I know a lot of you find it hard to read, and since my autistic friends and I actually read theory pretty regularly and discuss it, I've decided to start recording these readings and uploading them. Plenty of people tell you about theory, but how many actually read it to you and comment on it while reading? Can't get more concrete than that.

Here is a reading of part of Marcuse's "One Dimensional Man" chp. 3.

Hegel's "Who Thinks Abstractly"

Mao's "On Contradiction"

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Cool podcast. When is your patreon?

Only watched the mao video, there's some weird pauses and it may help to put text on the video. Otherwise good resource for anons who struggle with reading.

I have a really shitty laptop that can't handle video editing well. My top notch pc is unfortunately something I don't have available these days.

When I feel I create anything I myself would pay for. I'm not above money, but I also have some pride and won't ask people to give me money when I have no base following, nor do I make regular content.

I have a really hard time reading pdfs. physical copies are fine but I just can't do pdfs. I listen to a lot of theory audio books on YouTube. A few of these could really use a better audio quality reading.

The Conquest of Bread

Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution

Murray Bookchin Ecology and Revolutionary Thought

Emma Goldman, Anarchism and Other Essays

The Communist Manifesto

Principles of Communism

Critique of the Gotha Program

Revolution and Counter Revolution

Socialism Utopian and Scientific

Reform or Revolution

The State and Revolution

The ABC of Materialist Dialectics

The Foundations of Leninism

The Poverty Of Philosophy

Marxism and the National Question

Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism

get one of those ebook readers

you're a magnanimous fellow AW, but what I really need to know is what your (non-Marxist?) formulation of the Communist Idea is

Do something on the ancient greeks, they're the thinking I see most often misquoted and misused among casuals, esp. by autrightists


A smartphone from 2012-2013 with at least 720 lines of resolution can read PDFs just fine.

The pdf reader from f-droid repository has many great features, automatic crop of pages, splitting double pages into two separates.

Plus you already have such device or can get it on the cheap. And if you are extra paranoid about surveillance, then you can install CyanogenMod OS on it.

Depending on the model, the price can be really cheap.

I understand; I prefer physical copies since staring at the computer for extended periods hurts my eyes, but buying every book can get expensive. Anyway, we've been reading shorter works because we usually stop to reflect on each paragraph, and I don't know if I have the time to comment on each of these using the same method we have been. It really takes a lot of time and dedication to give an accurate analysis of these longer works, and I don't want our analyses to be perfunctory. Since we usually only have a few hours at night after work and so on, the ones we read or have read will probably just receive an article or video at most rather than a full reading and commentary.

We have been planning to read some of Plato's dialogues with the new members. I personally want to read more Aristotle (only "Politics," "Poetics," and "The Organon" so far), so if we do, I'll make sure it's recorded. Commenting on some pre-Socratics might also be nice.

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I know your feeling comrade, physical copies just feel nicer and better tbh.


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Reading and Commenting: Trotsky's "The ABC of Materialist Dialectics"

Read Zeno.

A.W. is the intellectual giant famous for his claim that someone who talks about things that require themselves as a necessary physical input in their own reproduction (e. g. rice) is committing the logical fallacy of circular reasoning. He has also very special views about physics.

Google Bookchin? Gonna read him a bit.

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More One Dimensional Man Ch. 3

Something that is actually linked to political practice.

Laclau's "On Populist Reason" Ch. 2

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Since you refuse to read a book, I'll read a book to you. Sit down user, and listen for an hour.

i'm too stupid for leftist lit. thanks for the effort though

Keep these coming man, they're super useful. Seriously.

You don't read the book, you make dumb commentary about books that you yourself haven't fully read. But even if it were just you reading you still have an obnoxious nasally voice and can't edit audio for shit.
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Why lie when the proof is right here? Silly user, theory isn't for brainlets like you who can't even listen to a book.

Most people don't know how to approach a philosophical text in the first place.
If they don't know how to do that, then there's no point getting them to read.

What are you claiming I'm lying about? And what are you basing your claim that I'm not well read on? Are you really so much of a narcissist that you can't imagine someone intelligent being annoyed by you? Stop attention whoring.


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Read Bordiga, you say?

social democracy