WW2 Revisionist Video Series

A video series on youtube does Neo-Nazi WW2 revisionism.

I have selected videos and timestamps you can flag for 'Hateful or abusive content -> Promotes hatred or violence'. Just write "anti-semitic racism" into the description for each and every one.





Thank you and God bless you all.


So much for the tolerant left!

we personal army know

nothing personal about this

nothing personal kid

Not an argument. Already downloading the videos, will easily reup them if necessary.

God doesn't bless dishonest shitheads with smelly fetid AIDS ridden arseholes.


Fuck flagging videos though.

Jews are not a race read "the international jew"

I know what's coming, jews caused WWII and Hitler was actually forced to invade 11 countries in self-defense and how they stopped the jew bolshevik hordes (which is casually the same narrative Goebbels began to propagate after they lost at Stalingrad)

You lefties really are pathetic. You don't have any arguments, so you just bully and silence people instead.


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Not goning to take responsibility for this obvious false flag, Holla Forumstard

Stop being homophobic.

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forgot to sage. I apologize.

Instead of just flagging them, it be better to make a response where Nazis get btfo.

It was already made.


wait i thought people here dont give shit about this??


You can't report videos for WW2 revisionism, so that'll have to do.

we don't put the focus on identity politics
we are against doing that
be it from a liberal or fascist perspective
so we oppose racism as well as putting race issues over class

all struggles abrivate from the class struggle so it is class struggle behind these all that has to be adressed
accordingly we are against racism, not against pointing it
however opposition to racism necessarily comes the need to expose its class nature and putting it into the forefront of attention
you can't fight racism without class war, you can't bring about class war just by adressing racism

i know you nazbols are retarded faggots but this is really not a hard concept to grasp you utterly useless faggot

are no idea what i meant by "abrivate" lmao, some weird clusterfuck of words thrown together

let's just say i meant "derive"

stop with the personal army requests you fucking faggot. Who gives a shit if some retard is ranting on youtube, there are too many of those anyway.


t. Nazi

I thumbed them all down

I flagged all these shitty nazi propaganda videos just to piss you off.

What is this claptrap? Do you think life at the origin of humanity was sunshine and rainbows? For millions of years of our existence mankind has had to struggle against the Abyss of starvation, disease, and injury. True, as history has progressed, said Abyss has become less and less a problem and now today largely is mostly only present because Capital wants it to be, but you're totally incorrect if you think literally the only reason things have ever been less than ideal for anyone is because someone else wanted it to be so.

Hell, even after communism and the annihilation of class struggle, people will still have to struggle for the satisfaction of their desires surpassing their needs.

but he flagged them too

Doesn't seem like revisionist at all.


I have it on dvd, I will buy more copies and I will copy them and spread them everywhere I can

If you weren't that much of a punctual nitpicker, you would of course know that only struggles in current society are meant by that.

Class struggle has its history and it starts with the emergence of class society.

Of course there are material conditions which existed before the class society and you correctly mention them. Today it only applies if you are deserted in some wasteland or away from anyone else, isolated.

That Abyss that you speak of which is today is only because it is in the class interests of the propertied class to use it against the proletarian class. A collective action of the proletarian class in their material interests will inevitably chuck that Abyss you speak of into the dustbin of history, when the material poverty and hunger are eliminated as a result.

Pretty spooky tbh fam.

reviving this dumb thread

we already had the batko drama. I don't want this shit again
please fuck off.