Stop wearing glasses

Stop wearing glasses.

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Not today, CIA

read bordiga


I hate people with glasses

Stop being financed by CIA


Fuck urban areas bro

Put on some fucking clothes.


unIronically this.

Move away from the arm chair for once.

Get's the Piolet.

Stop being political pounds of the US in Syria or turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria will crush your "revolution"

Since US&A have actually bombed him, I ponder this myself.

Was Pollock Pot actually CIA? I actually have a book exploring that very topic in my hands.
If only I could read it .
If only I hadn't thrown away my glasses.
Bbws > skinnys

For all the memes we make about him, it's hard to say he wasn't at least 90% right on spot.

At least he actually tried to abolish money and commodity production.



No u.




Is it ironic or not?



Is this real?
Are there some people that consider pol pot legit communist and justify and try to explain him?



B-but why?
Isn't it proven and widely agreed between leftists that pol pot has been financed by CIA and started genocide in Cambodia, untill he was overthrown by real communists that were backed by Vietnam

most pol potsters are just shitposting. The dude was a fucking joke and probably the biggest disgrace to any iterations of the word "communist". Also, I'm pretty sure he only called himself a communist because he wanted support from china becuse he had a huge fucking hate boner for vietnam who at the time was closely allied to the USSR. And this was during the sino-soviet split.



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