Are traps gay?

Are traps gay?




yes and they should be executed for their gayness


it depends

The question is meaningless.




Leftism confirmed for glorious faggotry

They may not be gay but they sure aren't straight. like, it would be one thing if all you had to fap to was traps but this is the internet, there are all kinds of porn conceivable so why go out of your way to look specifically for traps if there wasn't something that traps offered you that regular women didn't?

And what they offer is dicks. Therefore you must be attracted to the dick and are therefore gay.

lol why is kisara vera on leftypol?
and why does she have elf ears?
whats happening to my pants…

i'm not sure, maybe post some more

Why is her twitter private?

A thread died for this. Either post this on /leftytrash/ or fuck off.

Since this is now a thread about traps, what am I?
I think that women are gorgeous, yet I find vaginas utterly disgusting, gore-like, while penises are neutral object. Of course this led me to prefer traps. At first I thought I was a repressed homosexual, so I went around in the streets checking on random men and they all disgusted me. No way I'll ever cuddle with a man.

So there it is. Men are disgusting, women are gorgeous, vaginas are gross, penises not so much. Is there a name for it?

i've never checked before i dont use twitter much
is she hiding shit

have you ever had sex with a woman? not being antagonistic but you could just not look at the vayjay and you'd probably be fine. i don't particularly care for them aesthetically either.

Traps are the ultimate heterosexuality, desire overflowing into itself.

Of course not, which is why the visual component was so important in that post.

Is this passable?

Yes, and almost all of them are insufferable and mentally ill

t. man who lived with 5 of them at once

How do you even end up living with five?

traps always network with other traps, a single one can begin an infestation

for the trap, the trapped or the observer fapping/popping a boner to it?

i thought maybe you tried once and couldn't get it up or something. you could like both women and/or traps, don't really know for sure until you have sex.

I know trannies like taking flattering photos of themselves to help with their dysphoria, but we need to be real here: If you're going to take a photo in shit light at a funny angle, with parts of your body strategically blocking others, you're not accomplishing anything.

If you want to know if you pass, take better pictures.

Are you kidding? No way you're not cis

Tell me your secrets, how do I trap harem anime irl?

Do literally anything because traps/trannies are almost always more desperate than even the most robot of /r9k/ posters


Yes and you should be ashamed because of it.

tfw no trap to clean my room in a maid outfit

Chill out, damn…

Umm, it is clean. The white basket is unclean - the black basket is clean.

Really? I am so autistic I just assumed they always have a bunch of beta orbiters around, both male and female.

your face is pretty top tier, i doubt you need validation from a Chinese checker forum.



typical tranny pics.