Daily News Thread 9/29

Chinese scientists edit human embryo, could end hereditary disease

Chinese scientists have successfully altered the genetic code of a human embryo, an “ingenious” breakthrough that experts believe could be key to eradicating hereditary diseases.

Third of British workers would be happy to have a robot boss

Nearly a third of British workers would be happy to have a robot as a boss, a new study has suggested.

Fukushima potentially leaking radioactive water for 5 months, owners admit

The Fukushima nuclear power plant may have been leaking radioactive water since April, its owner has admitted.

US border force rounds up almost 500 illegal immigrants in 'sanctuary cities'

US border officials have arrested nearly 500 undocumented immigrants during a four-day operation.

Vietnam fraud trial: Death penalty for ex-head of OceanBank

The former head of a major Vietnamese bank has been sentenced to death for his role in a fraud case involving millions of dollars of illegal loans.

Henry Bolton elected UKIP leader

Henry Bolton has been elected UKIP leader - the party's fourth in just over a year.

Catalonia referendum: Tractors roll into Barcelona to defend vote

Columns of tractors waving the lone-star flag of Catalan independence are converging on the region's towns to defend Sunday's banned referendum.

Questions Pile Up for White House About Top Officials’ Private and Military Aircraft Use

The White House’s travel headache is growing with new revelations about top officials’ use of military aircraft.

Trump’s Health Secretary May Not Be Leaving Just Yet

Tom Price, Trump’s head of Health and Human Services, spoke with White House Chief of Staff John Kelly on Wednesday and didn’t offer his resignation over his taxpayer-funded trips on charter jets, said a White House official who spoke on condition of anonymity.

U.S. Sharply Cuts Diplomatic Staff in Cuba Over Health ‘Attacks’

The U.S. State Department is ordering more than half its diplomats in Cuba to leave the island and warning Americans against traveling to the Caribbean country after a series of health “attacks” on its officials left 21 people injured.

MEPs agree to ban Monsanto lobbyists from European Parliament

European MPs agreed that lobbyists representing controversial US-based agricultural giant Monsanto should be barred from the European Parliament after the company refused to attend a hearing on allegations that it influenced studies on the safety of its products.

DOJ's access to anti-Trump Facebook accounts challenged

The government’s request for complete access to Facebook accounts linked to the anti-Trump inauguration protests has been challenged by the ACLU, which accuses the DOJ of an “unjustified invasion of privacy”violating the First and Fourth Amendments.

Black Lives Matter movement cannot be sued, U.S. judge rules

A Louisiana police officer cannot sue Black Lives Matter because it is a social movement, a U.S. judge ruled on Thursday, finding the campaign could not be held responsible for injuries he got at a protest.

US schools crackdown on anthem protests

A school district in Louisiana has vowed to punish players who refuse to stand for the US national anthem, as other schools weigh in on the debate.

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Meanwhile amerifat scientists are busy building shitty consumer trinkets like juicero. Really makes you think.


It's still hilarious how much butthurt has been generated from this.


Employment in Europe and the US: Debunking the Story of EU Weakness and US Strength

Why the EU has done better on job creation than generally recognized, while US employment is exaggerated.

The Return of Facism

From Germany to Greece, far-right nationalists are attacking migrants, raiding mosques, and winning elections.

Armies, Addicts and Spooks: the CIA in Vietnam and Laos


Why Won't US Media Tell the Truth About What's Happening in Venezuela?

A Washington-sponsored opposition bent on regime change threatens a fragile democracy.

‘Dangerous direction: If Japan’s Abe wins snap election, he’ll join US in confronting N.Korea’

If Japan's Prime Minister Abe wins the snap election, he'll develop cooperation with the US and join in its willingness to take risks in confronting North Korea, said Gregory Clark, head of the Research Japan Office. That’s a dangerous direction, he adds.

If they're a public school this is illegal I'm pretty sure.

but how can you judge what is better nature doesn't work like that ask a biologist, this will end diversity and diversity is our strength, something something biopower

if anyone can predict more guardian articles about why eliminating klinefelter syndrome is a Step Back Towards The Dark Days Of 1930's In Which White People Blamed The Empoweredly-Abled For The Economic Crisis Just Like Neo-Liberal Austerity Is Doing Today then i will send you frances ryan's nudes


Dengism wins again
The revenge of Hoo Chi
Socialist super science

You'd be correct.

The last UKIP leader was literally named Nuttall

at least we might get godzilla
seriously, why would anyone do that? Are they just drunk on power? A regular airplane works just as fine.
Soon Clapping at the end of a movie will be made mandatory


could someone explain to me what the fuck I am reading?

…and he was a fooking donut.

Either it's like 90% of China's modern tech/a failed Ripley clone, or Roddenberry miscalculated the start of the Eugenics Wars by a few decades.
If Alan Moore and Steve Jackson have taught me anything it's that this will have no complications whatsoever and turn out great for Britain
profit motive is fucking cancer, literally in this case
This will surely fix our economy and isn't a token amount taken from a random heavy-flow day
Fugg, Nam doesn't take any shit
lol time to start joking about him being a no-talent assclown
clearly this is the most pressing concern we as a nation face
this couldn't possibly be Paradox-style manufactured casus belli bullshit just like Tonkin definitely wasn't
This is why you don't do faceboot or anything else that requires your powerword, kiddos.
Fuck you too then Louisianan gov't

wow that meme is so funny and unforced and isn't just a slightly different flavor of cancer than Holla Forums shitting up every thread on other boards with >da joooooooooos

curb your butthurt nigger, nothing wrong with exaggerating for comedic purposes the sad fact that muh burgers actually are behind quite a lot of awful shit that's happening around the world.

Lol. Butthurt morbidly obese amerilard detected.

Can somebody please fucking explain this shit about Cuba using subspace technology to bully US embassy stuff?

So, if the JCP were to take power, does Holla Forums think a Cuban Gundam Crisis could occur?

Trips require an ansewer. I would also like to know what sort of neo-MKULTRA sorcery is this.



Except the stereotypes about americlaps are all true and they're even proud of most of them. No conspiracy required

yes, USA bombing desert proles time and again with increasingly elaborate weaponry is unfunny repetitive bullshit. ha ha ha.

one head in the basket

They're totally giving them toxic stares from the street.

looks like someone's setting themselves up for a freedom inspection.

Foreign Control of U.S Farmland has Recently Doubled, And the USDA Doesn’t Know Who Owns What

welp he did it…

Trump's Health Secretary Resigns Amid Private-Jet Scandal

US Health Secretary Tom Price has resigned over the use of expensive private planes for official business. He previously apologised after making 26 private flights since May at a cost of $400,000 (£300,000) to taxpayers. Government officials, except those dealing with national security matters, are required to take commercial flights for work related travel.

Three other members of President Donald Trump's cabinet are under scrutiny for using private planes while working. A White House statement said President Trump had accepted Mr Price's resignation, adding that Don J Wright had been designated as acting health secretary. Mr Wright is currently deputy assistant secretary for health.

In his letter of resignation, seen by the New York Times, Mr Price said he regretted that "recent events have created a distraction" from the work of the health department. An investigation by the political news website Politico found that Mr Price's travels had cost more than $1m (£750,000). As well as the $400,000 for private flights, that figure includes the cost of military aircraft used for Mr Price's trips abroad, Politico added. President Trump had earlier said he was "not happy" with the expense.

Three other members of Mr Trump's cabinet are under scrutiny for their use of private planes while on the job:
Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke flew from Las Vegas to Montana last June on a private jet that cost taxpayers more than $12,000, according to Politico and the Washington Post.
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is accused of flying with his wife to view last month's solar eclipse.
Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt has spent more than $58,000 on non-commercial travel.

Full Article: bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-41450290


This sonic attack is the dumbest false flag in forever, but no one will notice because Russia conspiracy theories are now the media's bread and butter.

There were what appear to be sonic attacks on Burgerland diplomats in Cuba.

This is only going to be used for the affluent. Not the worker.