose so many jews ended up on those trains east?

Then how would you win? I don't see Olmec rights around anymore, cause they're dead unfortunately.

Replace all food with pork, all water with alcohol, and have music with string instruments playing all the time. that wouldn't really work since mudslimes are allowed to break the rules to trick the enemy

this fucking thread

Yes muslims are circumcised we want muslims out we can confirm muslim faith (and Jewish which is an added bonus) via penis inspection.

lol i like how autists always bring this up as if "save your life" is some nefarious trick that only tricksy brown people could pull off

The fact that posters here are so amused by it really betrays your juvenility.

You must all be virgins too.



You tell 'em lad. This is serious goddamn it!

you faggots are just letting yourselves be used. porky is laughing at you right now.
most national-identities are relatively recent, and have changed a ton over just the last 300 years. what makes your special snowflake identity so precious and important? what have YOU done that was so great? and what gives you the right to feel entitled to take pride in the achievements, and failures, of other people(s)?




Being deported is not equivalent to being killed.

nigga you gay

well, this one is a keeper


t. Guy who hasn't even kicked the "race" spook yet


Because it's easy to use emotional appeal on woman by media. The freedom granted by civil rights and capitalism to woman created a fine mess for society. But that is for society to clean up and worry about, it's none of my concern. Even if you wanted to do something about it, it would be really difficult to change policies regarding woman their position in society.

Woman are so easy to manipulate that every religion and set of people disciplines their woman or teaches woman discipline. This is one of the reasons Islam works better than Christianity. If the religion of Europe was Islam instead of Christianity there wouldn't be people of colour anywhere, they would be slaves to whites already. Just how arabs ensalve blacks and view them as less. But I say this about Europe because Islam is much stricter and disciplined than Christianity is, therefore Islamic culture fits is simply superior.

out gay people already know they're gay but yeah I can tell them too if it makes you feel more comfortable


Dude your ideology is a joke.

leftypol THE FAGGOTS don't take seriously my serious plan about deportations through circumcisions written on an the imageboard THE HOMOS, don't they know that's what Hitler did? DEGENERATES all of them.

Wow user, never would have guessed

What happens when people don't want to show you their dicks, and you can't judge le tasty foreskin?

i think he was being ironic user

come on sugar we have to see it so we know you're not part of the muslim hordes

There's dignity in dying with your pants on

We are hitting spooky levels that shouldn't be possible.

You're talking like women somehow en masse don't work for their rational self interest. Take off that fucking flag, anarchists do not have a fetish for discipline.

Of course they do. They could revolt.



The name depends on the sect actually. Shiites are named Ali, sunnites are Mohamed.


Dick pics pls

Blacks and browns have successfully revolted when facing REAL genocides before, are doing today and will in do in the future.

It's good to see Holla Forumsyp can't remain civil for even one post

Don't you get it? It's your fault when you resist armed thugs trying to send you to a country you've never been to because your dick isn't kosher. Resisting this proves you're a barbarian.

Well boys looks like we need to heat up the ovens, this is a step too far


post dick or get deported off this board

No not really. Blacks and browns exist solely at the mercy of the white race.

Says the guy that crosses the street when he sees a black guy.

lol no, read a book

What does Hitler have to do with London looking like Pakistan?

Marx hated kikes and niggers too, why don't you hate niggers and kikes!

You're stuck in 1917 Holla Forums.


Says the nigger who would be starving in Africa playing bongo bongo if it weren't for the white race and food stamz



lol please, you'd be starving in the basement if your mom forgot to bring you down tendies for too long

I thought you thought it was because jews or something forced them on you? didn't you just say how you want them gone?

Well the exterminator ain't showing up :)

even in your analogy you're helpless without someone else coming to intervene for you

read a book for fucks sake.

My taxes pay for your air Jordans subhuman, say thank you instead of acting like an ungrateful nigger.


Fuck cattle cars and factories. Nazis deserve the machete.

This made me laugh irl, cheers m8

What a topical insult that definitely doesn't prove you never interact with society outside of popular media

I double nigger dare you to tell a black guy to thank you for his Jordans.


Wow these incredibly unequally distributed achievements of whites in the course of history REALLY made me think...
There must be something that explains it... material conditions maybe?


NEETs don't pay taxes and I probably make more than your parents anyway


self-defense is always justified

What decade do you think this is?

Do u lift m8?

If you talkith shit though wilt be hit

This is your face when the revolution comes, unlike Rwanda though, their won't be a million of you and the crowds will be just as diverse as your average college campus. Every day your blonde dotard backs out of one of his promises and every "anti-communist" rally you come closer to this. It's your fault and you deserve it.

Most people who Nazis consider part of he white race have for most of history viewed themselves as separate races

Shut up you dumb subhuman you'd starve if it weren't for white people.

Wish I could grow a beard like that. I want to say Engles would be proud, but he wouldn't.

The projection is outstanding. One day user, you'll have something to be proud of for yourself if you just learn to get off the internet and go outside every once in a while

There's literally no way to determine that someone of a seperate ethnicity is inferior

Why are you so mad user? We can go back to the penis thing since that seemed to have you in a better mood

There really is.

Niggers are literal proto human baboon people.

And how are they doing now that they're in control?

Nazichatbot finally working mods? I know you were thinking of making one with a trip to spout generic Holla Forums stuff

Lol yeah you're definitely up to date on fashion trends

We both know you're not white


M8 do yourself a favor and lurk here for a few weeks after the mods mute you


not an argument
Germanic tribes were also uncivilized. Even more so if we compare them to the Roman Empire (which was pretty multiculti and irrelevant shiting)

wow, really made me think

I'm sensing that this one is a """"white"""" """person""" from Argentina perhaps?

Zimbabwe = Rhodesia.

The Nazi will tell you to stop striking him for every blow he deals to you. The only language he understands is force. This is your path, just like the path of Franco and Chiang and Mussolini. The broom of history will come to take what little of your tendency is left straight to the dustbin.

I never claimed zim wasn't a shithole it just helps disprove the white superiority crap that whites always win I'm the end

lol you have to be trolling, you're like a caricature of an out-of-touch NEET

This is now a trap thread

Germanic tribes at their most uncivilised were still light years ahead of Africa ooga boogas through metal working alone. Incontrovertible fact.

Africans are primitive ape people that have to go back.

Imagine being so delusional that you can oppose imagined invaders in one place on the planet and, at the same time, oppose people resisting literal invaders in another place.
Imagine my shock.


It's true. Africans lived like animals until 1900. They still do really.

Say it with me
The superior whites
Lost a war
To the black subhumans

Cool, so how does this tie in to your personal mediocrity and your desire to see brown penises? Also, since you're kind of unclear on the plan here, do you """"have to"""" see black penises for your plan too?

Define these, and don't use examples. Literally just define them.

Excuse me, but I think you're arguing my point.

You live like an animal today, people aren't meant to dwell underground


You know what I mean, I'm not going to engage in freshman year philosophy student Socratic dialogue with you :^)

Unless my point was "you need glasses" then not really

How is it possible to be this fucking dumb? Are nazis the niggers of white people?

But you totally could if you wanted to right? :^)

Well it ties in because I don't want a repeat of Zimbabwe in the European continent. I don't want to ruled over by sand niggers and ape people.

Wow this guy is fucking blunt lmao.

What about Nigeria? Or any other African nation that didn't recently kick the majority of its Agriculture sector?

Nazis are just simply niggers.

Let me help you out:

oh my fucking god shut the fuck up what does this have anything to do with this thread



US is a shithole, Wtf I am a black supremacist now

Well /leftycuck/ it has been fun, I'm going to go jogging with my girlfriend then have sex with her.

Remember if you're white, the baboons and mudslimes are NOT your allies. Hail victory!

user, this thread is literally just arguing right now. Completely unsourced arguing if I might add, as there has been very little evidence shown.

Well color me surprised


I just want to discuss theory man. Why do people have to fall for obvious bait like that?

You're going to walk in to find your aryan princess cucking you with an alpha stalinist. A punishment most fitting for a brainlet poster.


Stay cucked pawn

At last I truly see, logic and reason have won out today. I shall name my first new born Hans, and pants any potential Muslim that walks by me to mark them for future deportation.


i've seen each of these things debunked a hundred times here, people should really save debunking documents and whatnot whenever someone post arguments like these, especially unsourced. It'd probably shut them up faster

Aren't you supposed to be having sex with your totally real girlfriend right now?

No literally man, you are a retard if you think that webster's definition of good and bad are the same as yours. Watch some basic logic videos on YouTube, you don't even have to read to understand this shit.

I'm not him.

You understand that he's not from Holla Forums. He's just some sperg who likes to troll. I refuse to believe that someone can be that stupid. But anons all fall for it and pat each other on the back. It's like beating up a toddler.

She looks white.

As long as I reproduce and my partner has a similer lifestyle as me I don’t care what color she is.

That pic is supper woak.

You right and wrong at the same time. Death and mass violence will come to Europe, but it won’t be because of immigration. It’ll be because Europe’s economic standing in the world will decline and China’s will increase, thus Europe will find it’s self in a neocolonial situation with China.

China has an export economy. Without Europe buying their shit they're in trouble. They may create an internal economy strong enough to support them, but they aren't there yet. Invaders are already bringing death and violence anyway, allah akbars are a weekly occurrence already.

the swedes will take fireworks going iff as a grenade attack, try again.

So did Europe and America during industrialization. As China finishes industrialization wealth from Europe will flow to China and China will become an import economy buying stuff from Africa. Europe will be used to export natural resources and food, to China, but will otherwise be left in a rustbelt type situation. You’re looking at the short term, not the long term.

it makes me sad that i even browse this board, like why do we get baited so easily? Is it all just newfags? I mean jesus christ