Liberals are subhuman

Wtf is wrong with these people? 15 minutes of fame or do they seriously think like this?


Muscle memory

of course liberals hate dr. seuss now

Was Dr Seuss the original Ben Garrison?

Dr. Seuss was pretty shockingly racist (even for the time) in his earlier years, but I do think he disavowed those beliefs in his later years, so seems a little stupid.

Holy shit this is an actual article on WaPo.

God fucking damnit, and it's literally that book.

What, though?
Are you talking about, like, his portrayals of the Japanese during WWII?
Honestly, I haven't seen anything by him that stuck out as more racist than other '40s-era shit.

Only if Ben Garrison was actually good and didn't fall for obvious nazi propaganda.

No shit.

The Japanese shit was pretty bad, but I was talking about stuff like this.

Unless she thinks Obama is white this is even more retarded than average liberalism

Sorry the second one is censored. Fucking liberals, man.

two things that liberals and Holla Forums agree upon: whites are superior enough to divide the world into white and non-white, but at the same time the master race genes are so recessive that a single drop of non-white blood makes someone a person 100% POC.

inb4 stirner's mental insecticide.

Aw, what has Melania done to deserve anything? Isn't being married to Trump enough punishment for being rich?

So now Seuss is both a diehard racist AND a diehard leftist (Lorax according to the right) .

Love this nightmare world.

so, dare I say it, /ourguy/?

Eh the racist accusations come from his anti-Japanese work during WWII. He apologised for it after the war.

What was really hilarious about that whole thing was that the movie is decidedly less leftish than the book. Ridiculously ("ironically"?) glossy, and with an idiotic happy ending and singular antagonist. It completely undermines the pessimism of the original book and its call to action with a story that resolves itself with the ousting of one guy so nobody has to do anything.

It portrays black Africans as literally indistinguishable from chimpanzees, for one.

hmmm makes u think

What is the point of the discs?

One small tribe doesn't represent all black. back to Holla Forums

It keeps you from dropping your food on your shirt

What is the point of any body adornment?

To pick up chicks?

Earrings and jewelry are a symbol of wealth and status. I can't imagine it's the same for these plates.

terminal wew in the category of lads.

The Cat in the Hat is NAZBOL


I am actually angry

reminder that dr seuss is actually /ourguy/

Holly shit Earle the Turtle was about anarchism.

top liberalism m8

Dr. Seuss wasn't a Stalinist as in an M-L, but he REALLY loved Stalin and constantly portrayed him as the real hero of WWII. Between that and books like Lorax and the Butter Battle Book, he definitely had heavy leftist sympathies even if he wasn't an open communist.

i think it was more about his disdain with america not doing anything while stalin was. A lot of his stuff before america entered the war was about how they should join in before something bad happened to them. because of this he probably loved stalin for fighting the nazis

How can a person not love him?


Let's be honest, who WASN'T racist before the 1950's? It seems like yet another renowned figure of the past didn't like blacks or thought lowly of them, I'm beginning to think this belief was as prevalent as the belief in gravity today.

I'm not being Holla Forums when I say this but it seemed like only people with mental issues WEREN'T racist towards blacks in the past.

This is true. Honestly I don't see racism as a problem. Let people hate whoever they want. If they don't act violently or do dumb shit nothing happens. Also how are you gonna ban racism from people mind? Istutional racism is bad tho.

This is specifically true in the US, where the race division was baked in along class lines from the very beginning. Incorrect to think everyone in history was racist by the American conception though

Wherever there is civilization; there is hierarchy. Wherever there is hierarchy; there is racism.

I legitimately think every single "sane" person of the past was racist because it was ACCEPTED. You'd be surprised the extent of what we can tolerate if it's ACCEPTED.

nice spooks

It's true, racism is predicated on hierarchy, so too is civilization.

And who says we cant evolve past that to a higher level of thinking?

Nice spooks btw

no it isn't

Well, although his line of thinking is flawed, he does have a point. Racism goes further back in history than capitalism. Back in Paleolithic Europe, Homos Sapiens completely and violently annihilated the Neanderthals once they came in contact with each other.

presumably its nigger and not negro


civilization in its reality and practices isn't a spook you mong the real spook is the 'higher level of thinking'

I can grant that perhaps distrust of the foreigner is natural and not racist, what is racist is their conquest and forced integration, which is basically just what civilization is, conquest and forced integration. read Perlman

fucking badass

let's just abolish borders, governments and religion lol

I fully agree. I was being a-historical.

nice spooks

No, they mostly just fucked a lot. Also neaderthals reached adulthood a lot slower.

If someone shits in a glass of water, would you still drink the water? Does the water turning to shit prove the superiority of shit to water?

I get the feeling you're just having fun but I mean that the present time is unique in that we as individuals have become so alienated that we can connect as individuals without classifying ourselves according to spooks. That's part of nihilism's strength too.

put the nazi flag on or get banned.

correct me if I am wrong, but are you implying that alienation creates sentiments against racism? as if our "specie essence" involves being racist?

speak up nigga

hybrid vigor, you goddamn idiot. google it even.

tf is a tankie? sounds like "blankie"

You only make these threads because deep down, you know you're just like them.

No, the water doesn't turn to shit, you fucking moron, it remains water. It's water with shit in it.

wtf i love dr seuss now

Sorry no I mean that alienation does contribute to racism. But the only way out of alienation is through.

Every time this is posted I ask whether Hitler is inflating the number of Russians killed by German troops or the number of Victims of Communism™.

I thought Anarcho Nihilists were generally anti civ

Likely the former, the Nazis liked inflating their own K:D ratio by including dead civilians.