What's the situation like for the African Left? any chance for a pink-tide style demsoc sweep?

What's the situation like for the African Left? any chance for a pink-tide style demsoc sweep?

Unfortunately since China is neocolonizing Africa right now they will be the percieved reality of communism. Hopefully I'm wrong but I expect more ethno-nationalism and theocratic garbage. But looking at Ethiopian and Zimbabwe cold war socialism it's not like those weren't already actual no-leftcom meme opportunists, so maybe even some pan-africanism would be better than a return to pushing for Mugabism.

Oh and obviously resurrect Sankara

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Fuck if I know. I think a lotta Africans know they're getting fucked over by corrupt puppet governments and their old colonialist oppressors, but they don't care enough to stage an uprising, bit like the proles/non-INGSOC members in 1984. This is especially true for hundreds of millions of rural Africans whose way of life and economy runs a lot like they did a couple 100 years back where people wanna live virtuous and wholesome lives as farmers or cattle herders. Like Marx said, communism's more of an urban, industrialized thing.

Africans living in crowded megacities like Lagos and Nairobi though…they're pissed and literally fight toOth and nail in the streets over police brutality and election fraud. Just Google the Mungiki…

Most of the former leftist parties have become center-right neoliberals at best. Africans are fairly spooked by tribalism and religious devotion, which keeps them supporting what is. You also have outright slave states with corporate support and massive use of forced labour for commodities, like Eritrea, which go fairly unnoticed.

Suffice to say, from all the African emigrants I've spoken to, shit's fucked and conscious individuals tend to leave rather than fight.

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Tbh only a continent of Sankaras could fix Africa to a sate where it is good in 2 decades.


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Germany had African colonies for like 20 years. They got absolutely cucked in the scramble of africa.

Pan-African Socialist state that fights both imperialism, ethno-nationalism, and sectarian violence and hatred when?

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Russia had colonies, they where in Siberia instead of Africa and S.America

Our colonies were dirtpoor. We barely managed to rob anyone, or even exploit properly.

The problem with Africa is that it doesn't have a proper economy. So you really have to wait for some porky to invest money there, kind of like China, before that would be possible.

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Siberia is mostly one gigantic largely unpopulated cold area, comparing its conquest by Russia (which was in the 17th and 18th century) to the scrambling of Africa in the late 19th century isn't quite intelligent.

Germany did fuck up Namibia, but yeah, since they only had them for 20 years, I decided portugal and Belgium instead. if there were six men Germany would definitely be there.

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Are the EFF the best hope for South Africa?

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The most underdeveloped regions in Africa might be the only place where I'd unironically support marxism-leninism so they can bruteforce industry and supress tribal allegiances.

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My point exactly. A Chinese court faction and movement advocating a return to a Confucian efficiency in response to the corruption of a bogged down Ming state