Well… what do you have to say, /leftypaul/?

Well… what do you have to say, /leftypaul/?

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vaporg0th go on cum town


Xexizy is just trying to distance himself from us so he can make 75 percent of his content video game reviews.

Idiots existed long before Holla Forums, xexizy

that said, I think this vaporgoth guy is a retard after looking at his page. Muke needs to quit pearl clutching every time some idiot baits him by shitting on trannies

Most of Holla Forums isn't antitrans though, from what I`ve seen in the threads related to that topic. That would be a stupid reason to gulag someone though.

you're a fucking dumbass

Also reminder that Muke used to browse Masterchan, the site which at the time had half of its Holla Forums dominated by pedo discussion and nnmodels, how he has the guts to feign normalfaggotry and liberal outrage to his newfound fanbase is amazing.

Both the people in OP's pic are fucking retarded assholes.


I'm actually for certain these people are just reactionaries pretending to be leftists, but are dragging people down to their IdPol. Brilliant.

You're a spooked retard

Agender just means lack of a gender to be fair

Probably after trannies said cissies were getting the reeducation/castration chambers with a hammer and sickle in their name and there was nothing you could do about it.

In addition to only reading one book, it seems muke was somehow unaware of TERFs or the elements among certain ML derivatives that hate the fags. We reached that point before Holla Forums was around you jewish nigger, just go back to playing 40k and stop embarassing yourself with videos.

all genders are imaginated


My kind of crazy tbh

That's more labels than a ben garrison cartoon.

Muke is really starting to get pathetic with these passive aggressive sassy tweets. He probably thinks if he distances himself enough from us then he can get mad patreonbux.

Truly, only from the depths of Holla Forums will true socialism arise.
Both platforms are fuck all for what we need tbh, but socialism was never meant to exclude normies, as much as that could be nice.

More eceleb cancer. I'm 100 % sure that X is happening and there's nothing you can do about it lmao is a joke-tweet template. I have seen somebody else getting spamed with that, just the variable was something else.

I'm 95 % sure vaporg0th is actually a non-man without a penis, what's the word again, dickless fagot I think.

who cares what he thinks?

gibe proofs bily

his new twitter buddies that he's trying to impress.

When did Muke get so fucking dumb?

I stand with Muke. I don't care how anonymous or how cancer filled this place is. We're no better than /pol if we say garbage like Trannies belong in the gulag. I honestly give so little shits about the gays but this is a matter of commie authenticity.

That's absolutely retarded, though. How is a twitterfag unaffiliated with the board an example of the board? That's /r/socialism tier.



Ask him about the track record of gay rights in USSR/North Korea/Venezuela/[INSERT COUNTRY HERE].

Marxism is not a self-help group for the mentally ill and "oppressed"

Is Muke trying to attract the /r/socialism crowd? I can't think of a different explanation as to why he has been acting so goddamn retarded lately.

Good job nobody is using it for that then.

Great point, if Muke was responding to something from here and not from Twitter. Hell, the last time he responded to transphobia from here the entire thread was people dunking on the one or two guys who were buttblasted about it. Muke just wants to distance himself because he he's not smart or charismatic enough to defend himself if he's attacked on the association by liberals.

He's trying to get into Mexie's pants

Neither of you are understanding my point. What I'm saying is that behind closed doors is who we really are.

Well it certainly isn't supposed to be an id pol fest right?

"we" aren't saying that. Nazbols on twitter are.

Didn't realize I was secretly transphobic thank you for telling me user.

That's STILL bullshit, though. Lurkmoar.

Rolled 1 + 14 (1d20)Little do you know, traps will be running the gulags.

Forced femme gulags ARE NAZBOL

I didn't mean you specifically, but cut it out.

Ive lurked plenty.

Nazbol… gang…?

Trannies have been ruining leftism for 20+ years. I think they deserve to have a little shade thrown on them.


Finbol will get there first. Just compare these two vids on the topic of idpol.

Nazkiddies are autistic, but it isn't letfypol's fault they exist.

…uwot m8s?

pics related

it's still a major problem spanning months back, so we do need this moment to reconsider the Holla Forumsyps that come here to shitpost for people to be displaced and sent to do unfree labor.

both posters go to gulag

i only now read the names
of course feggity will go to gulag
he will be forced to crossdress and fed hormones while the other one has to fuck his boipussy
that'll fix 2 closet fags at once, maybe after 10 years they'll come to terms with it and stop being faggots and have a functioning relationship based on hard labour

Sure Muke, bigoted """leftism""" never existed before "Leftypol" and there is no chance this person is just a reactionary deliberately using communist symbolic in order to spill confusion.

You're talking about pic related? It was one of the most pathetic things I've ever seen him doing, and I usually defend him.


I'll never get why some people have to check an imageboard and then complain on fucking Twitter about it.

Yeah that's what I was referencing. Seriously, what a disingenuous piece of shit

wow what a surprise nobody knew

Muke's just asshurt he's not Holla Forums's darling anymore. He's proven several times he's not as versed in theory as he likes to give off and got his ass handed to him by Sargon of all people.

How so? Communism is about our relations to the means of production and the production process. Argue for gay and whatnot rights on their own terms without hiding behind communism - it's perfectly possible!
sage because one book muke is just trying to get attention

That I feel is a real possibility, sadly

…but didn't Stalin literally put gays and transsexuals in the gulag?

You guys seem to think I'm saying Holla Forums is the reason transphobia exists, or that this guy somehow represents Holla Forums.

This guy is a 'nazbol' - an edgy nazi who got bored with Holla Forums and, thanks to memers with zero self awareness from jere, was able to then take up a soviet aethstetic, hang around leftist circles (idk if this specific person does, but I know for a fact many nazbols do) and still retain all their Fascist ideals based on the argument alone 'well Stalin hated the gays and I'm a Stalinist'.

Notice how in the tweet I said 'with a hammer and sickle in their name'. I am not mad about them being transphobic - I'm used to Holla Forums existing - I'm mad about the fact, from direct cause of the 'nazbol gang' meme that originated from here, there is now a weird melding of leftism and Fascism.

Maybe I wasn't clear about all that in the tweet, still a 140 character pleb afterall, but if after me explaining this you're still mad at me, you're either a newfag who has no idea about the nazbol memes originating here, or you're just looking to hate me for the sake of it, of which many of you already are.

I think he did alright against Carlson. He's just being a little shit right now

not liking cute traps is against the spirit of the revolution

and that's an essencial idea of communism or even Marxism Leninism why exactly?
also, no. he put revisionists into gulag, that if happen to be gays were further persecuted for that only to ruin their image more.
it was useful back then, nothing more.


thats a just a twink

to make this more concrete, even in total numbers the western german legal actions against homosexuals exceeded that of the entire soviet union by far.

But. You can't help see everyone into that and thats the problem you see. Imageboards are super open to the public, there is no reputation to be hold either for each user.

What you say only works at places where pseudonyms are allowed only, here it's anonymous. I agree your stance is the most mature but it's not realistic, this board is way too open you have to expect stupidity always. We have at least waaaaaaaay less stupidity than Holla Forums so yes we're better a shit load better.

That being the case, I think it's about time that the mods of Holla Forums started purging Nazbols from the board. I mean let's be clear, they don't really contribute much aside from "le ironic nazbol gang XDDDDD"

Let's face it you're just shit stirring and pandering at this point.

Without us, no one would care about this board :)


Thanks for the memes though

I care about this board. And it'll be fine without you, I'm sure. Thanks for the memes tho.

trans people in capitalist societies waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on cosmetic medical procedures…

if we actually had socialized medicine in this country, that would actually really piss me off… how many old people / sick children would you let die to feed into someone's vanity?


There's two real options here: keep tolerating but also calling out Nazbols for the sake of hopefully winning them over and continue to be universally reviled by the rest of the leftist internet or exile them for the sake of appealing to the rest of the leftist internet and our personal tastes. I don't think the rest of the leftist internet is going to like us no matter what we do, so I honestly think we'd be more useful being there to talk to recovering reactionaries than having leftist internet cred.

t. r/the_donald

Zero if you stop being a retarded burger for a second and realise that
1) You need to stop letting insurance and pharma companies suck your country dry
2) They use completely different resources

Nazbol memers aren't representative of Holla Forums either, and they were played out months ago. In fact, I seem to remember you being one of the people to most frequently make "nazbol gang" jokes when it was going strong, which just cements what others in this thread are saying. You don't actually believe Holla Forums as a whole is that "proble.matic" or whatever, you just want to countersignal to your new friends that you're not one of the big bad brocialists and went for the easiest targets. Hence a twitter memer that may have never even visited /leftypol, and the one guy being shit on for a whole thread, are your two big examples of Holla Forums transgressions.

The truth is, of course, that if you were smart and charismatic as you think you were, you'd be able to brush off accusations by liberals without having to throw us under the bus and deliberately misrepresent us in the process. But you can't, so this is the next best thing for you.

Fine with me, but let no one forget that Muke, and to be honest you as well, were some of the biggest Nazbol memers when the cancer was at its peak.

They come to us either way. We do the same shit to people like Ikampfy and they still refuse to learn shit. This won't apply to everyone. Talking only gets one so far. If they're willing to have a debate and argue in good faith, they tend to advertise that they want to. But most nazbols don't.

They should be banned. It was funny for a while, now it's just sad and annoying at this point. I don't want Poe's law to take effect.

I'll take blame for partaking in the nazbol meme, even though the song was used to mock them. They were funny for a while, but at this point, they've become the Kekistan of Holla Forums.

This tbh, and the people moaning, as I noticed in another thread, are either 17, vegan anarchists, trans/queer or Xexizy.
Not that there's anything wrong with being trans/queer but when it's mentioned in your bio and you're whining about leftypol I can't help but think they posted some idpol crap once and got butthurt when told to go away.

all resources come back to oil / energy. we're going to learn that the hard way soon enough. neovaginas don't grow on trees.


[You should probably substantiate this claim]

What's wrong being against trannies? I didn't know idpol and tumblr tier shit were needed to become a leftist


There are nonetheless transpeople on Holla Forums, small as they maybe and considering we're against idpol (that includes bigotry) we need to purge dumb cunts like this fella


Let's liquidate all the old people then.

Because my summerfag friend you and your buddies are shitting up the board with your anti-idpol idpol

That's fine and obviously I don't think you're the biggest culprit but the only way I see for people to avoid all this vampire castle shit that this is building up to is for everyone to be honest instead of just shitflinging and pointing fingers.

You're already idpol you dumb faggot

There's nothing really wrong with personally having a distaste for transsexuals, but at the end of the day their existence doesn't really affect you in any way and if you stand for freedom, which you do if you're actually a leftist, preventing someone from doing something just because you don't like it is obviously incorrect.

Not on twitter of course, but mostly on longer vid streams during peak Sargon interactions

Self crit, or get hit.

The day I learned that "struggle session" wasn't about a category on pornhub was a sad day for me

what's wrong with retards voluntarily exposing themselves and becoming easily identifiable?

Jesus, thank god
I didn't say ban trannies or get them the gulag. I don't think one should be considered nazbol for being disgusted by traps.

It's a fucking idpol thread.

They can do that somewhere else, not here.

here's the proof.

Like fucking poetry. No one's forcing you to fuck transgendered people, but being disgusted by them is pretty spooked.

I think that's the repub flag user that uses it to mean original republicanism because of intense autism

But the trans posters on leftypol don't go and have a teary on twitter forever, it seems to be a tiny minority of shitty reddit tier ones that get so upset over it. We don't want to get rid of one group of retards to make another group of retards we don't really interact with happy, because then they'll come over here and give us another flavour of retardation.
Honestly I don't even see the point in banning the nazbols because at this point they've died out with just a few stragglers left who don't cause trouble who only post rarely, and they're almost always better posters than the regular Holla Forumsyp and even a good chunk of anons. It looks to me more like Muke's looking for an excuse to get some attention and favour by focusing on some no name twitter shitposters.

Be that as it may, it seems that the next wave of retards is inevitable. I still say we purge naz-bols, and learn from this, lest we make the same mistake of excepting Poe's law twice. If we are to be embracing of idpol (which Nazbols are) it should be of leftist idpol, which should be debated and criticised. There's no need to waste time on a bunch of shitposters who contribute sweet FA to this board except the same stale old memes over and over. True, they are better than Holla Forumsyps, but let's be honest, thats not saying much.

they'd be doing it all the same, but closeted. some have the decency to identify themselves like the Stalin 'stache friend; others maybe not until they fall on the nazbol meme and voilà! you know which posts to safely scroll past.

Like always. Tankies are who made being the wooooo "left" into a taboo in lots of places. It's great individuals like us are fixing that mistake.

So much for the non-autoritarian commie!
What? What the fuck it's wrong with not liking something? I never said we should put them in the gulag.
Nice buzzword

No it doesn't, this is a thread about idpol. Plus this board only got a problem with right idpol. Left idpol is more accepted. Stop this bullshit about how this board is anti-idpol, idpol is accepted as long as it's not femminism or right wing. This shit is not my fault, I'm against idpol.

Can't change that I don't like some flavors of ice cream. I don't need to have the desire to shot them just because it makes my dick shrink, that's some solid amount of ideology you got there

Original republicans were aristocratic fuckwits who either didn't take what they were saying seriously or were idiots. If Cicero actually wanted to preserve the common good he should have started a popular uprising himself to overthrow the Senate and institute an actual democracy before the demagogues he feared so much instead replaced it with a monarchy, and Jefferson should have abolished slavery and private property on the spot if he really cared so much about yeoman farmers.

Trans people aren't ice cream though.

Ahh yes, stache posters. Truly the QUALITY posters of Holla Forums. You literally got triggered over contra points because she was trans, and then went on a hilarious amount of damage control. You claim to be against idpol, but your expression of bigotry towards trans-people indicates otherwise.

Either read more (which i know is hard for tankies) or get the fuck off of this board.

So again, the point stands: you're autstic.

they still are

Don't forget to report nazbols, Asserists, and other "social conservatives" on sight.

Just for some clarity, the whole "Stalin put gays into gulags" is a decontextualized anti-communist talking point, before Stalin the criminal law code of Tsarist Russia was abolished, and the Bolsheviks had to come up with a new one and compared to the criminal law of liberal states repression against homos was actually less compared to the rest of the world. And even then, under "homosexuality" pedophilia and man-to-man rape was subsumed, because the latter in particular was a problem in Russia during civil war and times of turmoil. So to just say "lel Stalin gulaged gay people" is just not correct.

You are the most spooked idpol poster on this board. Fuck off and die already.

I agree with - they'll still be around but then they'll be user and even harder to spot. Nazbols rarely post idpol, less than tankies, and they're basically on the same tier when it comes to idpol. Letting redditors and the twitterati come here to pedal idpol is opening Pandora's box, and as idpol does it will only embolden the right who are lurking here to post counter arguments in the form of more idpol. Eventually it will spiral out of control and more rules will be put in place to control it, then you have r/soc 2.0. Nothing good can come from trying to appease a load of 17 year olds and vegan anarchists by placing a symbolic ban on an almost extinct group of posters.
You and others here who have taken this bait are being played by muke who is attempting to cosy up to twitter leftists and liberals while keeping everyone over here sweet. Both of his recent complaints about leftypol have been bullshit, the nazbol problem is now offsite and destined to die the death every meme that leaves an imageboard does, and the other post he referenced, which to his credit was actually on leftypol, already had numerous replies mocking it by the time he screenshotted it.

Bat'ko is an idpol faggot, who would have known?

There is no hero on Holla Forums.

What's your point? I don't want to fuck them, shame on me now? I have nothing against trans people and I believe they are facing oppression although I believe the IdPol runs strong in this issue and mental illness is euphemized, but from a pragmatic standpoint this whole "trap fuccbois" aesthetics is not doing us a favor, like at all.



Ok, redditor.

and I say you're a retard

No you aren't you stupid fucking newfag. I'm sick to fucking death of you bringing your retarded hot take tier understanding of "anti-idpol" and being a complete faggot insisting you actually know what you're talking about thread after thread. I'm not explaining it to you again, fucking kill yourself.

We should stick by our original stance of idpol. Idpol remains a blight on politics and a cudgel used by the establishment to demean and slander leftist organizing. The only thing that needs to be reaffirmed and stated in every case here is that racism/sexism/etc. are idpol.

And you call me a ledditor.

You ain't no hero, no hero at all.

I never said you had to fuck them. But does it matter who leads the revolution? I'd give a damn if it was a white fella, or a black sheila. Why does it matter if the person is trans?

I was the one telling everyone else to not use them when they were becomimg a thing, anyone can tell you that. I've always hated the meme.

Unironic Nazbols who go into "GUYS ITS THE JEWS ITS ALL THE JEWS" are already banned after they sperg out. The ones who haven't been have run off to IronMarch and turned back into Stormfags or started posting with the Stalinstache and hidden their actual beliefs. We can't really just ban people en-masse for using a maymay flag and supporting the (flawed) policy of socialism in one country.

You know it's kind of silly to be getting all indignant about transphobia on Holla Forums when you're dropping ableism all over the place.

Cry more redditor.


Nobody cries for this board, I will, for it will descend further and further into idpol fun.

You are a false prophet, Bat'ko, you are no comrade at all.

What kind of dweeb was looking for a "hero" while browsing an imageboard?

Ego_Sum_Jeffum, is that you?

I grew a fedora and it tipped itself reading this shit. You know you don't live in some anime melodrama right?

Every movement needs its heroes, we used to have Marx, Engels, Lenin, what do we have now? Faggots who can't even say jewish niggers.

Sounded more like D and D tbqph.

Muke is a flaming faggot but the actually reactionary faggots buttblasted about trannies are even worse. Do everyone a favor and kys.

Has sectarianism gone too far?


I don't though I wish I was, would be a lot less depressing.

Heroism is dead, and so is romanticism.

Toppest of keks. I'm sure he's writing his buttmad appeal/massive sperg out as I post this.

Anyway, you have a lot of faggots in this thread making a bunch of unsubstantiated accusations against muke based on an out of context tweet that can be read any way you like it. Muke is a faggot but unless you're going to post links or archived pages or something to substantiate your claims you should probably fuck off.

There's a place where you can say that and not be criticised for it.
It's called >>>Holla Forums

the anti id polers are the most id polers of them all in Holla Forums. the ones who simply dgaf and hold no spooked beliefs don't even talk about idpol. just politics.

Holla Forums thinks saying kike and nigger make their movement inherently edgy and they just ended up as neocon stooges. No one's going to start banning you for calling people faggots you can fucking relax, we're just saying that right wing idpol is idpol and to stop being a patsy for the emergent right wing that wants to redefine idpol to mean "when anyone fights back against right wing idpol whatsoever"

Muh "Not real tanks"

This isn't d and d, Holla Forums.

I mean at this point, I kind of stopped giving a fuck about idpol a long time ago. Most of it isn't as rampant, and I think most people have found a way to at least focus more on humanitarian aspects, but even then, through semantics, that would more or less be considered idpol. I mean at this point, most anti-idpol threads if posted nowadays would probably make us look like "le rational skeptics" it's such a dead topic that hardly anyone on this board (at least this is my impression on it) gives a fuck anymore.

"It's just propaganda! Che Guevara was a rapist"

I'm not even denying that. The GOP flag and the word "republican" is just a convenient signal for my special snowflake brand of anti-sectarian, anti-moralism, and anti-class fetishism politics; calling for the abolition of the class system for me is simply a consequence of giving a shit about the common good.

It doesn't to either me or Stalinstache if he meant what he said by . (He almost certainly doesn't mean that, but whatever.)

its some Holla Forums sperg trying to stir up drama, don't take the bait m8

Ah yes, cutting healthcare, and education enforcing housing discrimination, and focusing on funds directed to the military is truly the "common good"

t. Willich, the uneducated, four times cuckolded jackass.

seriously though, pull your head out of your ass.

I get it, a nazabol stole your girl and now you blame Holla Forums.

That statement is silly on several levels. There used to be societies under hammer and sickle and I bet most people living in those times and places were not big on gay/trans rights. Likewise, I would say that as well about most nostalgic about the USSR and Mao's China living today. Do you think some 90 yo Chinese guy with a meanie opinion about gweilo gaylords got that from Holla Forums? And trans people are less than 0.1 % of the population, what's the point, it makes no strategic sense to be obsessed with them, whether for or against. You might as well put a paragraph about people with Crohn's disease in every pamphlet, because surely they are the key to glorious worker victory / the evil mutants organizing the fall of Western Civilisation or whatever.

There are plenty of people who are nationalist, but if they are that without expansionism and warmongering, that is still pretty different from the Nazis. There is a lot of snark on "social media" (fucking hate that term), and all the hyperbole and in-jokes make it easy for fascists to blend in with more regular people, but that is just online wankery. The joke/serious ambiguity message gets you more likes/upvotes/whatever, it expands your audience because there is both a serious and joke interpretation available. This shit sprayed online "supported" by likes from people on different continents does not fuse into a real united fash movement. Just as getting likes from the teenage "rebel" kids of the ruling class does not translate into anything useful and real for a communist or anarchist. You can't tell one part of the crowd to blow up a building, and wink at the other crowd that the bombing is just done ironically, even though the bombs are real (or the other way around, being serious with fake bombs). When it comes to actually doing things in the REAL WORLD, you have to resolve the ambiguity in your message, and that means your crowd shrinks again (and it's not simply one part minus the other, a lot are there just because they were attracted to the size of the crowd and going with the flow). tl;dr: You are a hysterical faglet and you spend too much time on your computer, making snarky dismissive remarks about people you haven't read to autistically max out some absurd approval score which only would mean something if that score wasn't provided by other snark-machines who also don't read what they dismiss. Read Cockshott.

lol good luck

Assuming you're actually Muke, you're a faggot for not reading and being easily offended by maymays. Friendly reminder that, years before the existence of the board, there existed National Bolshevik parties in France, Russia and even Mongolia and Finland, if I am not mistaken.

He's right that nazbol is a meme, he's wrong that it exists because of Holla Forums


meant for

Hey Bat'ko, if you're still here, sorry for participating in the gangbang upon you that has just happened here. I don't have anything against you, this is just my regular imageboard behaviour. I'm leaving this thread as this is seriously becoming a toxic shithole. All of you unironically have a nice day.

You first, redditor.

Pretty much this. The way he acted reeks of being butthurt over the board not treating him as its darling golden child.

It's just eceleb professional solidarity :)

Good luck putting that one in a tweet with a witty zinger, muke.

It was largely irrelevant and forgotten before leftypol, and it only became a meme because it's a flag option. Muke's just seeking attention with this shit.

Only seems to be the dungeon master actually bitching at him, everyone else is just responding.

There's a difference in "being obsessed with" and refusing to make room for bigotry against them. If you don't like transsexuals, fine, whatever. But going on and on about them being "degenerate," "mentally ill," a danger to this, to that, what should be done with them, to them, in regards to them, etc is something else entirely.

The faggots that are obsessed with trannies are the "conservative" retards who bring them up all the fucking time and how they bravely take a stand against this "mental illness" by being a rude fuck that refuses to address someone by their chosen pronouns or some other petty bullshit. It isn't the people that have say that kind of shit isn't acceptable that are "obsessed" with them.

It's pretty fucking stupid ain't it? It's just as simple as not giving a fuck about what is "unholy id pol" & whats "sacred not idpol". I just care about my comrades AND potential comrades. Thats fucking it.

If we discuss Scout Schultz or a Black dude that was killed by a racist police officer it ain't "id pol" I simply want to discuss what happened and the ideologies involved. Some retards here still have the weak "muh edgy secret club" Holla Forums mentality it seems that we have to be edgy and racist (even through it's not funny for me anymore so fuck it) simply because it's a chan board.

Makes me wonder how many here browse /r9k/ and such since they haven't moved on from the "women ruin my hobbies" beta ass mentality. But this time replace the word "women" with transgender or black people, etc. smfh

It's just: not being socially retarded.

Wait, is Muke Jewish?


joke: speaking out against transphobia
broke: speaking out against transphobia and referencing Holla Forums
woke: speaking out against transphobia and blaming Holla Forums

Team Muke reporting in

The post in the OP isn't even controversial. Some Twitter faggot is talking shit and posing as a communist. Other communists should be tarring and feathering them. Whatever your position on transsexuals, gulaging them just for being so is reactionary as fuck. His comment about Holla Forums is gay, but that shit is said here all the time.

Muke is a faggot but in this instance he hasn't done anything wrong.

joke: you
broke: you
woke: me

Besides making two tweets that paint Holla Forums as transphobic turd positionists.

He did by throwing us under the bus. But yeah next time I'm in a fight with some broke brained right wing idpol dipshit I'll end all my messages with "this is really Xexizy's fault" out of nowhere

if you don't support Holla Forums, you are an imperialist

ur a fuccboi

me: 1 sexy surgery pls. i want each tit from another grandma, so u gotta kill 2. doctor (shaking head): because of socialism, i must comply

My point was that he didn't. He passed a new criminal law code. In the 20s, this wasn't a hot topic, there was no theory about out, it didn't matter. To personally blame Stalin for that is ridiculous, unless you construct some correlation between homosexuality and communism. Do you?

I don't have a problem with it, but let's be realistic here: No transexual person is ever going to lead a revolution. Gender dysphoria usually causes identity disorders, insecurity, depressions etc. - no qualities you will find within a leader. Secondly, it alienates the working class because having a trap fetish is actually quite fringe.

Again, I don't advocate for discrimination of trans people, so please don't put those words in my mouth, but I do believe the left has an image problem, and when you are known as degenerate faggots, I'm not sure if the right answer to that is to double down on that

He just said "leftypol was a mistake." That could be interpreted a number of ways aside from your assmad assessment, especially if the explanation in this thread is indeed his.

There's a lot of fannyfrustration in this thread over nothing but perceived insults and tribal reaction. It paints leftypol in an even worse light than those two tweets.

See these people have nothing to do with us, if you look at their Twitter accounts they generally emulate Democratic Cops of America/Weird Twitter shit.

Why would you suddenly mention a board as though you were painting it out to hold that opinion if you were not doing exactly that?


Trannies and their politics have ruined a lot of the left. I don't think trannies should get the gulag because they're trannies, but a lot of them do deserve the gulag.

love you too

Personally I don't identify with Holla Forums so I don't give many fucks, but Muke's annoying behavior does rustle some jimmies. All he does is talking shit about people for no reason who approach him in good faith (FinBol etc.) while deepthroating Contrapoints and Shaun an Jen because they are bigger than him and appeal to a mostly liberal audience.

The only reason why he is so staunchly anti-Stalinist is because he doesn't want to scare off liberals. All this pretense about reading or not reading is irrelevant. It's not about what Marxism-Leninism or Stalins work actually says - it's about being popular with the right kind of in-group. Muke already chose the tendency that basically abandons all revolutionary outlook so the conclusion "well, we aren't going to globally abolish the law of value anyway, why might as well just advocate for reforms/lesser evil" really isn't far from that.

I'm not saying he isn't guilty of other faggotry but the reaction to this tweet I'd ridiculous.

Fuck off muke

Why wouldn't you just come out and say "this is the fault of those reactionary brocialists at Holla Forums" if that's what he means, instead of making a vague insinuation?

Fuck off faggot.

Stop ignoring the unique problems of minorities and help them understand that their solutions lie in class struggle. Muke is dumb and made a dumb tweet, but Leftypol is also dumb and has people who day dumb things. This thread is unecessary.

LGBT+ is a postmodernist attack on biological identity itself, aka an idealist attack on the materialist reality of our own biological being. but saying stupid shit like "hurr trannies to the gulag" is mental retardation.

If I blocked you it's because you were spamming with literal nazbol shit

Stop pretending to be other people when nobody sticks up for you on leftypol, faggot.

I don't do that but idk how you expect me to prove it

Last night in your stream you blocked Lenin is love, Lenin is life for as much as talking about FinBols video, Muke.

Oh yea I totally did that (although for insulting contra, nothing to do with finbol) but that's my second streaming channel that's a completely different game

Trannies deserve to die in the most horrific ways imaginable. They are traitors to the male gender who have sold their brothers to become femoid slaves. Trannies saw the truth, that femoids have much easier lives then men, but rather than fight for whats right, they deliberately choose to become inferior so they get to ride the cock carousel. Traps get the bullet too.

Jesus Christ, Muke, how can you be this stupid?

How can you be this dedicated in hating someone for no reason

Again, see .
You are doing exactly what they wants.

I posted only three four times. That isn’t spam. and some of that were replies. Fucking hell muke.

*only four times

'lgbt' has been incorporated into liberal state ideology though, it has become yet another method of control and regulation. strategic homophobia is woke as is strategic homosexuality. ppl like muke are opportunists who want to neutralise the untamed intensities produced by the imageboard war machine.

And what’s wrong with that?

Fuck off.

it's a coup! these people do not actually care about tranny rights its all about brand building and setting themselves up as moral authorities

W o W, that mad e me tthink

This kind of proves muke's point.

By perpetuating this nazbol shit, we're basically doing the Fascist's job for them and making them harder to pin down. They'd still try to do it without the nazbol shit, but this is basically serving their goals on a plate to them.

I can't wait for the day that we will drop all this e-celeb bullshit

How are we to blame for Nazbol?

because the nazbol meme was started on and spread by leftypol?

It would have been spread anyway.

nazbol gang was literally started by Schnitz and then posted all over leftypol wtf.

I get that the concept of a nazbol existed before that but, not in online circles.

true, but honestly, I doubt it wouldn't have been done without us.

Either way, blaming Holla Forums for it's propagation is still just, is it not?

Class collaboration is an inherit part of fascism though. To say Nazbol is fascism is to claim Bernie Sanders is a marxist.

Its practically Junche.

Nazbol was started in the early 9000’s by some German socialists. It existed way before 8ch or even the internet became a thing. In fact the original nazbols were leftcoms.


Okay, I realize I exprimed myself badly (English is not my first language).
The idea of "Nazbol" has always existed, and the meme could have become popular anywhere, and since we (almost) only used it in a very ironic, or mocking way, and banned those who didn't, I'm not sure if it's fair to say we are to blame for it.

Pretending to advocate for the working class is also an inherent part of fascism.

Words are meaningless now I guess. Tankies are a fucking trip.


But they would have know it anyway. Also, the people like the one Muke was subtweeting or emulate the "irony left". does it mean we should blame Chapo for them?

Obviously the nazbol meme gives reactionaries a way to hide their beliefs, but it's not like that's not something they wouldn't do anyways. At least now we have a way to actually channel some of those people leftwards. As long as nazbols aren't saying anything reactionary they should be allowed to pay here. We can't control what happens outside of leftypol tbqh

Exactly, so how about we don't make it easier for them?

How did he insulted contra?

Why should I give a fuck about idpol opinions of these guys when they want the same economic system as mine?

but what if trannies are the real reactionaries?

If they want to hurts trans people for being trans I doubt you should ignore it.

It really isn't making it much easier for them. Nobody takes nazbols seriously, especially if they're saying blatantly reactionary shit. Rhetoric like "trannies are the real reactionaries" isn't something that anyone on the left will be confused about.

I think the real problem is people who act like people are there ally simply for being on "the left".

Watching you guys squirm out of nazbol's being a problem, trying to say 'no one takes them seriously' (>>2119414) while in the same thread people literally do so (>>2119393) is honestly like watching a classical liberal defend Fascists. You guys really are just edgier Sargonites.

'they' are just a handful of frogtwitter shitposters pretending to be Democratic Cops of America for kicks. The fact that they have managed to create a leftypol civil war honestly made me rethink my

Read Deleuze and Guattari and Realise why we need 'Nazbol' (note quotation marks). I'm just a fully consistent Deleuzo Nietzchean anarchist assemblage. lgbt is just post christian state religion.



I'll just say for the record I guess I used to go on mchan since a few months after it was made, it's whole thing was ultimate free speech on anything unless it was illegal and this was obviously while I was still a utopian teen who thought such a thing could ever work. Then eventually I saw first hand how the influx of pedos moving in later down the line of the chan's life destroyed the board and then because of that I left, simple as that. The global admin refused to ever do anything about it because that would contradict his core principle of freedom of speech and tolerance for /all/, but obviously it was made clear that simply can't work, as much of a shame it is. Before the pedos moved to that chan it was actually a really cosy place, I often miss it.

oh and those 'kids' are all 16-18 in age btw.

I know, I wasn't serious.

yea but not everyone would be able to tell - I don't want any misinterpretations of that kind getting out of hand for obvious reasons.

You're a dipshit if you think internet nazbol are a legitimate ideological threat. I'm not defending fascists, I'm making the claim that the genie's out of the bottle with nazbols so we might as well make the best of it by despooking them and by teaching them left ideas.

I'm watching his stream and I really don't understand what he's saying.
He acts like if we where totally fine with reactionaries as long as they are "leftists", but that's not what I see at all. And it's not like they don't get banned (pic related).
And he acts like if we were all defending nazbols but again, most of the people I see here aren't. I criticized him multiple time on this thread and I hate Nazbol, I just think what he's doing is stupid and unhelpful.

Nazbols confirmed for time travelers from the future

So glad to find a dark deleuzian co-conspirator


You're both grossly misapplying Deleuze tbh fam. Just stop, it's embarrassing.

Please explain

i don't even care about trannies i'm just clinically depressed, under an irrational compulsion to shitpost. back when most people were transphobic I was an advocate for trans rights, turns out I was just a contrarian.

Have you actually read Deleuze?

What's wrong with being rude to people who literally insist their gender is mayonnaise and demand you participate in their delusion?