What do you think of the far right's latest propaganda initiative for campuses?

What do you think of the far right's latest propaganda initiative for campuses?



cringe, they couldn't even recolour that figure without those white spots.

Do these retards actually think communism is taught in university? Sure there plenty of liberal gender/race shit but Marxism is pretty fucking rare.

As if these people know what marxism even is

Probably. These types are literally convinced that America (the most anti-communist party in the fucking world) is in the midst of a massive commie coup or something.

their twitter account is just memes that look like they were made by 15 year olds.

also, their website homepage is just a shop where they sell memes in poster or sticker form

Communism is anything that disagrees with me.

What you are seeing here is right wing populism in its death throws. It's dying off.

Good shit

Are those coasters?

I wouldn't mind one tbh

This. The core of it is anti-communism of course however what draws people in is the (racial) nationalism and the traditionalism meme. Without those two features the movement is basically dead in the water.


Needs a "please be patient I have autism" cap



This pretty much. Notice too how right politics touch on a deep psychopathy running through the states. Add in some >muh alpha male idpol and you can turn a country into fucking savages chomping at the bit to kill each other over the slightest disagreement.

Anticommunists are the biggest communists themselves, this mindless fight will only take away our freedoms and turn colleges into indoctrination centers

Has Peterson ever read Marx or is he just talking out of his ass?

Who cares. Capitalist professors teach too. What do these people want. Do they want to ban left leaning ideology in schools. What about the "free speech" they talk about. The right are so pathetically stupid they can't see the hypocrisy here. "Anticom" just shows the right are afraid to learn and want to stay ignorant and brain-dead. But then again that is what the right wanted all along.

Straight from his sphincter to your screen.

Five years on paint.

But if you let certain people speak they will stop other people from speaking so we have to stop them from speaking ::DDD

makes one legit think

That marxist professor has way better aesthetics though.

Nice job user

This has GOT to be a joke, right?


How can we know for sure?

If it is taught it's usually because it's appropriate for the course. I mean Marxism is a pretty influential school of thought, so teaching Marxist approaches to politics, sociology, psychology, etc should all be expected. If you exclude Marx you might as well exclude Aristotle, Freud, Nietzsche, etc.

Even if you don't agree with him it's impossible to deny the influence his ideas had on all areas of modern social science, so to ignore him would be intellectually dishonest.