What country is the least classcucked?

What country is the least classcucked?

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North Korea probably.

let me rephrase: what liberal country is the least classcucked?

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a weed-supporting cop-loving pro-Mexico Pan-African LGBTQ Zionist Nazi Libertarian larping as a confederate and a pirate.


India or Philippines?



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I'd like to say france, but we both know it's not true. Just look at the guy they have now. Maybe greece or spain? I don't know man, I don't even want to think about it, I feel like crying

No it's not. They have election and democracy. Juche it's absolutley retarded, but you have to see the context in which was implemented.

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Chiapas and NK


Am I feeling a return of the god-kings?

We're not "class-cucked", more like we all have the petit-bourgeois mentality and nobody considers themselves lower - or higher - than their neighbour.
Politeness is seen as a cardinal virtue, especially in worker-bosses relations. An impolite boss is likely to be replaced by the higher-ups. Things are much more tense higher in the hierarchy, though.

A frenchmen like to talk about art, politics, history and feels his opinion is valuable.

We also don't like to be bossed around and generally we distrust big companies but property rights are still important.

Lastly we inherited an apathy for money and showing off from our Christian values. Strangely, it is immigrants who behave more like nouveau-riches and are terribly materialistic.



ask me how I know you're a rightist

Transnistria or Donetsk People's Republic

This tbh

DUDE. Tiraspol is one of my dream destination



They're more classcucked than Americans.


They're more classcucked than Americans.


About a decade ago, India had the largest leftist inssurection by numbers since the Chinese Civil War, but the Naxalites have taken a beating since then.

What is the situation in germany? Are they also classcucked?

you can say that again

The flag ?
The fact that I complain about materialism in the sense that I dislike showing off your wealth ?

I'm not defending the bosses, I'm just saying that they are usually expected to be polite. Which does not excuse them from oppression and exploitation.


yep Cuba or North Korea