Hates imperialist

what did they mean by this?

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I cry every time.

Read Lenin. You don't understand what imperialism actually is.

Really hushes my puppies.

seriously, how can you constantly bitch about imperialism, yet be the biggest empire on earth?

Socialist countries cannot be imperialist.

we're actually the evilest empire, Romans were much bigger, mongols too.


tankies are retarded

like don't even try


The very fact that it had satellite states should tell you something. But then again, youre edgy teenager LARPing so I dont really expect any sort of real conviction from you


What the fuck are you even trying to say. Is the UN an empire because countries have to report to the UN too?

Oh right, muh global workers revolution. Because a Berlin man and a farmer out in buttfuck nowhere russia have absolutely everything in common.

Please tell me what satellite states the UN owns, which they aquired through conquest and have maintained throuh

And wich country runs the UN?

well duh, I am an anarkiddie

I can use buzzwords too. Those satelite states were pretty bad satellites then, considering they often went against the Moscow line and followed different economic policies. It's also blatantly historically revisionist to deny that the USSR did in fact liberate these countries. Fascists were dead, and liberals weren't arround so communists filled the vacuum all these Eastern European countries had. But of course, anti-communists like you wouldn't like that, as the single notion that they were cooperating is already prove of Soviet imperialism for you.


Not terribly anti-commie, just hate the globalism that comes with communism.

he actually said, he actually said the word, unironically

you mean the countries they acquired through conquest in a secret deal with Hitler? And then killed off their political class and installed puppets to the regime? And murdered actual heros who fought against Fascism, which the USSR helped to invade their country in the first place? And then regularly sent in russian tanks to brutally suppress the people there the moment they spoke out against any of this?

Holy Jesus, such a blatant ignorance goes against the official bourgeois narrative even. Why does the board quality always drop when all the Americans are online, judging by current time?

Choose one idiot.


please tell me how the USSR came into possession of Poland, Hungary, Romania, and East Germany.


Never really said anything like this, but it isn't wrong none the less.

The USSR was the same as the america of today, you either do as they say, or you're an enemy.

the same way USA came in possession of West Germany, France, Italy and Greece.

Except America didnt install puppet regimes there user. And you are avoiding the question. The USSR initially tried to gain territory through a secret deal with the nazis by invading those areas. Then just took them over in the war and killed off any opposition.

Oh God.
As you usually conveniently forget to mention, that happen after the USSR got shown the cold shoulder BY ABSOLUTELY FUCKING EVERYONE and all the Westen powers had even be complicit in building up fascism as a bulwark against communism, the USSR was pushed into a non-aggression pact by the western liberal democracies for the sake of its own survival, everybody knew what Hitler was and that he intends to expand eastwards. The piece of land the Soviets acquired due to the secret clause was not only 1) mainly taken from the USSR by the Polish who were incredibly reactionary by the way and practically stopped the world revolution and b) still objectively better result than the Nazi occupation which was going to happen anyway, no matter if the Soviets wanted it or not.
Actually just have a closer look at Hungary, the urpising was not only compromised with Horthi supporters, CIA involvement is also evident. A good number of Jews were killed or lynched by these idiots during the uprising.

I don't know logistics: The post

Sorry m8, i have no interest in liberating, or being "liberated" by a group of people on the other side of the world.

Why modern communism would never work today in my opinion. So worried taking care of porky's imported cheap labor you forget your own working class suffers because of them.

Well, in Germany for example, the GDR was founded by a synthesis of the SPD and the KPD by communist who fled the Nazis. But since history for you is like a Total War campaign, you probably escape such nuances and see everything in red = le judeo-bolsheviks killing white people. Just fuck off.

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Oh im sure the soviets would have loved to support an armed insurection full of people that would kill commies as quick as they'd kill nazis.


Do you have any idea what communism is

If you unironcially believe that the entirety of the Eastern Bloc from Berlin to Pyongyang was a puppet regime to Moscow but at the same time believe the western postwar governments weren't at all under American influence and had free expression of the political will of its people, you are brainwashed beyond belief

muh not-a-global-workers-revolution?

really made me think. Fact is USSR expanded its empire by siding with the nazis because they saw them as a potential bullwark against France and Britain and thought the three of them would destroy each other in a prolonged war just like in WW1. Then they reaped exactly what they sowed.

Yeah, I guess all those Polish people the soviets mass murdered and all those women they raped in the countries they "liberated" were totally ok by your, by some vague allegation of lynching means detractors are the badguys. Also, what was the Kielce pogrom and what and who caused it?

Yes they did. That what they were doing throughout the cold war. They gave the greek government support in fighting communists and anarchist rebels. Then after the Greek government won they allowed the dictator to massacre and imprison dissidents.
They propped up west germany throught the marshall plan. Then used the west germany political parties to suppress majority of leftist parties.
France and Italy IDK, im still trying to learn about their post ww2 history

I'm a Pole and I never understood the line of reasoning that leads to butthurt about Sobiets standing and watching. Literally what did the have to gain by stepping in?

Just the 2 cents of a worker. Even if your revolution is great in the long run, as of right now you're just supporting porky's right to import cheap labor and drive wages down.

I do because thats what happened user. Im sorry reality doesnt fit in with your retarded ideology user. Notice how the countries liberated by America got to form their own government after the war while those """"""""""liberated""""""""""" by the soviets had all their leaders murdered and then had a communist puppet regimes just put in there? And that whole thing of so many east germans fleeing to the evil american side that they had to build a fucking wall to keep them in?

so much for the tolerant left am I right????


they were socialist dick sucking faggots user. But please go on about how they were totally in the same boat as Poland and that time America had to build a wall to keep all the west germans from fleeing over to the east.


my ideology literally does not have any flaws tho???

the sooner everything ends the better

The Polish government was pretty much fascist and expansionist in the 20s, you idiot. Why wouldn't the Soviets try to reclaim the land which they lost in war? How is that "blood and soil" rethoric? You seem desperate.
Source: Your ass. Hitler never wanted war with France and Britain, however he was determined to expand eastwards, a threat the USSR would have faced anyway, there is absolutely no reason to believe that the Soviets thought like that. You also keep saying empire, I don't know if you know what that word means. For it to be an empire there would need to be stuff like net extraction and a periphery to support the imperial center. Are you aware how the COMECON worked?
Are you referring to the Katyn issue? You know those were German bullets right? What's your source, Goebbels diary?
After what the Germans did to the Russians? victimsofcommunism.jpg
Are you fucking kidding me?

Yeah, nah m8. America runs a puppet show just like plenty before. We're just rich enough to throw lots of money at our problems, so people don't give a shit.

Easy there carl, no one is trying to kid you. Just take your meds ok.

xD JP2GMD 100%

Lmao denying Katyn, classical commie. The better one I've heard was Brest-Litovks Nazi-Soviet parade being fake.

There was more than that.

What's next? The holodomor was a genocide?
jesus this board really becomes shit at burgers hours.

How do you explain the historical evidence that those were German bullets plus the fact that the source for Katyn is Goebbels
Sure the USSR didn't empower women, glad to see you are absolutely retarded



Wasn't talking about liberals though. Many self proclaimed communists don't seem to grasp this, at least from what i've seen.

Many of them are red liberals that's the problem. Fuck even corbyn (that is not that much of a commie) doesn't support it theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/jul/25/labour-immigration-jeremy-corbyn-attitudes

Not really, the Soviets knew they were the main objective of fascism. You'd have to be a fool to believe they actually "sided" with Nazis. Prior to the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact the Soviet Union offered the French and British an alliance against Germany, the Poles protested and had it blocked. Prior to that, the Soviets offered the Czechs military protection should the Germans invade. The British protested and forced the Czechs to surrender the Sudetenland to the Germans. Prior to that the Soviet Union was the only force denouncing the growing threat of fascism and was repeatedly ignored by everyone while the allies continued granting demands to the Nazis and doing nothing until WWII was unavoidable. Having been ignored by the allies all they could do now was buy time.

"German fascism is the main instigator of a new imperialist war and comes forward as the shock troop of international counter-revolution. The nazis who strive for the hegemony of German imperialism in Europe, raise the question of changing the boundaries of Europe at the expense of their neighbours by means of war"
“Defeating the Soviet Union by provoking fascist Germany against it; satiating the hunger of fascist Germany for colonies by enabling it to defeat the Soviet Union and turning it into its own colony; destroying World Socialist Revolution by defeating the Soviet Union and thus clearing the path for the continued existence of imperialism all over the world" From the 7th Congress of the Third International, 1935

t. American imperialist shill


yeah, wouldn't it be obvious that commies will be denying their crimes? you're just like nazis with their denial of holocaust

I fully and unironically believe that Ribbentrop-Molotov was just a ruse, and Stalin did not expect the Nazis to be so retarded as to attack without proper winter attire an non-freezing gun oil. Why is Suvorov so hated by tankies again?

i mean they inherited the vast majority of that from the tsars so uh, you dumb

Jesus Christ not only is this liberal garbage but just plain historical illiteracy. How many fucking treaties did France and Britain sign with Germany? Did the allies accept the USSRs offer for an alliance against Germany before 1941? How much of that polish territory belonged to Belarus before the 20s? Why did Poland act in concert with Germany to carve up Czechoslovakia?
The fact is the Soviet Union literally expended every option possible short of a suicidal declaration of war before signing Molotov-Ribbentrop. There was literally no reason to trust or work with Britain and France in 38

The only exception was fucking Spain because it was already fascist and willing to suck their dick

I didn't want to jump into this shitshow, but you're admitting yourself that the soviets carried out what are essentially imperialist acts same as burgerland. You can make the argument that "it wasn't imperialism because the aim was not the expansion of capital" but that implies that capital was abolished in the USSR when it wasn't

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What did he mean by this?

what did he mean by this?

7/10 things you listed there were true of regular communists throught history, were Marx and Lenin liberals too? or maybe you're defining liberalism as everything you don't like?

Hey don't group the utopian/totalitarian anarchists up with the rest of us.

The bourgeoisie are the real culprits. Read Lenin.

fuck off to Holla Forums and take your fetishism with you

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With all due respect that image, that has been constantly copy pasted around, is idiotic. If anything, it just shows that nazis stole posters from Soviets.

Yeah it's a heroic pose. Only Adorno and other "cultural critics" would try to argue that specific imagery is somehow inherently fascist.

yugo-posting should be a ban-reason tbh, you guys are literally inept of not being retarded

maiks u ponder

tbh it was a image I saved from Holla Forums a while ago and it was the image that was most relevant to the thread. All propaganda posters look the same anyway

It does invoke the feeling of authority and power

Stalin posters are the worst tbh. At least tankies can be fun. You are the most reactionary fucker on this board


At least us socdems aren't saying other posters should be murdered or banned !

It was a dictatorship of the proletariat.

What if someone could be so stupid he doesnt even understand the words hes speaking?

Why do I expect anything else, by all means continue to criticise Holla Forums for mass lionisation while completely ignoring when you yourselves do it.
Maybe stop playing the victim for 2 seconds and realise that not all complaint are trolls and might actually have some legitimacy since communism has by no means been historically perfect.

10/10 would bang, mang.

There is no refutation. Soviet imperialism is the reason you have Hungarian and Ukrainian neonazis in government positions rather than cranking it to wierd German porn in their basements.

No that's all America's doing actually. You obviously don't understand the history of that region. Read a book.

Why do the YPG flag posters seem so willing to shill for American imperialism at every turn?


Porky has used you in the past too, does that make it okay for him to do so now ?


also this

read the definition of communism you don't know what communism is.

Really jogs your noggin

you do realize that "this isn't imperialism because we're spreading freedom" is exactly the neocon argument, right?

Multi-national state. All Soviet Repubulics had the election rights, or were politicaly discriminated otherwise.

Is basically a completely bourgeois construct. Astro-Hungaria for example wasn't a colonial empire.

All wars are justified for humanitarian reasons ("We defend a noble cause, not our own interest"), this principle is reasonably older then some group of US-American Republicans.

reminder that the Soviet Union traded with Hungary at imbalance in its favor (almost like imperialist resource extraction)

You mean normal

I didn't know the UN had the right to dispose of national leaders if it didn't suit them.

This is some next level political revisionism


What a shitty, idiotic comment.

Freeing countries is not imperialism


A remarkable 72% of Hungarians say that most people in their country are actually worse off today economically than they were under communism. Only 8% say most people in Hungary are better off, and 16% say things are about the same. In no other Central or Eastern European country surveyed did so many believe that economic life is worse now than during the communist era. This is the result of almost universal displeasure with the economy. Fully 94% describe the country's economy as bad, the highest level of economic discontent in the hard hit region of Central and Eastern Europe. Just 46% of Hungarians approve of their country's switch from a state-controlled economy to a market economy; 42% disapprove of the move away from communism. The public is even more negative toward Hungary's integration into Europe; 71% say their country has been weakened by the process
The most incredible result was registered in a July 2010 IRES (Romanian Institute for Evaluation and Strategy) poll, according to which 41% of the respondents would have voted for Ceausescu, had he run for the position of president. And 63% of the survey participants said their life was better during communism, while only 23% attested that their life was worse then. Some 68% declared that communism was a good idea, just one that had been poorly applied.
Glorification of the German Democratic Republic is on the rise two decades after the Berlin Wall fell. Young people and the better off are among those rebuffing criticism of East Germany as an "illegitimate state." In a new poll, more than half of former eastern Germans defend the GDR.
Roughly 28 percent of Czechs say they were better off under the Communist regime, according to a poll conducted by the polling institute SC&C and released Sunday.
Only 23 percent said they had a better life now.
More goods in shops, open borders and better cultural offer are considered the biggest successes of the system that was installed after 1989.
On the other hand, the voucher privatisation, the worsening of human relations and work of the civil service are its biggest flaws, most Czechs said.
A poll shows that as many as 81 per cent of Serbians believe they lived best in the former Yugoslavia -"during the time of socialism".
The survey focused on the respondents' views on the transition "from socialism to capitalism", and a clear majority said they trusted social institutions the most during the rule of Yugoslav communist president Josip Broz Tito.
The standard of living during Tito's rule from the Second World War to the 1980s was also assessed as best, whereas the Milosevic decade of the 1990s, and the subsequent decade since the fall of his regime are seen as "more or less the same".
45 percent said they trusted social institutions most under communism with 23 percent chosing the 2001-2003 period when Zoran Djinđic was prime minister. Only 19 per cent selected present-day institutions.
Reflecting back on the breakup of the Soviet Union that happened 22 years ago next week, residents in seven out of 11 countries that were part of the union are more likely to believe its collapse harmed their countries than benefited them. Only Azerbaijanis, Kazakhstanis, and Turkmens are more likely to see benefit than harm from the breakup. Georgians are divided.

Watch this video mate

Because they were big fat lying hypocrites. They where just as imperialistic, if not even more, that the United States. Don't get me wrong, I don't endorse or support imperialism, and the United States is not a good country at all.

I'm sorry to say this, but has anyone really established a socialist state that hasn't gone to hell, and where the working class is as oppressed as in a capitalist state?

Before I get off track I just wanted to ask if there was ever a so called socialist state where the party officials weren't a bunch of fat, lying, imperialistic hypocrites?

My grandparents used to live in the USSR. Its dissolution caused much grief for them and their former countrymen. Sad times indeed.

P.S. Vladimir Lenin, Erich Honecker, Ho Chi Minh, Fidel Castro aren't fat.