Time to own up. Who did this?

Time to own up. Who did this?

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Wow. BASED. Remember kids: Neocon trickle-down surveillance state-ism is the new counter culture!

I don't even remember anyone uploading malware or porn. Have they sunk below youtube before starting?

I remember some futanari and gay furry porn.

I don't think anyone uploaded malware, just commie propaganda and a script that crashed their server IIRC?

Searching leftypol on twitter is astounding. There's basically no pro-leftypol people talking about it, xexizy having a little whine that someone's talking shit about him in a thread somewhere, someone with a pepe avatar saying we're not as funny as him, and a shitload of people who invariably have either "17", "trans", "queer" or "vegan anarchist" in their description crying about how mean we are.


They probably don't know the difference

Looks like our actions led to them getting dunked

While there were some posting porn, I had an account where I only uploaded some commie videos and it was deleted.

Kek, Leftcoms and reactionaries are funny. This site is my only social media, it's glorious.

Good tbh, the reddit tankies were bad enough and twitterfags would be worse.

By that I mean 8ch.net/leftypol/.


I thought Pewtube was a videohosting site, how do you upload malware to that?

By being bad at running a video hosting site.

wanting to be a therapist or a soldier/officer isn't really a far-fetched ambition. Uniform design is laughable though.


You could upload anything you want, I'm not sure if they fixed it yet.

The crineworthiness of the pic is more about the utopianism and expectation that post-revolution society would be the kind of place with job fairs and shit.

So much for the free speech right


I guess they don't anticipate everyone being organized into a draft labor army dystopia like in Cannon Fodder.
also, Cannon Fodder was really fucking god. NO CONQUEST WITHOUT LABOR!

I meant utopian in the Marxist sense, you dip. You know, where you go into a revolution with a specific view of the future and then you try to make reality conform to your ideals instead of accepting and working with material reality.

For tankies it is. Their concept of revolution is taking over the state so they can introduce policies that will slowly change society, or something. Somehow this is not reformism, though.

wtf im an anarchist now

You will be forced to work on your reading comprehension.

Are you purposefully misinterpreting or are you actually this dumb?

How'd you know that was my least favorite?

What are you even saying?



I singlehandely did it all.


Seriously, people, watch it! It's only about 30 minutes, yet it's a fascinating dive into a strange society and a family living trough just another day within it.

It's the third of the three short stories that make up the movie "Memories" from 1995.

Would let her reeducate me, if you know what I mean

do u mean sex ??


thanks user.

post a pic of urself