You will never get to slaughter virgin loser wannabe slaveowners as part of the Union army during the Amerifat civil war

Why live?

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Slaughtering people is bourg af sage


don't fool yourself. while I'm all for illegalizing slavery it was the industrial bourgeoisie that wanted to use the war to force the south to industrialize like them. they probably contributed to that fire more than anybody else.

The same can be said for every single bourgeois revolution during the late 18th and 19th centuries. Doesn't mean that we should feel bad for the monarchy.

I wasn't suggesting that.

Hell ya, march to the sea best month of my life.

I've never understood the Unionist LARPing from American liberals, given that the Unionists were WASP as fuck and your average American lib is some kind of Jew-Slav-Wog mystery meat

There were literal marxists/communists in the Union army. Also who cares about the race of the army that's killing slave owners and their bitches?

Rich Man's War, Poor Man's Fight. Anyone worth killing had already paid off the fee to have someone else fight in their stead, large chunks of the south had to be actively forced into the army at gunpoint.

Who were an extreme minority

*throws a tantrum when he realises Cletus Armstrong and Jebediah Winthrop don't give a fuck about liberating black bodies*

WASPs are mystery meat too, though
Only 1/3 of Anglos are actually ancestrally pure Anglos

Given that prior to the Irish invasion something like 90% of European migration to Europe were northern European Protestants, its not really comparable to Gianni Goldstein-Djukjenovich

Southfags are normal white people. They just talk funny. Also if they still sympathize with the Civil War South they are too reactionary to bother with.

Actually a lot of people did, especially people with names like jebediah who frankly probably saw a religious calling in the matter after having been raised by the sort of people who named their kids jebediah

I never seen unionist larping, people on the internet loves to larp as nazis or confederates.


/New England/ report in

But did the Union army have sweet ass music like this?

Winners don't larp

What kind of domesticated dog are you? Where are your fangs and desire for violence?

If you aren't currently a vegan who supports animal liberation, then you wouldn't have been an abolitionist back then. Stop larping, and deal with the issues of today. Go vegan.

Subtle, but you really need to stop referring blacks as animals if you wish to be successful in your subversion, polak.

You're an idiot. It's not about equating blacks to animals, it's about the fact that whites back then viewed blacks the same way we view animals now. If you don't have empathy for farm animals now, you wouldn't have had empathy for non-white slaves.

Human slaves have moral agency.
Pigs don`t.


Pigs are sentient, they can suffer. That alone makes them worthy of moral consideration. You don't have to have moral agency to deserve moral consideration. Retards do not have moral agency.

But that's beside the point, back then people did not view blacks as having moral agency. If you lack the empathy to want to stop shit like pic related form happening, then you would not have give one single fuck about slavery.


Still, the civil war was dialectical af and even Marx himself personally approved of it.

Market forces would have abolished slavery anyways since wage labor became far more cost effective in relation to forced labor over time.


They're more conscious than human toddlers.

Pigs are pretty cool.

That isn't sentience you dolt.

Yes, yes it is. Do you even know what sentience is? Are you mixing it up with sapience?

sentience just means being able to feel things, all animals are sentient, you moron

I would have felt sympathy towards my fellow humans since we share the same species for fucks sake, its in-build in our evolutionary psychology.

Animals on other hand outside of the ones that I have personally owned, I do not have sympathy for.

White people back then did not view blacks as being part of the same species, you complete fucking moron.

We all share the great brotherhood of suffering with everything that exists.

Apparently not if some were for abolishing slavery


No, we are the unquestionable superiors on this planet. Our domination was dictated by heavens themselves.

Er yes they did, otherwise we would have not worked to abolish slavery in the first place.
Comparing human suffering to animals degrades the humans.

You're deluding yourself if you think the people fighting to abolish slavery actually viewed blacks as human. They recognized that slavery was wrong, but they were still racist.

It only degrades humans if you hate animals and think they deserve to suffer, you piece of shit.

There are no superiors or inferiors, we are all equal in our suffering.

You're truly deluded. You would have been a douche bag in a tophat talking about how the white race is superior and deserves to dominate the other races.

Ah yes I forgot every single white person who ever lived during that time was raging bigots who just hated black people so much they wanted to end slavery.


Learn what words mean. They still viewed blacks as beneath them, even though they didn't think they deserved to be slaves. Or do you forget all the shit that happened after slavery was abolished? Lincoln didn't even want the freed slaves to stay in the country.

Define a "white race" first, by haplogroup or specific genes. There are no such things as biological races.

No, I think that human suffering is a priority over those of animals for obvious reasons.

I didn't realize that there were humans currently being used as livestock and forced to live their entire lives covered in shit while being beaten with metal pipes until eventually they are slaughtered and turned into meat to feed overweight freaks.

Wanna know what you would have said to abolitionists? "I think that the suffering of whites is a priority over that of blacks for obvious reasons."

I know what words mean. I take issue with your spurious claim that there was no single person who could be both non-vegan and not a racist then or now.

If you take issue with it, then that's on you, not me. Animal agriculture is the only modern issue which is even sort of analogous to how slavery was viewed back then. Whether you're looking at it from an economic perspective, or an ethical one. If you aren't a vegan now, there's little reason to believe you would have been an abolitionist back then.

Watch Earthlings, Cowspiracy, and read Fast Food Nation.

I did not know that there were cows or pigs forced to pick cotton either. Comparing suffering of non-humans to humans is not just intellectually dishonest but ignores the human aspect completely.

Animals were subjugated to service of humanity for good reason, while slavery did not hold such reasoning thus it was abolished.

What good reason?

To feed and cloth us.
Animals are in no way equals to humans in ANY aspects.

You eating a burger is not a good reason, you entitled piece of shit. Try eating some tofu, you decadent fuck.

So that gives you the right to murder and rape them? Guess I'll go beat the retard down the street to death since he isn't my equal.

Humans have rights, animals don`t since they do not participate in the social contract.

We're not living in an arctic tundra. And I'm willingly to beat you're living in a nation where clothes made out of plants or synthetic materials are widely available.

Fuck off, autist.

Fuck off Holla Forums

Tofu is shit you soy bean sucking faggot.


No, unlike you I have consistent morals and am a true Leftist.

There is nothing moral about defending animals over humans.

Stay gay, flesh fag.

Blacks are not animals, despite how much you would like to think them as non-humans Holla Forums.

Nice Idpol there

Woah, you mean to tell me that Abraham Lincoln wasn't actually the boy scout anti-racist he's portrayed as in American movies? That's crazy! Next are you going to tell me that he didn't love black people?



Both blacks and whites are animals.


Yes, but does that make blacks non-human?

They fed and clothed us before they were domesticated, retard. You don't need to keep them is massive slave camps.

You do if you want to feed modern urban populations.

You also dont need to keep them in massive slave camps to use them as a source of nutrients and food. Capitalism causes that

which is exactly why it's not worth worrying about "ethical consumption" and calling it an "important issue"

Plus we are on the cusp of lab meat anyway. After that vegans can shut the fuck up and let me kill myself in peace

There are these magic things called fruits, vegetables, and grains.

You're joking, right?

You're joking, right? Holla Forums?

The Soviet Union was capitalist, user… But I agree, there's nothing in communism itself that would necessitate the liberation of our animal brothers.

None of that sounds like meat.

I'm not even american and even I know the narrative for your civil war is bullshit

yeah nah
they had pussy on call 24/7
its part of the perks of slavery

Most of it is actually better.

Not at being meat its not.

hypocrisy really

Most whites in America are still some form of germanic, scotch-irish, or anglo

dont underestimate the 'swarthy german' and slav peasant admixture tbh
I was surprised myself

Nigga u racist as fuck. You just dont realize how it's affecting your thought process

It's k, my ancestors got to.

Our survival, fuckwit. We're talking about ages and ages ago. Hell, im sure it was a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship for awhile. Obviously slaughterhouses have upset that in modern times. You cant undomesticate an animal. Abandon your pets in the woods if youre so concerned, you shithead.
Human concerns come first, all else is sociopathy. Obviously, we all give a shit about the animals too, but priorities. Learn to deal. Poor people > animals

Why live?

You will if you join the YPG.



Wipipo can't let a thread about killing the massa get in the way of trying to find some way to shoehorn their faggy suburban vegan whole foods bullshit into it to make themselves feel better.

Gonna love it when Amazon makes Whole Foods sell evolved plant shit to you albinos.


But also you never cover that loser, what after war became porky carpetbagger, wia your own body.

Grains are small, hard, dry seeds, with or without attached hulls or fruit layers, harvested for human or animal consumption. "Grain crops" are grain seed producing plants. The two main types of commercial grain crops are cereals and legumes.

Where do you think bread comes from, user?

tbqhwyfam ISIL may be composed of beta losers but they're probably not virgins. Those sex slaves have to be good for something.

tbh americans need to stop bitching about "losing muh country" because they lost it around 170 yrs ago when they let in all these goddamn germans holy shit look at this fucking shit
t. Anglo-American

I know anglos are """germanic""" but I take it by germanic you mean someone who actually speaks german

The Civil war was first actual American revolution.

If they're wannabe slaveowners, they don't have slaves yet, thus are likely still spooked incels. Besides, I'll bet most of them can't afford slaves anyway.

Weak bait, Holla Forums

Bread comes from grains yes, but they, grains, need to be processed in order to digest them with any ease. Nutritionally speaking it's little more than filler, you'll never survive on bread alone.

medieval peasants largely did. Most of the nutritious crops we eat today came from the americas.

You can easily survive solely on sprouted bread. White bread (the bread of industrialization) will kill you if you try that.

Cause medieval peasantry levels of health are the standard we should strive to…

The average peasant was far healthier than the average American today.

hey there Holla Forums, sorry to break it down for you, but white americans are also lardasses

Lincoln was a fascist.

All you're saying is that my diet's healthier than both amerilards & peasants, thanks for the confirmation.

Don't try and pretend you understand anything about Scientology, or Ron's work. If anything he hated people like you. Communism is incompatible with dianetics.

A fucking rose

It would have been better off for geopolitical balance had CSA won. The slavery would have been anyway dismantled (like Robert Lee was against it when Lincoln wanted to send blacks "back to Africa") and we would have US&A fragmented, unable to single-handedly controls the world like today.

That's why we must support the separatism in the US&A, from the New Afrika proponents to the Confederate nostalgists.

Blacks are fatter on average.

Why live?


Let’s be honest if I lived back then I’d participate in a draft riot.

As a northern white I take offense to this. Seriously all Southerners living in the North need to be deported.