Twitter """""M"""""-"""""L"""""

What the fuck is up with them? Why don't they realize that they are just liberals with red coating?

There is your problem.
Rude sage.

This is old m8, a thread died for this

she's not wrong
Anti Imperialism is more important and comes first, Class Struggle after. Obviously we must never forget class struggle, that would be Anti Marxist

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There's your problem. These people are being public pariahs because they think it's cool. This of course translates into poor thinking and little to no understand of what they are talking about.
Most people who are serious leftists don't scream it from the rooftop that is social media for everyone to hear.


you're an awful poster.

t. Assblasted tankies


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all the other twitter tankies rightly criticized her and argued (correctly) that anti-imperialism IS class struggle.



Fucking new age red liberals. Every fucking time.

of course the illiterate liberal anarkiddies and other radical infantiles will rather use this strawman person than actually adressing ML and antiimperialism itself, it's just your level of scabbiness

This is why everyone calls you anarkiddies.

it makes sense to get rid of usa first and then build communism

have you ever considered not being pathetic?

Anti-imperialism is class struggle.

Why are you guys so consistently retarded?

Because anarkiddies unironically blame MLs for making communism look bad. As if if bourgeois propagandists actually tell the truth ever.

But we're not tankies.

MLs are bourgeois propagandists

Read Marx

Read Nyden

who this?

Read Althusser

read andrew kliman

Read Shaikh

shaikh wouldn't agree with you


You cant have class struggle without anti-imperialism
Anti-Imperialism is a part of class struggle

read zerzan and stop using deceptive and fundamentally dishonest symbolic language, friend.

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just stop being leftists already

Where do I find a post-left gf?

you don't.


Google Bookchin