New, better Reddit

New, better Reddit.

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for what purpose

shit chart OP.

They can live in reserves, why not?

that's not a particularly high bar you know.

You can't fix the problems with reddit's basic design by making a clone with different people in charge. The whole concept of reddit functions to boost the most marketable content. This bullshit follows the same flawed logic as seizing the state to make communism happen.

What is the one next to/below the ancrap?

i think its meant to be edgelord/Punk anarchists
basically the stereotype of anarchists that boomers and lolbergs think of

so antifa


i guess

I unironically appreciate the development of applying historical materialism to the Internet at large.


just because one turd is healthier looking than another doesn't make it not a turd

AnCaps say it's meant to differentiate AnComs from AnSyns, the AnComs being the edgy looking ones, while AnSyns are the legitimate, clean looking ones.
AnComs say it's meant to differentiate AnComs and general LibSocs from the tradition of Kropotkin, Bakunin, Malatesta, Makno and Spain from the Lifestyle Anarchists associated with the New Left, insurrectionary anarchism and later Post-Leftism.


Anarchy without adjectives.

pretty sure that's the one at the bottom/right.
So it's rilled with idpol from the top down? I'm gonna pass, ignoring the fact that le updoots and le downdoots render unpopular opinions impossible to voice.

What is the administration like?

and why does it even exist?

but don't you morons realize that if humans were built better we wouldn't need civilization any more?

"bottom" and "right" are adjectives in any sane language, though.

Change antrans to red on every square

Set up by SJW's who will have access to your I.P if they decide they dont like what you have to say.

I prefer neutral evil reddit.