Would you be for throwing acid at billionaires as a new method of tarring and feathering...

Would you be for throwing acid at billionaires as a new method of tarring and feathering? Disfigurement as a price for wealth? At this point I don't think it's even out of the question, people like Peter Theil, the Mercers, every god damn person who gets their hands into our lives should be marked. So why isn't anyone doing it? It's incredibly easy just wait for them to go outside and splash some god damn acid on them. US billionaires shouldn't be allowed to look in the mirror without being reminded people hate them enough to mutilate them, disfigure them.

Inb4 fbi. No, these people deserve to be disfigured and we all know it.

We don't go outside.

Why not? It doesn't take much to plan an acid attack on a public figure who's just walking outside. Billionaires should begin to fear leaving their homes. And their fucking limos.

We all can think of fucking one who deserves to have their face melted for what they've done

Individual terrorism accomplishes nothing and will make Porky more sympathetic. And of all the terrorist acts you pick one of the worst ones. People associate acid attacks with repressive traditionalist cultures and muh honor.

Explain why tarring and feathering became popular with politicians. It injured them, nobody gave a fuck. Who would honestly sympathize with them? The media?

The average person has an extremely low view of US billionaires. They would not care.


How is that a price paid for wealth?
Who the fuck is the payment going to?
"Ok, you can be rich, but also you're ugly now."
Jesus Christ, what the fuck is the benefit? Just pacifism!! and get it over with if you're going to do anything to them.

Purposefully just disfiguring people is fucking stupid.

gross. I hate em too, but gross. not a good thing to do to another human being, man. even if they are a piece of shit human being.

You don't get why it works in the fucking first place. People psychologically love their face. They can't think of a fucking world, without their face. This is only ten fold for billionaires. They don't care about you. This isn't pacifism, it's threatening them with physical disfigurement so they can no longer go on media and represent themselves to the public. They can't run for office, they can't go to meetings, they can't do shit.

You might as well be criticizing the very concept of tarring and feathering. It works, and eventually people are going to do it to them. It's just a question of when.

Porky made his choices. His life is basically forfeit as far as morality is concerned. We can do whatever is needed to eliminate him.

Please go back.

When is it too far when some billionaire grows more rich off African diamond minds? When, is it too far when oil companies fucking lobby to ruin our climate? When, is enough, when banks can turn swathes of land to generational poverty.

They've done worse to people than disfigure them, they've made their lives forfeit. The debt should be only repaid in kind.


Agreed, Two face the bastards.

A more exotic form of violence won't make propaganda of the deed suddenly efficient

It isn't propaganda to the public. It's propaganda to the bourgeois that they can't go out in public anymore. They can't go out in fashion shows. They can't go out to fucking think tank meetings. They can't go out and buy fur coats that cost what an average American makes in a year at a shop in New York. The public doesn't need to have an opinion. The point is to scare the living shit out of the bourgeois at any moment they can be put in miserable physical and emotional pain for the rest of their lives for the amount of influence they have over our lives. It's the same concept of tarring and feathering, only perhaps, a bit more extreme. America has done worse in its own labor history.

Frankly, I don't think I need to.

You'd be better off taking a literal pound of flesh off them than throwing acid at them.
It doesn't pay off any debt, it doesn't right any wrong, at the end of the day they're still rich. And honestly, do you think Sheldon Adelson makes a living off his looks?

The amount of cowardice at the very thought of violence against the bourgeois here is surprising. One step too far? For what? Look at what they've been doing every year, for the last century. Or just within every year since 2008. How many people have committed suicide on the watch of a banker's profits? How many people have gotten sick, on the watch of petroleum companies? How many workers, are stuck, living in poverty that will only get worse so their profits can rise. If we can't do shit to them, then what's the point. Something needs to be done to remind them what they truly are. A monster.

If someone has committed suicide because of your fortune, no, if perhaps over 50 or more people have committed suicide of your fortune. You deserve to have acid thrown at your face. We all know what they are, we just aren't willing to do anything to terrorize them because we've been told for too long that violence isn't the answer. It might not fix anything, but neither is sitting here. In fact it does do something. It makes every one of their families scared, as every working class family in America is scared because of their actions.

I'm not against violence against the bourgeois - I'm against retarded pointless sadism. If you said you wanted to take a gun and be really nice to them and not do anything I swear mama I wouldn't hurt a fly! then that would at least make a little more sense.

There is no scenario for which this is just the obvious logical conclusion.

friendly reminder that individual terrorism and propaganda of the deed FLOORED anarchism for decades outside of the Russian Empire. To summarise, ur a fag and ur ideas suck, fag.

That's the very existence of the bourgeois, and it should only be met in kind. If you think terrorizing them isn't a legitimate tactic then you aren't thinking clearly. Only times have changed when the most powerful begin to fear for their safety. Guns accomplish, but aren't enough.

But the idea of just having that as some go-to sentence is hilarious, that said.

"Hm, rape? 25 years."
"Assault and battery? 2 years!"
"Breaking and entering? 1 year plus the mandatory sentence of acid thrown in your face"

Typical. You'd laugh if this happened in every thread, but this one proposing it.

At this point you're comparing the crimes of the bourgeois against petty crimes of a prole.

They literally kill people and from a considerable distance.

No I'm not, I'm comparing having acid attacks as some kind of go-to sentence to insanity. Somehow you've managed to be simultaneously brutal, inefficient, and completely nonsensical.

They accomplish less, some billionaire will replace another. It's only through acts of psychological warfare can these people truly begin to fear for themselves.

Yes you are. You're saying they don't deserve acid attacks for the crime of being bourgeois but are certainly for shooting them. I'm also for shooting them. But this by all means does not solve the problem because revolution isn't happening over night. If you truly want to make a dent in their vain disgusting lives, you have to physically insult them.

acid costs money. pluck out eyeballs, it's free and you can do it with your hands

Fair enough

They literally just act in their class interests, retribution won't get us closer to erasing the class system.
What I see in many movements is that they keep begging for donations that allow things to be organized. Getting some bourgs on our side would only help our movement.
That, or we could sell drugs

Steal syringes from the free clinic, draw as much blood as you can, inject the riches with our AIDS infected blood!

Acid is fine