Fighting against each other

If your buying into the fight facism line, I ask why?

Can't you see who is the real enemy here?

Stop fighting your brother, I guarantee you they are not what you think…

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They were so happy Hitler needed a secret police to keep them in check.

You are capitalists, so no we are not brothers.
The problem is not even the racism or the fact that you killed 6 million jew, the problem is that you end was to protect porky from comminists. So you should see the real enemy, not us. Your Ideology is a reaction against us, not the other way around

Sure, this meme is probably not true, but there is more truth then you think…

Again, I implore you please stop fighting your brother and playing into their hands…

fascinating fable, friend

What the hell

Hou je kanker bek

Early red pilled facists maybe, most are not capitalists, I would prefer no gov't…

Communism in it's true form can't happen because the ones in control will not relinguish control and then we get the bad communism..

Fuck off Nazis are not my gomrades

You don't even know what is your ideology, what the fuck. Also are you from reddit?

Are you Jared Taylor or just someone as old as him? How are you this bad at navigating the web?

It's really a shame, considering /zundel/ exists and yet the only people who actually read the content there probably left for another website.

4pol is dead, 8pol is dead. Where have the (few) intelligent ones gone?

Probably IM, I think the former owner of /pdfs/ went there.

t. former Holla Forumsack

fuck off man


why won't you even go after black or yellow pride?




Racial pride of any kind is spooky af.

Not a nazi, but that image is disingenuous. It takes minorities expressing there culture and compares it to a supremacists march. A good comparison would be white people playing a bagpipe or some shit.

shut up and fuck off, a dog has more worth to society than you

but that's scottish price, not white pride.
Black(african american) and Latino are cultures which exist only in america

You're literally the worst kind of capitalists so how about no?

Culture doesn't exist.



Sounds like Nazism was great for white, straight germans. I'm not white or german, so go fuck yourself.

Ok then have hem do line-dancing, no that’’s a New England thing. It’s almost like White culture doesn’t exist on the same level as Black culture and has huge variations based on region. Also I constantly see white people in America playing bagpipes ant local festivals and shit.

Read Frankfurt school.

I really want to believe there's some hope for you guys.

for them there is none

It wasn't read Ernst Junger. Fake socialism.

that's what revolution is for you retard

No, they consider Asserits of all people as Marxists
(Also they have no fucking idea what Asser actually wrote and just assume it's "like Hitler but with less Capitalism", when it's in fact a really different system)

I agree that fighting fascism is a waste of time, but not because you're in any way the good guys. It's because you lost in 1945, are a spent political force, and have done nothing meaningful since.

Except perhaps by functioning as manpower for neoliberal oligarchs, but said oligarchs are the threat, not some irrelevant LARPers 90% of the population hates that get frozen out of power the moment their side "wins".