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Not bad

makes sense but this goes on leftytrash since it's just a meme

if you want it to appeal to black people replace "my nigga" for "my comrade". Lots of blacks are chill with nigga since it ain't hard r it doesn't has the same weight context to it. Mah nigga is friendly sure but some still find nigga offensive.

or just put the mah nigga meme inside the green square and thats it.

What's the left's problem with nigger?

It's just a word.

It's America's problem, disregarding politics. Americans are crazy puritans and all.

"Brother" would be the best, I'd say.

The right don't have a problem with the word nigger.

It has a rather heavy historical context behind it, and it's a slur, after all
Though I've rarely see leftists condemn Stirner usage of "Nigger" and "Mongoloid" in his book

No other slur gets as much attention, chink, potato nigger, mudslim.

But nigger always get the left mad.

But all of them do, it's just that Chink is less used, potato nigger doesn't offend the twitter left because the Irish are white, and mudslim is very recent

Nigger has several centuries behind it and is found sometimes in the mouth of everyday people because it's been accepted as a term of black people despite its negative connotation, whereas nobody would say "mudslims" without the intent of demeaning Muslims

The twitter left is always looking for things to be offended about, really.

No, I'm pretty sure all these words never get as much attention as nigger.

Niggers are actually repeated way more often than those words.

No shit.

Nah, it gets liberals mad.

The problems are shit like segregation, mass incarceration, homelessness, poverty, and the rest of capitalism - leave getting mad over naughty words to the democrats.

imo one has to know the right context to use it. If it ain't going to be commical for everybody then don't. You will look stupid. And yes there are way to pull it off but all depends on context and one's creativity. Nigga is indeed less harsh than nigger still very volatile and hard to pull off humor/sarcasm with it but it's possible. I don't recommend you to be one of those white wiggas that try to be cool by over using nigga through depends on the individual some are cool with it others are not. Ask especially if he/she is one of your friends.
I have a black friend we call him negro because here in Mexico the word negro just means black, it doesn't has the same level offensiveness as in any Anglo country. We also can call him choco he finds it funny seriously but he doesn't gets offended by anything he is pretty chill.

Obviously but they always use it in a racist context. Thats why they get knocked the fuck out.

He uses negro. Never nigger, not even nigga don't be a retard. Also it wasn't him that was his translator but whatever. Dumbass.


imagine being this mentally ill lel

Jesus. Shut the fuck up nigga. It's just a fucking word

lel epik kek xD

mfw yfw "nigger"

I don’t think top left is accurate though

Niggers aren't "people" who you want on your side. They have nothing of value to contribute.

I want them on my side 1000x more than I want you on my side. Stay shut in all your life please.

Why? For votes? That's a good reason I guess, but aside from being easily swayed to vote in a beneficial manner they have little to contribute.

for power because a mass of individuals united up is stronger than you a single white pussy ass dweeb on his shitty gaming PC jerking off all day.

I'm not even white, faggot.

epic meme reddit

Negro, nigger, that's the same etymology behind it and the exact same meaning - "black people", and in the 19th century, they were either tribesmen or slaves
Nigga didn't even exist back then

agreeing with both