Fake black activist accounts linked to Russian government

Fake black activist accounts linked to Russian government


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Isn't that what oldschool CPUSA has been trying to do, incite a literal Nazi masturbation fantasy and then welcome Soviets as the liberators?

That's what a black ex-member of it wrote.

The Russian shills and sudden "news" sites emerging with stories about Clinton, Trump, and half of the other stories were about Putin - this aspect is undeniable, and it's not surprising that they were doing more stuff like this.


Still it's probably true. Turnabout is fair play after all. The US has been sponsoring far right wing/separatist groups around the world for decades. It's time they got a taste of their own medicine.

WOKE: Putin caused BLM.

It seems to be doing damage to the left and those associated with anti-fa. Hardly, the same people that have been sponsoring far right-wing/separatist groups around the world.

It had more likes than the official BLM page too

It doesn't surprise me if true.


America is incredibly reactionary. It's a lot easier to spread "woke" liberalism in order to scare soccer moms and petty bourgeoisie fags into support proto-fascism than it is to actually make propaganda to support them. These people actually like being angry. Just look at talk radio/youtube. Most of the time they aren't even "debunking" anything. They are just fuming.


Not surprising but also pretty sad that all this particular Russian felt was necessary to do to sow discord and tension was speak some fairly basic truths about this country.

Sorry, where is the evidence linking the Russian government to this? They seem to just state it matter if factly


Even if the Russians did this, why does this matter? It's just a fucking ad and it's true

It's attempting to foment hate towards the left and its co-opting leftist movements in the US (DSA, antifa, etc) for political gain. Not sure why it has to matter beyond that.



Tbf antifa are fucking retards. If you opportunistically mobilize the anachronistic concept of fascism to gain libtards respect youre a fucking retard. This is good because it exposes idpol bs for the opportunistic bullshit it is.

I guess this is the time of day the retards come out

I agree that Neo-Nazis are anachronistic, but I can't say in good conscience that punching them is wrong.

I see someone is still butthurt over gg. Did antifa hurt your feelings when they protested milo?

If anything, they should be punched harder and more often in the hopes that eventually someone will punch them so hard that they get physically launched back in time to 1934 where people won't be mean to them and they can live happily for about 10 years.

Can't imagine that account had a lotta followers with cookie cutter "woke" tweets like that.

Kinda ironic that Holla Forums acuses the Left of falling into liberal propaganda but in the end they were falling of reactonary propaganda.
When this investigation is over we may see every Holla Forumsyp and sympathizers being marginalized out of the internet. (at least I hope)


I think you're probably right, but if you have thousands of accounts doing the same thing, it starts being meaningful.

i knew it

can't tell if this is actually Russia's doing or some Holla Forumstard with a VPN trying to get a reaction.

leaning toward option 2 since I don't feel like a government sponsored psyop would be outed by leaving fucking location on.

Why would Holla Forums want that kind of reaction? Now everyone, even normies, knows that it is a fake account.


Most likely it's just a VPN, at best they're russian Holla Forumsacks. I very much doubt the russian government would actually bother with such stuff.


I wonder if the craziest, loudest, Kat Blaque-esque profiles on the black side of social media are Russian shills acting as agent provocateurs…

Either way if Russia's tryna fan the flames of a Nazi masturbation fantasy to tear The United States apart from the inside like The CIA's been doing for decades in countries in the third world I don't care. That's how the accelerationist in me feels. Besides, The United Caliphates Of Burgerstan are the biggest imperialists in town these days and are gonna need to be dealt with one way or the other so they don't try to fuck up any socialist uprisings oversees with their world police attitude.

is Blacktivist doing that? I don't see anything disagreeable in his tweet.

I'm pretty sure they do it here too, you can tell from looking in newspaper comments regularly. Always the same obsessives shit stirring on every article. Funny that everyone hates them though.

Socialism take root when the international bourgeoisie are too busy fighting amongst themselves to work together to stop it. The collapse of the American empire is essential to a communist future.

privilege white people strike again this will only destroy BLM you retards.


Liberal-tier understanding of politics.

The US government has been doing that sort of thing online for at least a decade now. Why shouldn't Russia be able to do the same sorts of things? They have internet over there you know.

the news narrative matters you retard.

Was talking to my brother in law bout these commenters non-stop dicksucking Putin and Russia in Daily Mail comment sections ever since 2014. The ruse is up, Sergei!

they just thru black lives matter under the bus and you white allies cheer for this no matter what you have keep some form of white supremacy hanging over the black man.(USER WAS LYNCHED FOR THIS POST)

That's what I'm saying. America's been the biggest hurdle in the way to worldwide socialism for well over half a century now. The Cold War and it's countless US-Soviet proxy wars made that pretty clear. Who's to say they won't try and save the world like they did back in Vietnam in a country like Nigeria or India if wealth inequality sends people over the edge there next? The Eternal Burger's gotta go.


Yeah it became most apparent when Corbyn smashed the fuck out of the Tories and the BTL ranting idiots all looked outright delusional ever since, which is odd because you'd think Putin would prefer Labour given Corbyn's foreign policy stances, but it looks like they bolster both sides just to increase tensions and Corbyn already has a massive online presence compared to the Tories. When the Nazbol meme was at its prime there was a lot of talk about meme magic being the works of Dugin and the FSB. I wonder when we will get FSB support.

It's pretty telling that so many people unquestioningly repeat the same liberal/conservative media platitudes on antifa and others like them based on whatever media picture they want you to believe, and yet you're playing at having a meaningfully different opinion

LOL Are they on Holla Forums too? I feel like shills on different government payrolls shitpost on /int/ sometimes (especially Turkish shills), but I ain't seen undeniable proof of anybody other than the occasional Holla Forumsflakes tryna subtly "red-pill" this board.

I don't think they're here but they're definitely on twitter posing as Holla Forums posters. The strategy is basically to make every single faction in a country fight each other to the point it starts to destabilise the country entirely. I think the bot v reality interface was met when like a dozen Nazis got stuck in their little cuck canopy in that park surrounded by ten thousand liberals.
This poster is correct - they're using psyops on every group to make them fight. Brits seem to be too united in their hatred for Tories right now for this trick to really work though.

I know that the russian government has lots of shills but I'm sure they have better things to do than maintaining fake antifa accounts. Also
I thought russia is a good anti-imperialist who dindu nuffin?

Yes, because Russia is one guy frantically running around.

go back to pol

Nobody thinks or says that. That includes "tankies".


Protesting about mistreatment along idol lines by the state isn't idpol

Why wouldn't they? having people shitpost online is very cheap for potentially big results in the age of social media.

Look at us, most of us do it for free.

Can't wait to hear from Doore about how its all a clinton conspiracy. Seriously, 90% of stuff he says is dead on but for some reason russia meddling in US elections is too crazy for him.

I'm really struggling to understand what's wrong with this tweet in particular.

Is this one of those cases where all they have to do to be disruptive is tell the truth?


I personally think him and the Berniecrats don't want to admit it because they are worried it will justify hillarys loss. The democrats refused responsibility and blamed Russia even before there was nearly as much evidence. The issue with berniecrats is they still think the party can be reformed in some regard, be pushed leftward, tho they think that somehow if the party is exonerated because Russia is found to have interfered, they will be the victim and have an excuse not to reform their platforms. As if they won't do this anyway…
I also think they see the whole situation as a distraction from the real issues, in their eyes.

Idk Jimmy is kind of unhinged. I doubt he'll even talk about this.

Race relations in america is their achilles heel and russians use this to destabilize america. There is nothing in this world that russians and chinese want more than a civil war in united states.

"Black people should wake up as soon as possible. Black families are divided and destroyed by mass incarceration and death of black men."

And this is wrong and bad, how? Oh because it's advocating for black people to stand up against white supremacy.


Mostly because it triggers retards.
The message also doesn't have to be wrong to be effective - "but they lynch blacks don't they" was a way of dismissing arguments, but it was also true and a decent point. It appears the Russians recognize a few things here - our institutions (particularly law enforcement) have a large number of white identity idiots who react to stuff like this with offense, our discussion of "race" is consistently communicated at clickbait and outrage porn tier, and our conservative politicians are in the business of dogwhistling.

What is good for civil liberties is not necessarily good for the US government and the status quo. And as long as Russia throws covert support to the American far right and white racists, there will also be a more hostile reaction to the black stuff. IE more triggered retards, who then push more black people to more extreme racially-based positions, and it feeds into:

The Boston Antifa account has been linked to two alt-right trolls in Oregon for months now.


Notice the location. I've tweeted at this account, and they told me they were soon going to a highschool actually in that city, Will C. Wood. Did they set the location themself? Were they lying?


The truth of the matter is that Russia has had shills since the Ukrainian crisis. Which seems to be a counter-response to the the online agit-prop that started the "arab spring". Both China and Russia were really caught with their pants down by this and only really caught on by the time NATO was banging down the doors of Libya and about to molest Syria.

I remember when the russian shills were trying to confuse the entire nature of the Crimea conflict to prevent us from gaining an accurate assessment while trying to build up a consensus that supported them. This is the basis for the meme with the Russian chicken asking for proofs :DD

There was intense shilling against the Ukranian nazi brigade (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Azov_Battalion), who we initially thought were a group we'd like to support, but as it turns out the dudes were supporting the Ukrainian oligarchy we were opposed to.

We also worked with Russian shills during the election, Russia has interest in supporting duganists to cause trouble in the West.

You can change a Twitter geotag at will so an accounts stated location doesn't really mean much. I'm pretty sure the new tactic for these alt-right run parody accounts is to make it seem like antifa is completely a Russian psyop and that American antifa are all useful idiots doing Russia's bidding by dividing the country.

Isn't the description a Hitler quote?

I fail to see the problem.

Stop using Windows fag.
Cointelpro is all over your shit.

god i hope this happens. i wanna see the butch ham beasts go at it

I said nothing of the sort. The democrats definitely used the russia shit as a scape goat, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen. If they really lost the election to due russian meddling it doesn't mean they're suddenly not shit. See .

For fucks sake people


If you watch the videos from Yuri Bezemnov on Russian psychological warfare against the US he talks about the methods Russia has used to destabilize the US for decades. By pitting blacks against whites, straights against gays, women against men, trannies against normal people. Etc etc.

Basically all this divisive stuff that is tearing the country apart, whether its feminism or antifa or BLM etc is all funded, promoted and put in place by Russia with the goal of dividing America and making us weak. Their main target for psychological attack is universities, where kids are intelligent but still hopelessly naive and easily manipulated.

Whats fucked up is that they dont really bother to concel it. People told us 30 years ago that they were doing it and nobody has tried to stop it. We have just sat back and watched it play out and watched the country become more and more divided.
Today many people buy in to this idpol stuff and their lives revolve around it. They must be laughing their asses off at us in Moscow.

yes "sources" that's how journalism has always worked. Only until Trump's lügenpresse strategy and the alt right parroting it have retards started whining about anonymous sources even though that's how it fucking works. A journalist gets a source by getting their trust and protecting their identity and the journalist earns trust from the public by having a good track record. But nowadays you Holla Forumsyps act like 90% of news is fake lies because it's MSM and you're edgy.

We already knew about them. And they were around pre-Ukraine crisis. There were even a few around when anons were going after Tesak.


The sources are Twitter, no?
It's the company itself who has said this.
They don't even cite more offensive posts, so it's weird to suggest this is some kind of absolution for BLM, who genuinely aren't that despised considering all the bullshit they do.

They have been doing this for decades. So has the US. The only thing that has changed is that the ecnomic situation for the working class in the US has become much worse. The US is doing this to itself.

Afroplasm on suicide watch. Eat shit.

No one's saying that, though.

wtf is this thread

this sounds like absolute bullshit Louise Mensch stuff that has somehow gone mainstream.

why are you people buying this?

Got a real source?

cnn is one of the most reliable news sources despite what Holla Forums says


name 5 news sources that are more reliable. then name 5 examples of "fake news" from cnn.

You're the one that should be proving CNN's veracity and reliability, chum.

lol you best be trolling son.
They were the ones who provided debate questions to Hillary in advance when she debated Bernie. And Trump too.

Why is it that you can pull out instances of bias?
People go nuts over that stuff, but as with pretty much all of the MSM we already know that they're biased and the most extreme examples (which still, for most of the MSM in general, are usually not outright fraud) are notable precisely because most of the stuff they report is factually accurate, but with decisive inclusions or exclusions.

I mean, you can also check this out:

CNN does not appear to be pulling this out of their ass, unless Twatter denies it then they're just reporting what happened.

Even fucking Reuters is more reliable than CNN

They're not even trying to be subtle.

Sounds legit guys, no porky propaganda here for sure!

Lol look at this one:

They really expect me to believe Tom Price left the White House and is rich? GIMME A BREAK! Hahahaha


Puerto Rico has "almost no cell service"???
Gonna need a real source for that one, Uncle Pennybags!

You get the point - sorry for shitlinking. Do no click plx.

tbf Porky2Porky news tend to be more trustworthy than their yellow Porky2Prole press.
That's why the Financial Times or Bloomberg are among the best news sources there are.


He left because the white house couldn't pay his


Even the FT and bloomberg got the recent US election prediction horribly wrong.
And they both reported that there were WMDs in Iraq as a pretext to the invasion.

I dont want to read news sources that tell me something with 100% certainty and end up being completely incorrect or a lie.

They merely claimed Hillary had the most chances to win, no you should learn what "probability" means.

Most topical news shows were predicting Texas and other states turning Democrat.
Its one thing being off by a small margin of error. Its another thing being so far removed from reality that you mislead your viewwers and make them look incredibly dumb when real events play out.

Also, dont think I havent noticed that you avoided the WMDs in Iraq thing.

Okay, smart guys, what's a reliable source news then? Internet blogs? RT?

It wasn't a prediction. People want to be in the "winning team", so there are plenty of people who vote for the candidate more likely to win. What they did wasn't predict wrong, but attempt to misdirect people in order to gain votes for their candidate.