Academia blues

So today my professor in politics basically called me an idealist kid. His critique of Marxism was that they (Marxists) always appropriate things into their world view and worship their academics while not taking into account other views.

He stopped short of calling me a cult member.

Who else has had this happen to them? Does he have a point?

All in all, It feels bad man
feels real fucking bad.

It's kind of true sometimes tho. Even on this board you can see a rejection of everything that is not left wing. Not that the things on the other sides are any better, ideology works like this after all.

Yeah, he's full of shit. He likely has the mistaken belief that Marxism is a form of cultural critique utilized mainly by academics to criticize things they don't like. The kind of Marxism he's critiquing is actually pretty confined to critical theory, and even in that field there's been a reaction against the kind of wishy washy applications of Marx your professor was railing against. He doesn't really have a point about 99% of Marxist thought tbh.
I had this happen to me when I mentioned in a conversation with my parents that I was an anarchist. They told me that I was naive and that I would grow out of it. I got kinda upset and told them that people have literally died for anarchist principles, so pretending that it's an infantile ideology for rebellious teens is pretty childish. It was extremely awkward tbh.

So he didn't have an actual criticism of its content or the policies marxists advicate for?
What does he think marxists appropriate, other than utopian and anarchist socialists?
Not taking into account the views of others is what every ideology falls victim to.

His criticisms seem to be based more on conduct rather than substance. To be fair to your professor, marxists do tend to be cult like, especially leftcoms.

Is this dialectics? How is this even possible?

Well yeah since our view is based in reality.

Who doesn't appropriate things into their worldview? The world is mine for the taking, is it not?

Congratulations user, you realized most authority figures are retarded faggots


the views of the bourgeois and the colonizer

very important views please explain why?
it's ok OP. I have an online social-justice class of sorts, talking about 'globalization' and education.

You forgot to tell what you where talking about. Prof called me names and called us bumbum now I feel badbad. Well Im sure this isnt exactly how it went on.

You want to be hugged or do you want to know who really was the stupid one?

Liberal faggots like your professor fear and despise nothing more than taking sides or any commitment to anything. If you take a side you've already become a fanatic, a religious zealot.
To the enlightened centrist no views are sacred and all must be taken into account and never, ever deliberated upon since that might lead to concluding one to be correct above the others. Never commit to anything because you might just commit to changing something about the current ruling order.

I hate to break it to you user, but there's only 3 DeLeonists in the world.

how could this happen? ask your prof and report back

It completely depends. You might be a sperg cultist and he might be right and you might be right and he might be a liberal shill. We would need details to say anything.

He's sort of right. First world marxists are way too embedded and enamored by western academia. It's one of the biggest problems with the whole "movement." Academia under capitalism can only do one thing: defend capital. It cannot be reworked or redeemed. In the end it will be destroyed.

The idea that academia cannot be reworked or redeemed is utterly infantile. There's loads of great research that happens in academia, even in the social fields. You're clueless if you can't see the benefit that academia provides to the world.

t. someone who has never actually worked in academia in the west

It seems cultural marx forgot culture someone.

Marxist are constantly arguing with each other, let alone people outside their groups. Pretending they don't know how to self-crit is laughable, when they've survived despite capitalism being the "end of human history".

gosh Holla Forums, but you keep saying that college is a radical marxist indoctrination factory?

t. someone who doesn't realize that there is always room for subversion in academia, even today.

i would be the first to say that the social sciences/humanities of the academy (at least in america, where i'm from) today have been largely castrated and stripped of their radical potential, but that potential will always nonetheless be there. all it takes is a student population who decides to break with the dominant narrative of the current university discourse. whether or not that happens is up to the students who claim to be revolutionaries, a possibility which i'm naively optimistic about.

Some people get culty with leftism tbh. It's important to remember that you gotta interact with normies and stay grounded in real life. Unfortunately the more you understand, the more you can see the strings being pulled in the system and the harder it is to relate to normies who buy into the reigning ideology. It's almost like playing a fictional character. Feels dirty kind of. But if you pay attention you will often find normies have "woke" moments where they have some clarity and you can just apply a little leverage by giving them a nugget of theory to think about (but only that much because most people are still easily spooked monkeys at heart and they'll mentally run away if you try to infodump them).

But yeah back on topic, some people tend toward "full time" leftists and adopt the politics as a lifestyle. Don't do that. Be a person, and let leftism be your politics. Despite what galaxy brains tell you it's fine not to read loads of theory (you should read though). Don't let leftism become your life. It should be just another part of a whole person. There are actual cult-like groups that merely use the trappings of leftism to draw people in but have nothing to do with the left, Marxists, anarchists, whichever version of it. They can usually be recognized by the same warning signs as a cult - demands to separate from outsiders, submission to a central will or idea, crushing individuality, etc. People who want to make a contest of who's left-est are tools and you should give them a swift kick in the ass.

same exact "logic" you seem to be clunking through whenever you try weasel out of the hefty visible influence that directly derivative and byproduct maymays stemming from marx cumulatively have bestowed upon the piquant melange that is 2017 progressivism, which can only be explained either as a PR experiment in weaponized pedantry (cf. your attempts to anachronistically re-expropriate the term "leftist") or just plain old fashioned brainletism, the latter going some way to explaining all the sincere DiaMat around here to be sure.

Your professor, much like most of Holla Forums, hasn't actually read marx. Marx didn't start out as a dialectical materialist , but as a subjective idealist. He started out studying law, and through rigorous research he first came to the conclusion that the hegelian method is the superior one, becoming an objective idealist, then through more years of researched he came to the scientific conclusion that hegel's assumption that private life stems from how the state functions is the exact opposite etc. Took him even more years to actually become a communist, but all this he did through rigorous critique the ruling ideology of his time as well as his enlightenment contemporaries. Most of the people that think marxists just assume marxism is the only right doctrine don't realize that marxism has rebutted and thoroughly critiqued all other schools of thought, and is currently the most advanced form of philosophy. What modern academics like your professors hail as the latest hot shit in philosophy is nothing more than a destructuralist take of german idealist sprinkled with whatever a priori "discovery" every postmodernist hack wanted to incorporate as legitimate discourse. Don't really know what else you expected from the factory of neoliberal ideology regurgitation

academia in capitalist institution cannot go in a revolutionary direction. even in some universities where professors actually teach marxist philosophy, they are constantly undermined and attacked. it's always been like this, that's why marx gave up on an academic career pretty early and why most important philosophers of his age were kicked out of academia too (like feuerbach).

t. petty-bourg