Aut-rights "Unite the right" 2.0 falls apart before it even begins


so this was the big comeback? it fell apart before it even began SAD

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holy fuck, absolutely BTFO


Unite the right? More like divide the right

Can they actually organise anything?

i can already tell how the Aut-right is going to react to this
its all so tiresome…



Not after Charlottesville


did it genuinely have that much of an effect on the U.S right-wings mindset?


Yes. The amount of Holla Forumsyps saying "fuck this shit I am out" was quite impressive. Also a lot of "I am an ex-pol/ack" threads here in the week following.

It was beyond horrible for their optics. Any pretense that the alt-right and their associated personalities weren't just a thinly veiled white nationalist movement was blown. Everyone knows what they mean by "anti-communism" which is yet another attempt to rebrand themselves. Anytime these fuckheads gather with tiki torches and confederate flags they're going to be met with force from here on out and despite how much liberals and republicans hate leftists public opinion is generally on the side of the anti-fascists.

i noticed that to
i knew it would force most of the centrists and lolbertarians to distance themselves but i never expected that many Holla Forumsyps to jump shit that fast and disavow



I'm not sure if it was historically necessary but it sure was poetic

I'm actually a little disappointed because I was planning on attending and documenting the shitfest for Holla Forums



I think lots of them just shoot shit there for the lulz and were legitimately appalled when idiots actually took it seriously and marched with swastikas and fucking killed somebody

oh no if someone ask Holla Forums about the incident then Holla Forums will give you a lecture about how she died of a heart attack and how this means the autist is innocent and will go free
dont these people know about princess Diana?


i wonder what tr*mp will be remembered like. tieing with andrew johnson with worst president in US history?

ps. fuck andrew johnson, he should have been hung. and davis. and lee.

can someone fill me in on the Charlottesville situation and how it relates to the current shitshow?

Nice one Holla Forums




And here we were so excited.

I'm not gonna lie, the torch lit rally thing is fucked up. Nazis are trying to get away with anything to make rightists go full fash. If people keep letting them have these torch lit rallys next they will try to have book burnings.

Glad right wing populism is dying.

Holy fuck for real? Maybe it's me but I'm bad at spotting this stuff lately.

what's the twp?

Isn't this the same group that organizes via discord?

the TWP i was talking about is the "traditional """workers""" party"
its an org that openly calls itself "national-soc*alist"
groups that openly call themselves that sort of shit are basically always cointelpro designed to catch the most cringe-tier neo-nazis

With what intent? And isn't their leader a Duginist or some shit? Also, he met the Golden Dawn leader.

I wish I shared your optimism my dude.

Nah the TWP developed off some autistic making a "White students soc" at some shit uni in NJ. The leader is the definition of a neckbeard.

no it isn't, look closer

Do you really believe all those "Hello fellow comrades wow as a former aut- Im mean alt- I mean American nationalist I'm appealed to communism now after someone ran into you guys with a car since this completely conflicts with my stance that you commies deserve the bullet" posts on an obscure board like leftypol are real?

so it's this all over again?

No not all of them but you'd be foolish to think a sizable chunk of their base wasn't turned away. My right-tard facebook friends were all having a bitchfit and screaming at each other all day and it was hilarious.

Wasn't that started by that kid from the white student union, though?
If he's cointelpro, then he's very convincing.

Its (( (right) )), so no wonder.


Its (( (right) )), so no wonder.



We always knew.
It cannot work. They lost in Canceroussville. Their fuck up was too big.

Our real opponents are those who have real power & authority. Politicians & those who work for them.