When are we going to legalize weed worldwide? There can be no free proletariat as long as Mary Jane is in shackles

When are we going to legalize weed worldwide? There can be no free proletariat as long as Mary Jane is in shackles.



Legalizing weed under capitalism is the most retarded idea ever. Unless you want aforementioned types to be the new trend.
Also I get really impatient around weed smokers. Jesus smoke before going to sleep not before going to work, asshole

Never, hopefully. Alcohol is better than weed for a simple reason: it is self-restraining. People don't need convincing, that when you are drunk, your awareness and productivity drops, or that overconsumption is dangerous, or that alcoholism may totally fuck you up. All of that is self-evident.

With weed, on the other hand, even total potheads that fried their brains are convinced that it's the best thing ever at all times.

And one more thing. Alcohol is socializer, weed is antisocial.

t. drunkard

Preach brother. Preach. Also behind alchol there is a lot of knowlege. Learning to taste is an art, knowlege. Mixing should be considered on par with cusine.

Way to sugarcoat your crippling alcohol addiction

Alcohol, like all other hard drugs, is used as an escape mechanism and has no place within a socialist society

Alcohol is not a hard drug. What the fuck? alcohol is always been present in history

Art also has no place within a socialist society
Art is not useful aside from escaping the hell we call life under capitalism

Alcohol absolutely is a hard drug, don't let your alcoholism fool you

Lel, so have plenty of other psychoactive substances.

Ehy nice dystopia, Is this the power of bodriga?
Listen to this album

No, I'd say on the contrary, every drug can have place in an ideal society, once its' effects and optimal consumption is determined.

The great benefit of alcohol is that it is the oldest and the most widespread drugs, and that it's actually quite hard to either overdose or fall into alcoholism while being oblivious to harm.

I've never read borshitga, don't let my mislabeled flag fool you my good man. No leftcoms allowed

No you're describing escapist entertainment.
Art is propaganda which will all be freshly made again to fit in with socialist values.

Hm, fair point
As long as it serves a use that's not escapism there's valid reason then

Stopped with weed and alcohol a couple month back because I was going retarded. Now, when the temptation to alter my mind/body, I feel more stable and fresh. I can read more, study harder and feel that my life have improved in so many ways. Also, economy is better.

Yeah, I don't get people who do this. If I got high at work, I'd probably have a panic attack.

Jeez seriosly. I don't smoke usually, I've smoked a max of 10 times in my life. Everytime I was paranoid as fuck and I was home alone. I can't understand how people don't go crazy when they are high in public places

I kind of know how this is.
I only use it maybe once a week to help with my ptsd. Getting completely stoned I feel affects my abilities too much.

Out of curiousity, why you post with a leftcom flag?
Sage for double post

lefties are fucking retarded

Ban alcohol NOW!


more at 11


I'm referring to red liberals, not leftists.

No vodka in the gulag for you

I am referring to leftists


yeah, and you're fucking retarded and you know you can't put up a valid argument.

Do anarcho nihilists not consider themselves leftist?

"I want to do drugs"

there, what are you going to do now?

most anarchists should see the flaws of leftism and move away from it, but without forgetting what is useful about it, mainly it's scientific critique of capitalism


Opiates were widely used medicinally in Marx's time.

But seriously I'd imagine a lot of the problem is just how much money is being made while it's illegal atm. The CIA is making bank off the fields in Afghanistan, their cartel friends are making bank smuggling and everyone's friend the private prison industry making bank jailing the users.

But it is


annil flag is used by post-leftists. (A-narcho and black flag are too)

Still don't think society should rely on drugs to feel good, just like society shouldn't rely on alcohol to solve their problems.

But work sucks.

Is it legal for a burger in Texas or Florida to drive to California and come back with a year's supply of weed for personal use?
Is there some kind of customs control in between states?

If you don't want people to fall into alcoholism or drug addiction, you make them feel like their life actually matters (which capitalism doesn't do). I don't really see a problem with using alcohol or drugs just for recreation. You gotta let the people have fun

You could at least have made an argument that art has usually been just entertainment just for porkies and/or petit-porkies to jack off to
Are you seriously implying that living in socialist society will be so perfect that noone will ever need escapism ever? What a fucking joke

wow what a fucking rebel

not an argument

People like you are ruining cannabis legalization because they associating with losers and fringe dead politics; people with illness will suffer, STFU.

What would be your approach?

Sucks double for me if I have to do your work too when you are high. Support me in my struggle against pothead imperialists dude

Maybe in some jobs but in call centres it's not like that. It's not like I can give my headset to anybody else.

I suppose the customers get a bit impatient but they're like that anyway.

self-hating leftist are the worst

this is retarded.
People who smoke weed hang out all the time and toke.

That's true, if I had a office job I'd be cut as fuck most of the time too

That's true, if I had a office job I'd be cut as fuck most of the time too

Some countries are coming around, here in Canuckistan it will be legal supposedly July 1st 2018 for all. You need to remember cannabis is a threat to at least 3 major industries namely pharma, paper/textile, and oil, so it won't be done easily globally.

Comparing weed to alcohol is like comparing pungent medicinal flowers to poison…


I consume 5-6 grams/day and grow my own since my MS diagnosis it's legal here in Canada medicinally, but even before that I've been smoking since '86 and daily since 90-91

Nothing wrong with smoking/eating/vaping at work if you can handle your shit, I will grant you that certainly isn't everyone , or even a majority of smokers that can… Before I got sick I worked in a steel factory for 10+ years on the shop floor high most of the time, it kept me productive.

I am not a leftist????

fuck forgot shitposting flag…

can someone pls respond?

Canadian here, but I'm certain it's not! You can travel to where it's legal and use, but crossing a state border w/ cannabis is a federal charge because it's still illegal at the national level…

Does Canada have cops?

Sorry I was answering earlier question >>2117207…

If you're actually for moving beyond capitalism, you're a leftist.
Sorry, dummy.

Whenever a drug is decriminalized, remember to include the human cost of prohibition on capitalism's skull pile. In the however many X decades since weed was banned, how many pointless aressts were made, how many of these cons had their lives ruined by that sentence, how many died in prison or committed suicide because of a life ruined, how many medical patients could be spared from easily avoidable, horrible pain, and others still simply can't function as human beings and a mostly harmless herb could give them back life. All those for whom there won't be mountains of public and private funding so their names or at the very least their numbers is known, and whose pointless suffering and death will be first ignored, then attributed to fate and nature and God and chance and whatever the fuck else by Porky's intelligentsia. This time span between prohibition and decriminalization sees absurd human suffering, and the worst part is, it's for literally no good reason. They did – or weren't allowed to live – just by being born in the wrong time. What they will have their lives ruined over would eventually be banal a few decades down the line. This time span between prohibition and decriminalization ought to be called a death span.


then do them. don't force it onto everybody else.

and yet pot-smokers only consistent argument is that weed can serve altruistic medicinal purposes.

Stoners should fucking hang

Let's legalize everything but not weed.

Why are reactionaries so anti-weed?

Capital is well on its way to do it already, so I don't see much point in leftists wasting very much time on it. Let the libs and ancraps do the heavy lifting on this one.
I say this as a heavy user.