Shit lefties at university

This is the reading list of the Left Forum (campus left-wing society) at my university. Just fuck my shit up fam. Anyone else have shit left-wing societies at their university?

Gendered Violence in Activist Spaces
Dude, set them on fire

Too much focus on idpol; other than that, not really bad.

Mine isn't horrible
They're really inclusive of socially liberal ideas such as fake genders (xe,xir etc. kind of shit) but they're extremely anti-imperialist, anti-revisionist, and as a whole DO want revolution
The university is trying their damnedest to get rid of them through means that don't violate the rules but they haven't been successful

bell hooks was never really that bad tbh

I wish.

That's it?

Why not post it directly here?

is actually a decent essay about how muh consensus in anarchist women's groups actually works, and it ain't pretty. She also wrote one or two other essays on that. Basically, lack of formal structure doesn't mean there is no hierarchy, rather there is an nontransparent hierarchy, and power-tripping assholes can steamroll over everybody else while not being accountable for that, as officially they are all equals after all. That was in the 70s. She later became a supporter of the Democrats and today is just a Clinton shill, but that doesn't mean the essay is bad.

coyly suggest them to read bordiga, not even joking.

I want to hang myself

They get the gulag.

Whats the problem?

this is the kind of drivel and garbage that has irreparably defamed and embarrassed the left. in a proper society, these people should be shut down, beaten and made examples of

it’s irrelevant.


That sounds bad and there is no leftist group at my uni, though there are marxist parties and anarchist groups in the city. Fuck nazis surrounded a bookfair on sunday I think.

How the fuck did this happen to the left? And don't short-form the explanation to COINTELPRO, I want a detailed history and mechanism of how this happened.

Not even joking, good food does actually border on the sexual for me.

Left unity with liberals, liberals using leftist jargon to make their ideas seem more profound, a failure of parties so a retreat by marxists into academic circle jerking, submergence of the class struggle in the age of neoliberalism.

I wasn't joking either. I like watching women I'm interested in eat. There's just something about seeing a qt devour a steak or cake that makes me want to hold them down and fuck them until I squirt baby batter.

The Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, and the USA being massive mistakes by respectively ruining communism's reputation, providing an "ultimate evil" to the modern consciousness both secular and distinct from capitalism, and being a superpower with racial issues to cause "awareness" of that evil during the 60s. Without the first, idpol would have never been given a chance to be considered leftist, and without the latter two, idpol would have never been relevant.

What's a fuck nazi? Do I need to start worrying about nazi rape gangs now?
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Most of this seems pretty good? I'd just be glad if there were any leftist presence on my campus at all.

but labour camps are relevant? nice try tanktard

Who holds a knife like that? Womenfolk-_-…

this tbh

There's no point. The student movement is a dead-end, don't bother even if you're in college.

Sounds like every reddit, discord, [other cancerous social media], or OWS group ever conceived.


My uni's Socialist Society is actually very nice. Has some idpol but nothing major. While I haven't asked directly, a decent amount of the members probably use Holla Forums judging from the type of humour they use.

It's pretty balanced ideologically, a mix of demsocs, anarchists, syndicalists, mutualists and leninists/leftcoms. Tankies/edgy anarkiddies not present thankfully.

This, there are some great texts in there. And it seems like they are able to connect their IDpol struggles to class struggle.

That have capital in the economics section.