That Time I Went Viral While Running the Wendy’s Twitter Account

literally who? I don't go on twitter because I'm not a faggot

The person who ran the Wendy twitter when it was smug.

She's right though, being rude to social media interns is fucking horrible and not anti-corporate in any way. It's like going into a McDonald's and shouting at the cashiers before throwing food all over the place

What's wrong with that? Cogs in the capitalist system deserve to be punched just like Nazis, they basically are Nazis.

0.2/10 bait, apply yourself

When you are rude to social media corporate accounts, you aren't exactly rude to an employee, you don't interact with him on a personal level at all.

Not bait. Meatcucks and meatcuck enablers get the rope.

Yes you are. They're the ones reading and responding to the tweets, and if you personally insult them (like a lot of left twitter cultists did), they're going to feel offended

IDK, really. You have to be a giant pussy to take offence at such depersonalized insults. I guess we should just pack up and be done with all that leftist shit. After all, when we attack porky, their servants and employees will get all the heat.

I never understood this level of oversensitive faggotry. It's like if a stranger on the streets of Italy screamed out to you, saying "MAN IN BLUE SHIRT, YOU A LOOK REALLY GAY". Why would you care?

Try it retards

Are marketers considered proletariat or bourgeoisie Holla Forums? The way I see it is they exist purely to manipulate markets and aren't doing productive labor so I don't think they are proletariat, but they aren't the owners either so they aren't bourgeoisie.

What this means?

That pig is dead now lol

"Hey Wendy's your business model is exploitative and you treat your workers like crap, you are horrible vampires, go suck dick"


Everyone who sells their labour-power to survive are proletariat.

OP is a faggot who got sucked into caring for a corporate marketing persona.

Why the fuck would you attack workers in a revolution?

I would be offended if someone shouted that to me, and quite pissed off as well. As someone who's worked several service jobs, you always get a bit bummed out when customers treat you like shit, even though you're putting on a role in a supposedly impersonal economic transaction

poor little things, I hope no-one told them to go KYS

What did he mean by this?

Join the club, service jobs fucking suck, and you are constantly treated like shit in them. I dislike them strongly and am very happy I no longer work in the industry, but I have still never cared, nor do I understand how people can care, in a place as depersonalized as the internet.

How are marketing people worse than journalists? What's the difference anyway?

That's probably because you have autism

Hey, man. It's not my fault you've chosen Wendy's as your waifu.

You don't choose your waifu, the waifu chooses you.

This conversation is fucking dumb and gay. She's not a marketer or even really in advertising she's a twitch/ubisoft/vidya/tech culture community manager as she said. She doesn't look at analytics on how best to market grease meat to already obese people someone just gave her the password to a twitter account.

To the extent that a journalist is a paid propagandist, they are similar. But marketeers are worse, because they manipulate peoples dreams, desires, and so on to service increased consumption even to the point of harming the consumer, or making him at the very least waste his limited supply of money form value. They are secretly telling us what to dream, while they themselves know it is just a lie. Like a vulgar form of The Grand Inquisitor, they are the basest form of scum, to choose to be a marketeer is never justified, even if it means you starve. It's worse than being a policeman by far.

Absoloute worst bait i've seen in a while. If it isn't bait, then you straight up want to punch a massive group of the working class and i dont fancy your odds in that one.

not a relevant question, as communism does not exist for the sake of the proletariat. the problem with capitalism isn't exploitation, it's the inherent inefficiency the presence of that exploitation entails (incentive to commoditize, inequality of wealth -> skewed production); thinking otherwise is moralist.

i mean, just dwell on the implications of for a second if you think otherwise. stock brokers sell their labor-power to survive and are absolutely proletariat but are also fucking huge parasites.

Wendy's is shit like all other fast food organisations. Not just because of their garbage food either.

Uylana busted her capitalist teeth in holy fuck. Based USSR-Tan.

Of course the corporate twitter account you're running is gonna get bashed, you're the face of the firm. Kudos to her for getting out of that shit job but blaming people for venting at a literal propagandist is just stupid

Marketing types are literally the propagandist arm of capitalism.
I can understand the "don't blame the messenger", but that only goes so far. I'm sure there are media pundits that feel the same way when they're shilling the neo-liberal narrative for corporate. Doesn't make you dislike what they are doing any less.

just think about how investors mistreat them at all those annual general meetengs!
on a serious note, advertisers have NOTHING going for them
they're more despised than bankers

I'm in a graphic design program and just about every class talks about business, companies, how to work for them, and the optimal visual techniques for manipulating people. I want to die.

advertising jobs are shit and have pretty much negative social value, but that's no reason to disrespect the poor fucks who are earning their daily income that way. no ethical consumption under capitalism and all that jazz.


Marketers are only one step below cops in the gulag-o-meter.

I will personally hang every marketer from a fucking lamppost, they are the scum of the earth. Nigga, you run a corporate twitter, nobody will or should have any sympathy for you. The fact that you're whining about how twitter treated you tells me how much you actually enjoyed doing it, and that says all I need to know.


Don't look at me, I've always said Twitter is poison and Weird Twitter in particular was the genesis of socjus.

She did her whole job sitting in her pajamas on the couch so only a little sorry she got owned by Da Share Zone

But it's one of the most efficient forms of "direct action" and "propaganda of the deed" in the internet age.
Shoplifting and breaking windows also hurts prols indirectly, and it's still worth it is the message is transmitted sucessfully.

Thanks to Late Capitalism you can hire not-marketers as millennial Social Media Specialists and pay them peanuts to post burger pics on Twitter

Telemarketers get the wall too.

This is pathetic.

People that participate in Marketing are literally using the fundamentals of chaos magic

They're Sorcerers for hire.

Aren't all cucks technically Meatcucks?

Don't you think you're being a tad bit dramatic, faggot?

Im an anarchist, first and foremost. I don't care about your laws, or social standards, I just don't give a shit, that's how I view the world. If I want to listen to rage against the machines on my iPad, and tell McDonalds cashiers to go fuckthem selves, and write "FUKK THE RULES", on my room with marker, there isn't anything you can do about it. Anarchy comes even before family, and maybe that's what you don't under about being a leftist. Your trying to view reality through your small little lense, talking about things you know nothing about. Get off mommy and daddies computer, and try actually fighting the fascism you support.

Is this satire or am I supposed to get mad now.

All marketers get the bullet.


The intern is not wendy's. When you go "Hey wendy's you're horrible vampires" if the intern running the social media account identifies with that, i'm pretty sure that's the intern's problem


Were they insulting this guys personal account or just the Wendy's one?
Because if it was just the Wendy's account I can't feel any sympathy for him. He said it best. He isn't the fucking company.

Didn't know Bullet for My Valentine fans browsed this board

holy shit my sides

What in the flying fucking fuck. Bronies were already a thing by 2012. New Sincerity was shitting up the internet already. Ignorant little bitch child, and then she complains that her Labor Aristocracy ass gets hate from people who starve to death on minimum wage or less so she can pad her 401k and get paid to sit on her ass watching TV and farting up the couch.
Fuck this bitch.