So Holla Forums, why haven't you joined the Wobblies in organizing the proletariat?

So Holla Forums, why haven't you joined the Wobblies in organizing the proletariat?

You're not an armchair sectarian purist are you?

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Why don't they accept donations? I don't want my name on register but wouldn't mind throwing them cash.

I would join but I don't know if they accept managers and also I'm pretty sure my local branch is dead.

Thinking of starting a campus student group actually. Think that could get me kicked out of my grad program?

No branches in my country.

Eh if they ever try to organise Uber drivers or some shit in my city I will help them.

Because they are considered larping organization in all trade union circles.

Good, American Trade unions outside of that nursing one are shit.

Larping as what?

Mate until 3 years ago the US didn't even have socdem anything of note.

As actual union organizers.

I`m not an americunt.

So they don't do Union organizing?

Oh you mean like John Sweeney and Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO who have failed to deliver on almost every promise they've ever made, start from a point of "Agreement" or "Team Concept" with the employer, refuse to strike, and teach young new recruits their same shitty strategies from the top? Like those union organizers?

They do, by splitting current unions and weakening them even more.

In the UK they mostly try to organise Uber drivers and do work with renters' socs.

That makes no sense.

you can donate to their general defense committee

already there comrades

rigid bureaucratism found in syndicalism is bad ok???

I joined, but have done nothing, how make the iww good?

Better not risk it.

Joke of an organization these days, full of anti-communists who think Juggalos constitute a revolutionary class.

I was a member for a while. I left because it's not a revolutionary organisation anymore. It's an activist group. They do good work like the GDC and the solidarity network, but the moment for it to be an OBU and push the revolution forward has passed

Gets mad at twitter

Bookchin bitch talking about liberalism lmao

Where did I mention liberalism you illiterate retard? I don't doubt that many of its members are syndicalists or an-coms. Many I know are. But that doesn't change the fact it's not a revolutionary organisation.

I'm a wobbly the branch does fuck all really


But I joined these groups knowing this would be the case, I'm making it my mission to take on as much responsibility as possible and turn it around, failing that im currently cherry picking the actually dedicated good commies in the activist circles in my area to start a no fuckabout no hobbiest group. Shitty groups is not a reason to ditch activism it's a reason to make good groups

Shitpost flag

And who or what should pick up the torch then? Is the One Big Union not a good strategy anymore? I think it is, if you can actually get people to like unions again.

I’m currently in High School, but after collage when I get a job I’ll join.


There isn't much point in pushing for revolution unless we find ourselves in a revolutionary moment, where the current system is in a state of collapse. Until then you can only get organized and improve the lives of the proles wherever possible.

My plan as well

The current system is in a state of collapse and terminal collapse. The immigrant hate is one huge tell of this, the reactionary thought has developed, normalised, and solidified, meanwhile the fact of immigrants arriving remains and will only get worse with continued imperialism both military and financial, as well as environmental damage, environmental immigration has only just started, that is only going to get worse. This at the same time as continued cuts to public services and spending, in order to prop up economies that aren't responding to the supposed stimulus, meaning there is less stuff for more people, the jobs that are there are becoming more and more precarious and the pay is still shit.

You don't get a revolutionary situation unless you are organising for one. Revolutionary situations come about when the state clamps down the revolutionaries activities to organise the proletariat peacefully, and the people rise up to defend it. Succesful revolutions happen when that peaceful organisation is ready to defend itself. Therefore we must be organising in a revolutionary fashion, organising the proletariat, and preparing to defend these organisations

But how will you do this? The conditions for union membership has changed. No longer is work the arena of skilled artisans, machines do the artisan craft,jobs don't really have this same bond of craftsman ship, also many lawas all over the place have been created to make sure unions are reformist, useless, or crushed outright. I would wager about 10% of IWW members are actually industrial workers and not students or people who work in the service industry and don't really give a fuck about seizing their workplace cos they only intend to be there until they can finish uni or save up some money to travel somewhere, those sorts of people.

Wobs are full of the usual idpol cancer whining about liberal causes. I left a couple of years back and they're so desperate to push liberal feminism they invited me to an event anyway (like I can't just look at the dickheads on Reddit for that). Just go look at the leaks if you want to know how to organise.

Why does it have so much liberalism? Kind of sucks.
The fucking juggalo thing was pretty much the last straw ill probably quit at the end of the year over it. Id publicly call for expelling the ones responsible, but i dont have the right clique support

Post-JuggaloIWW where do u plan to work on the left? I think ill jump into mainstream labor, push the movement left, and wait for a revolutionary movement.


Because I'm a NEET struggling to find employment or a direction in life. Once I find employment, I'll consider joining the IWW. I don't wanna LARP as a prole when I'm unemployed.

they won't give a shit its mostly students anyway

Is there a good alternative to the IWW if it all went to shit?

really depends on where you are

The iww is no longer organizing workers, their GDC is activism. Might as well use mainstream unions' resources to pull the prol to act in their own interests.

suggestion: flood the attention spans of the iww branches with calls towards the original purpose of the union

Joining mainstream unions and trying to push left or organizing new radical unions is a waste of energy. The iww has the most radical potential. Personally I think the best move in all situations is to infiltrate once radical organizations (SEP, SPUSA ALP, etc) and re-radicalize them.

yeah telling people in fringe groups what to do doesn't work well

so much for the internationalist left.

asked them for direction in organizing my workplace, literally never replied.

What's with all the Wobbly posts recently? First it was Mr. Block now this

I tried.

I contacted the most local organizer, he told me to email someone more locally, I never heard back from the local guy, told the organizer i never heard from them, never heard back from them either.

My local chapter has a bunch of grad students in it AND they're not allowed a grad students union by contract, but the school hasn't given them any shit for being card carrying wobs. It's just a matter of how far you push it.

She become a union martyr, and the IWW have been growing since. Makes sense either Holla Forumsitarians join the IWW or people have found this place through it.

What leaks?

Okay wrong video. Meant to be this:

So there’s good news and bad news. The good news is IWW is growing which demonstrates an interest in radical unionization. The bad news is IWW is all volunteer and nonhierarchical which is great because it means lower dues and less corruption but bad because you there aren’t full time trained organizers and representatives who know how to win a labor battle and it also means it gets distracted by antifa/SJW type causes.

There’s a big opportunity for IWW to fill the gap in service sector unionizing that the mainstream unions have mostly ignored as the economy has transitioned from manufacturing over the past 40 years.

And I would add they’ve kind of done this a little bit with their Starbucks union organizing and Jimmy John’s union organizing but I don’t know if that’s continued to be sustained or not.

Most of their shops are places already amenable to having their workforce unionized such as anarchist bookstores and co-ops.

how do i become a real union organizer (and get away from these activists)?

You mean to organize your workplace or to work for a union?

you forget that most of them already have entrenched structures and cliques that can be difficult to work with

Cause I dont wanna be on some watchlist if Im not already.

work for a union


How do we have the IWW get a big victory like replacing the United Auto Workers of America.

well that's gonna take 100 years.

but something really insane that might still be possible would be to unionize a symbolic target like a single McDonald's or Wal-Mart, still really really difficult but something normal unions have failed at, making everyone look at iww with hope

Check out their website. In the US the AFL-CIO trains and hires organizers. I remember one program called Union Summer.

All we have here is Democratic Cops of America and RR. I talked to few comrades from Redneck Revolt who tried starting a wobbly organization. Nothing much has come of it and the closest active chapter is like 4 hours away

Its infested with idpol

Although maybe pro pedo IG would be right up the alley of most people here.

They're a bunch of wannabe managers without a lick of sense outside of paper pushing these days.

How many times do I have to say it,

Good god…wtf!

Trots ruining everything yet again

Fucking Trots.
This though
lol, americans

Sparts are cancer even by Trotskyist standards. I hate to think what Spart splitters are like.

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Tell me one thing that is wrong with being a pedo, my friend :^)

My point was more the obvious flaw in logic of someone disagreeing with a law and the retort being that the law is a fact.

Anyone in or know anything about the wobblies communications, computer, and software workers union? I'd like to find out if anyone is doing real work on organizing all us tech slaves.

Also I wanna hang out with based gutshot bro.

It’s not just a legal issue, it’s a psychological and moral one.

Provide evidence to support your conjecture.

We both know the statement is retarded, especially when Americans are saying it because they mean "it is physically impossible for a 17 year old to want to have sex"

Of course they can want it, but they must be protected from their own sinful nature and be prevented from psychologically damaging themselves.


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Your unwillingness comes across as incapability while you use emotional language to hide that.