Poldare.com 2.0 - Complete Reset Edition

(Also looking for writers, more down below)


For those of you that don't remember the old thread, it's a website for 1 on 1 anonymous political chat featuring various positions.
It has gone through a complete redesign (and by that I mean literally complete redesign, I rewrote the whole code). Sadly, I have still not implemented websockets because my current hosting doesn't allow for opening up ports for it to work. Still, it should work better than it did before.

As for writers/invested ideologues: If you like the website, and are a writer interested in politics, if you would like your article/writings to appear on the website send me an email at [email protected]
I'm looking for up to few writers on each position, and anything that relates to a polite analysis of current events or other positions is fine by me. The only mandatory thing is good english.

Do not take this too seriously, if you think you have something interesting to put up - it's probably good.

Holla Forums specific FAQ:
Soon(TM). Didn't introduce any new positions yet, left or right, was busy rebuilding this thing ground up.

Anyway, if you have any questions regarding the website or the writing, do tell.

Other urls found in this thread:


Also, here's a 4/pol/ thread, if someone cares to bump I'd be grateful. They tend to die fast.


What the heck, isn't the whole point of websocket is to be done in the HTTP connection? You shouldn't need a new port, the regular HTTP should be able to handle it. What are you writing it in?

good job op, I'll bump 4chan thread

I tried installing node.js, but when you are setting up the server you need to open up the port which it will listen to. My host has made god damn sure that no port not already used by something is open and believe me I tried.

I did not try opening it up on regular port (is it 80 If I remember right?) as no tutorial ever suggested it yet. I could try though, but I doubt it'll work.

Right now, it's pure php+js+mysql optimized by pure magic.

Thanks bro.

When you hover over the flags in the chat it says "placeholder" instead of the ideology.

Ah right, something I always forget to change. Will make a quick fix now to say "Flag" or something then implement the names later today.

Anybody ever noticed how these pol/yps/ are rather shy and respectful in a 1 on 1 talk? On 4/pol/ it's MUH HELICOPTER HURRDURR PHYSICAL REMOVAL all over you, it's literally when you sort a bully in school out when his peers aren't arround.

If you experience any issues other than long queues, do tell.

I already spotted something that happens when two people join the queue in virtually the same second.

If there's already a webserver running on 80 it won't work with a separate node.js server. You will need the websocket handled by the same server that is serving the pages or get something that can pass it on to the other server based on the URL. I'm not sure how that would work with your setup, I've only ever used websockets with Java. I tried looking around and this page has an example using nginx, maybe it could help you? wsphp.net/

Don't use the wsphp software though, it's not free software.

Using a separate server is something that crossed my mind, but ultimately, I'm not sure it would pay off. I'd be happiest if I could scoop few dozen bucks a month off of this and pay for the dedicated server, introduce node in a regular way and run it all on the same platform.

I'll read more on this though. At this moment, it's not much of a difference for the end-user. At worst, there's a small delay caused by polling but that's it. It will become a problem if the userbase ever grows though.

Already dead.


Reposted. They die fast tbh.

What shitty host are you using?

Shared hosting on Arvixe.

Other than that, they were pretty gud.

You fucked up fam.
Get a VPS, hell I might have one spare.

Isn't that very expensive?

No they're like £3 minimum.

Silly idea tbh.
MFW it's current year but there are people out there who still don't realize that people don't engage in debates to learn or to change their minds on anything but just to regurgitate their own ideas and then claim victory no matter what happens.

Hot damn, my host is charging $40+ for cheapest VPS.

It is much higher specs than what I found elsewhere but what this can run on a goddamn toaster.

There are still memesters around m80. This is from 4/pol/ thread

yknow you people said the userbase was small but i literally met the same damn nazi three times in a row

The issue with small userbase is that if you try to reconnect at the same time, you'll most likely end up with the same person.

There's a subtle queue list on the front page though, just beneath the "CHAT NOW" button. You can see who you'll end up with.

no queue here, just the list of active chats?

i guess i could figure out from that but it's not what you pictured

It won't display anything at all if everyone got paired, only people still in queue. Refreshing the front-page until there's a queue listed is the only way currently to avoid someone with 100% certainty.

I might make something to remedy this, like a function to ignore the opponent once the chat has ended.

Also, these are backgrounds for chats, in order:

They look nicer with bluish background, blurring and some transparency.
I'm thinking about adding another layer of images at this point. If you have some personalities to suggest for positions, or good images for me to edit, do say/post.

As for images, ideally would be facing slightly from right to left, so they can fit neatly in the right corner without looking into the "wall".

Jimmy dore isn't really a progressive. We all know he's secretly a Leninist.

Also, I got few people contacting me about writing. No one on the left so far. As I said, it's not something serious, if you like writing and have some talent, do email me.

bumping this

amadeo bordiga for LeftCom

Just had a conversation with a Libertarian who was respectful and asked great questions. Thanks OP, I think you're on to something.

Changing your mind politically is a gradual process. You don't get BTFO in an argument and instantly become a Communist/Ancap/whatever. It builds up over time.

Why are you going for contemporary people instead of historical thinkers?

it's not meant to be thinkers but recognizable personalities and public figures i think.
I think Bernie shouldn't be there though.

When you are in chat, you are presented with background of your opponent's position. People are usually more familiar with their contemporaries. As said, it's more of recognizable personality. I do prefer a famous thinker, if available though.

Doesn't he only show for socdems? Because he is the most well known socdem in the US at the moment.
The only more accurate protrayal would be a depiction of Rosa being murdered.

He does. I tried to be somewhat accurate with my picks, except for some memes. Like on fascism. Pic related.

Off to sleep for now.



why did you take away option to post pictures, into chat?

theres a problem with your website its called conservatives

Sorry about that. I'm going to implement it into UI so you don't have to type IMG==

Just reminding you about writers, if anyone cares for it. Got few right-wing people interested, none from the left.

There is no exclusivity req. If you are writing your own blog, you can post simultaneously, so long as it is relevant content and you are indeed original creator.

Done some fixes to the editor, flag thumbnails incoming soon.

Excuse my shameless bump

this looks like a good idea

wtf i love capitalism now

What does the role of a writer entail exactly?

do public chats work? if so how can you link to one?

>As for writers/invested ideologues: If you like the website, and are a writer interested in politics, if you would like your article/writings to appear on the website send me an email at [email protected]

thanks user, apparently I'm blind

I just had a 30 minutes conversation with a Holla Forums inhabitant who identified as a traditionalist. His basic premise was that he wasn't a believer himself (though he attends protestant church regularly) and thought that an optimal society is religious so that the community can stay together and have a common spiritual life.

So I started redpilling him on early christian communes, which he followed with interest. The whole conversation was very polite. Then I gave a 101 of histmat, looking at each stage what religion played, and how the ownership structures changed. I hinted how early Utopian socialists pretty much attempted what the Early Christians did and failed due to capitalism.

We then debated about capitalism, where his basic idea was equating entrepreneurship with bosses, to which I retorded, explaining that in my perspective tru entrepreneurs get their inventions taken from them by monopolies, pointing out how they were the result of capital's inherent logic and not an outside corruption.

He thanked the discussion and had to go, and assured me that he'll think about it in the future.

Good platform, can recommend.

who is that?, like a cartoony version of jontron?


commulists man

bumep 4 podendial

Just bumping so I don't need to recreate on update. Was sick for a few days.

why not corbyn?

Would Corbyn fit best under socdem?

If so I'll add him in the second set of backgrounds.

Added some new BGs. Accepting suggestions for others.

Also added function that tells you position name on hover over flag (in-chat only).

made a thread on 4/pol/ so there is some userbase atm

why are nazis so fucking dumb?

They always give the same vague answer when asked what NutSac is