Holla Forums here

Holla Forums here.

For the traditionalist "leftists" such as nazbols & tankies, I plead you to abandon this shithole and go elsewhere (maybe Holla Forums if you want).

Holla Forums is getting more liberal by the minutes, the mods will ban people for making >her jokes or "unspecified reasons".

Wrongthinks are discouraged here, especially political incorrect ones, soon they will come for you.

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communism is the ideology of liberation. any actual communist will support trans, black, gay, and women's liberation. anyone who's bothered by anti-transphobia and anti-racism shouldn't have been posting here to begin with.

Case in point.

Also, the threads where "anarchists" and "communists" shill for Big pharma's pills are ridiculous.

Come on, liberation from "porkies" means nothing if your brain is on pill.

Keep your idpol off this board


Eh, we will see if I do get banned for saying I'm on Holla Forums.

Stop. I'm not even a tankie, I'm just a bit more conservative and anti liberal than other people. I don't value this shit over economics tho, so your board can go to hell. I'd rather stay here and deal with liberals than go there and deal with illiterate idiots and fighting over meaning less idpol

Well, suit yourself.

This place gives me the creep to be honest, if Stalin is alive, he wouldn't be siding with the fucks here.

We are not traditionalist or progressive as they are different sides of the same idpol coin.

So what's your stance on culture, buddy?

What the fuck is your problem? There aren't even that many liberals. You guys are pro capitalist idiots, that's why I don't side with you. That plus obsession with black cocks, fuck no. Stalin would have killed you all

this but unironically

Traditionalism means more than hating women and minorities.

Culture is important, integral to society and should be protected. It's capitalism that bastardize culture tho. If you want to protect it you should be against capital, so you should be here

This board is majority in liberals and even the damn mods are liberals.
Stalin hired capitalists from America to build up infrastructure in the SU.

The man got a lot of respect for capitalists, all the marxist dick-waving not wishstanding.

Nah, we just dislike niggers.


Neither capitalism or communism protect culture tbh, but capitalism does keep culture alive far more than communist regimes, which like to crack down on traditional customs, religions and the likes.

people here have at least some sense of imageboard culture compared to you, redditfugees

It means love your country, love your people, love your tradition and culture, and protect them against foreign threats.

What does that mean?

All of humanity is but frail white noise against a perpetually mute background of literal cosmic proportions.

I would debate that since I'm a pure channer without a leddit/facebook or twitter.

This place is huge on facebook shit too.

t. amerifat

And before them, romans, anglo-saxons, germans, chinese, japanese, etc…

While there are many more since Cville this is not true. People here don't get banned for going against liberals
Just no
That's why you spam interracial porn and talk all day about bbc?

First one is not true with the exception of china
Second is not a problem. Also religion is another detroyer of culture


wew lad

Except I was, I was banned for making a >her joke.
But yes, that's a historical fact. Stalin also loved cowboy movies and funded his own Wild west movies.
But I don't?
Except Lenin purged a lot of traditionalists/feudalists from Russia, the same for Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam.
Religion is intertwined with culture, imagine if a communist manages to staple down japanese shinto, that would be horrible.

I don't browse leddit, so what's this spacing?

1. not taking part or giving assistance in a dispute or war between others

2. not aligned with or supporting any side or position in a controversy

So basically, you do not matter in the fight since you just leave culture to the winner.

t. derails every thread possible and gets absolutely furious in the mod thread when banned

I actually don't get very mad when I get banned for "unspecified reasons", it means the mods don't have any reasons to ban me.

Top kek, it's actually you and I was just fucking around. Funny how you were crying in the mod thread like "a bloo bloo bloo I'm actually a diehard leftie cracking top bantz :'((" and now you're trying to get people to go to Holla Forums
Kill yourself you unfunny sliding faggot.

Traditionalism is a waste of time and ruse meant to persuade retards with antiquated fantasies of a better old society, one that they usually never actually lived through or even researched. What traditionalists don't understand is that those traditions and old cultures begin to die out for reasons that cannot be prevented. You don't live in an ancient era where your ancestors were farmers and you will likely be a farmer too, every generation is different from the last, and the march of the capitalist mode of production is going to insure this. I feel bad for traditionalists since their dreams will never come true and they're simply useful idiots for a subset of porkies.

Fuck off

Well, I think you mistake me for someone else, but fine that means there are at least two persons getting banned for no reasons.


Well, old timers miss the old times, they actually lived and society was better back then.

This is why reactionaries have a point, unlike revolutionaries, their flawed but better societies actually exist at one time.

And no, everything is possible, even now you can be a neo-traditionalist if you have enough money to move to the countryside, still a lot of green pastures left.

read. a. fucking. book.

Hardly anyone gets banned for no reason because shitposting is a ban reason, and that is the reason they use. The last person to have a teary over getting banned for no reason was banned for >her, and now you expect me to believe that you're a separate guy that the exact same thing happened to? Fuck off you kikebrained witless mong

If you are obviously Holla Forums they are gonna ban you

Sauce then
I love them too, what the fuck is those this mean? Also there where no wild west movie in russia, not that I can remeber right now
Tradionalism is another thing, What do you think? Communist should keep feudalist? What the fuck? One thing is to love culture another is being a traditionalist.
Yes, but confucianism is very different from churches insitutions that we have here

You wont get a gf even if you bring back those "good'ol days" Holla Forums

We have a good defence mechanism against liberals: they're called everyone here. Also the BO is a pretty anti-imperialist tank so asking the tankies to leave a board where one of them runs it is idiotic. Finally:
Good to see our psyops are working.

Everything isn't possible. The world has objective laws and rules in its material, and people have logic that is affected by that material. Old timers are nostalgic and overlooking the imperfections of their traditionalist societies, because if those societies were perfect - get this - they would've never fallen apart in the first place, and building a society based from cherry picked "good stuff" is just making sure you go down the same road to failure. Nobody's antiquated ideas are immune to reality, the march of time, and progress.

Also, where do you think those old societies came from? Magic? They were results of progress, of people building from old states. Old traditionalist socities were at point progressive in a historical sense. You don't build a working society by returning to a past state but by working towards the future.

Read it for me, son.

Lot of people make >her jokes, it's a funny and simple jokes to make.

Uh, right on the board's FAQ, it says it welcomes Holla Forumsacks to come to the board.
Cowboys are the most libertarian/capitalist thing you can think of, and Stalin loved cowboys.
Traditionalism is about folklore, mythology, customs and culture, feudalists actually work to maintain those (unlike the capitalists and communists), but Stalin himself did ease his purge of culture later on, when he discovered folklore is harmless to his regime.
Communists purge all religions and philosophies that are hostile to them.

Everything is possible especially culture.

It's just a matter of letting people know that cultures are beautiful and the old societies were better and people lived better, then everyone will flock back to the older, golden times.

If progress can be made, we can turn back the wheel, it is about the mindset of people.

And the older societies were stabler and last longer than either modern liberal democracies or communistic regimes. Communist fall in about 80 yards, liberal democracies might last for 200-300 years? Monarchies last for 500.

But only one person got banned for it, you, and then you sperged out insisting it was very funny for hours even though everyone was just getting pissed off at you derailing the thread. Nobody has laughed at >her for around a year, you're just autistic.
You're a lying little shit and you're not funny. Go back to Holla Forums and spare everyone here your old meme and frog posting faggotry forever.

Nah, actually more than one person get banned for >her jokes.

I know I'm not the only one since I didn't cry in the mod thread.

Why, it's pretty funny?

The mode of production under monarchies were different to modern dominating mode of production, capitalism. Thats why monarchies lasted for hundreds of years and countries are consistently unstable under capitalism. What is your plan to get people to realize how great your traditionalist ideas are? A return to feudalism?

How is it funny? Does it completely blow your mind every time you see it? How the fuck can you even be surprised when it's pretty much confirmed the moment you see someone posting Chelsea Manning and using "her" that someone is going to reply >her every time, and it's been posted for years now?
It's boring. You're boring. The people you're asshurt getting banned are boring. The board has improved since faggots like yourself (not buying the guy in the mod thread isn't you since he got BTFO and was a lying shit) got turfed out - because a mod's gone over your post history and decided you're not funny or smart enough to keep around.

Feudalism is compatible with modern industries, as seeing in Saudi Arabia.

We just need to get back to feudalism, and use technology with caution.

It makes me laugh because someone refers to a dude with a female pronoun, and he does it intentionally.

Have you ever thought maybe people think it's a good thing that someone that easily amused gets kicked out? Holla Forums is the perfect place for such people - where no new joke has been created in 8 years because they have everything they will ever need already.

No, I think it's a pretty harmless joke, and anyone who takes offended of it are the thin-skins who ought to get out of a chan.

Except you were intentionally derailing the thread and you know it and then got banned because your post history was either blank or shit.

I'm actually not that guy though, so yeah…

Well considering nobody has stuck up for either of you anywhere and nobody else seems to give a shit we've banned you both for having the same retarded brain patterns. Have fun on Holla Forums

Well, this thread is meant to invite all those who still want to preserve traditions to leave this board, since it's actively hostile to these people.

Yeah, the other one already left.

Saudia Arabia isn't a traditional monarchy, it acts under the capitalist mode of production. Do you even know what feudalism is. Also, if this is the extent of your ideas you're either going to end up like the unabomber or join ISIS, which is probably the future for most dedicated Holla Forumslacks. I'd suggest actually reading and understanding the world around you before spouting utopian garbage.

There is nothing utopian about feudalism.

So it shows that feudalism is compatible with modern industries, that's all I need to do.
A kingdom ruled by a monarchy.

Feudalism is simply a "kingdom ruled by a monarchy"? Is the United Kingsom feudal then? Because I thought feudalism was an entire economic system with multiple classes working together. You didn't prove anything, you just said a bunch of bullshit with no basis in reality and have proved nothing to me except that people who use Holla Forums are retard with no deeper comprehension of anything. You literally want to get people to leave this board by using Saudia Arabia as a positive example. If this is the extent of your proaganda you should give up now.

Feudalism was not a mode of production, it just means a political system where monarchy rules.

In fact, the ancientregime of France was feudalism but it had industries and machines and a capitalist class.

And the United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy, not a real one.

Saudi Arabia is actually a feudal kingdom since it still works by decrees, king decides everything, not the parliament or senate.

Fuck off Nazbols are the best posters on this board. You can keep the tankies.

Holy shit what? Yes it is.

By that logic Japan was feudal until WW2.


the thing with guys like you is that you imagine yourself to be the equivalent of a knight or a noble or someone of "worth" and not a peasant that would have been working the land or a whore sucking cocks for tuppence or myriad other people whose lives were short and brutal
that is the age you want us to return to, you want to rest your gnarly feet onto the back of the underclass like everyone else does but without the modern democratic egalitarian kumbaya bullshit, you want the subhumans to know they are subhuman

Feudalism was a mode of governmental, not an economic system. France in the 11th centuries and the 18th centuries have very different mode of production but it's still feudalism.
Just like how Russia is feudal until the end of WW1.

Who told you feudalism is a mode of production?

I think I'm gonna be a freeman in the middle-age, like the majority of people in the middle-age.

Seriously, peasants back then have simple living which is million times better than life in capitalist or "communist" countries.