Which ideology is ideal for an incel? I'm not convinced anymore that fascism will actually be good for me

Which ideology is ideal for an incel? I'm not convinced anymore that fascism will actually be good for me

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Posadism. Nuke the normies, pound ayy lmao cunny.

Well what are you interested in getting out of ideology?

A real solution to my problems and that ensures these problems don't repeat itself. Regular Marxism isn't for me because the autistic focus on economy is annoying. I was raised in a broken family, tfwnogf for years. These things aren't strictly related to economics. I don't buy that once capitalism is abolished these social issues will cure themselves

Have you considered that societal upheaval may never fix these problems and that you should instead think about how your own life can be changed for better results?

learn the guitar, become leftist, grow beard to hide ugly face. If you cant get pussy this way might as well kys.

social-democracy seems to be the best for a NEET

I'm working on it. Probably won't work but w/e. It is so wrong to want to live in a society that doesn't reproduce losers like myself?

Not a neet but I wish I was

No ideology is a cure-all. Unfortunately, some people will never be happy. I know I won't be.

No, I agree. You're right to consider why society may have created individuals like yourself and then think how could this be avoided in future.

I think the major problem with our society is that people are so atomized and alienated even from childhood. Children especially I think are very undersocialized and this leads to problems in adulthood as they're not used to bonding with other people. I think leftist ideologies in particular are quite good at answering this as they tend to view children as individuals in their own right rather than a kind of quasi-property of parents .

Communism can't cure autism and intriverssion. But with a community focused mindset, valoriztion of public spaces and activities and massive changes in the education system we can greatly reduce the odds.

There isn't one then. Honestly go for socdem/chapo girls, they're weird-normie girls there and they like awkward fags. You can be any leftist ideology or even a liberal and still gf one of them so as long as you aren't a reactionary fag you should be good. You can find them at Democratic Cops of America meetings or on chapo twitter, perhaps at certain shows if you live in a big city.
Be yourself is also great advice, as in don't be a fake nigga. PUA shit is wrong, women can smell bullshit a mile away and counterfeit game won't work. If you're not into something don't pretend that you are and if you are into something gay try to spin it into something eccentric or even artsy, just don't spill your spaghetti and watch them for clues, if they look bored or weirded out shut the fuck up and say something self-depreciating to get a laugh.

How old are you btw?

why won't you work on yourself?

Why do you think that. Because you can't imagine any different?

Almost 30. Just fucking kill me man

Do you have any friends?

Then you may be looking for the early Leninism. Originally USSR wanted to run state brothels, so each working gets a share of women.

It isn't this aspect of facism that I am disillusioned with. more the opposition to anything fun, the racism, and the worship of some kind of alpha male image and leader

I have acquaintances

Brothels are a half assed solution tbh

I think the first step to getting gf is making friends.

Any modern communist society will use some sort of social programs for people like you, places where people can go and meet other people like them (and normies). Problem is that there's no real profit to be had here since these people are usually poor and/or too scared to actually do it.

Really though, it is all about economics. The communist mode of production ties us together in our communities instead of like now where we're just scattered around for the capitalists to pick up.

Abolish the sexual free market. Destroying feminism and deconstructing femoid supremacy comes before everything else.

why won't you start a business instead of killing hard working people for their shit?

You know, all the data that facebook gathers on people, and shit like that could theoretically be used to set up people with exactly someone they would like and get along with. There is no reason that we couldn't use this technology under communism to basically issue people partners from a young age, as school might even require you to move there like university. Imagine fucking your future wife from a young age and knowing that the likelihood of you staying together is higher than it would have ever been under capitalism. It could happen, user. The technology exists. For you it might be too late, but then again, you won't get to see communism anyway. None of us will. Until then, the best you can do is try to cope with the current system.

The point of this thread isn't self-help. I can go to a million different places for that, but I can only talk creating a society where atomization of a person is impossible here

But you see, user. The first step to creating a society where atomization of a person is impossible is making friends

Except the are.

Read Stirner.

Fucking communism nigger are you retarded?

Top minds of leftypol everyone.

Marxism is certainly for you user, and I say this as someone in a similar position.

It's true what other anons have said, that it's unlikely any ideology will fix all of society's problems. But Marxism will give you the freedom to overcome them and be happy.

but is completely right. how are broken families not economic?

Fascism is a fuck but I don't think any leftist ideologies could really help us robots, either. Any form of leftist ideology put into practice now will never be quite the same as they were in the early part of the 20th century. I'm all for the rights of gays, women, rights/integration of minority groups, etc. etc., but the combination of hedonistic consumerism and liberalism over the last few decades have really stripped leftism of any form of "dignity" (think of the early socialist feminists that called for the abolition of prostitution, mutual respect and rights of men and women, etc.). By the end of the day, I consider myself an Anarcho-Communist because I am convinced that establishing such a society is the right thing to do, even though I am sure I would probably be just as alienated in that society as am in our current one. There just isn't a place for people like you and I, anywhere.

Why do you all keep saying this. There is a place. It's called mgtow, alt-right, self improvement pua shit.

If you don't have an alternative, why shouldn't I go back to that?

Because if it was working for you, you wouldn't be here looking for alternatives fam.

Incels leaving best day of my life.

Socialism won't fix a unnatractive appearance, issues with socializing or certain awkward traits.

Those are all on you to fix. I used to be a fascist NEET who thought a alpha dictatorship would solve my issues. After some thought I didn't see how. I decided to go full anarchist. As of now I'm a basic anarcho left winger.

A good thing that has come out of my new outlook on life is I've improved immensely. I've lost about 20lbs, started lifting, eating better, gone on dates, had a gf for 6 months, I still have a shitty personality but that's on my list to fix

T. Former incel

How are you not going to be incel if you live with your parents, don't have a car or can find employment that can afford you these things? We are at the mercy of capital no matter what, and if you cannot afford the ability to buy into this consumerist culture how are you gonna find that gf? Fuck off you bootstrap fuckers, capitalism is bad for incels too.

These threads are the nost subversive of all where you have people actively driving away class consciousness in others because "lol ur a virgin, what a nazi"


What do you want us to do? Promise every incel his own personal state mandated gf?

Unironically do so, the board is sick of listening to your shit.

No user, do not serve the same people who have tried to damn you to a miserable fate

I am a 25 year old virgin, on the verge of being 26. I have never kissed a woman, never held someone's hand, never had a gf.

But if there's one thing I've learned it is that you must stand up for yourself; it is the best thing you can do. For yourself, for everyone.

Don't throw your life away user, be something greater. Don't submit yourself to a woman or to fascism, fight for your right as a human being. Fight against the people who have wronged you, insulted you, ground you down. Revolt against the death of the world at the hands of its reactionary capitalist masters. Be the hero it needs, and then you will get a gf who truly cares about you.

Friendly reminder.

just go to a 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧socialist🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 meeting and you have like 70% chances of hooking up with a chick if you know enough theory, at least that's how it happened to me when I was at Uni in France

Try giving up on the ideology of incel instead. Society pumping the message into everyone that you're a piece of shit unless you get laid is the ultimate ideology. Read some Zizek and Lacan, who constantly say "there is no sexual relationship." I don't know what that means but it sounds incel.

You can be a MGTOW and a communist/leftist, there is nothing contradictory about that.

There's also wizchan.

well glad you atleast didn't buy into the cultural marxism meme

Doomsday cult of some sort tbh, do your best to half or quarter the population so things can be decent again


just pretend to be a progressive liberal.

Nihilism. Just Nihlism the sad kind not the unspooked kind, the real kind but the stereotypical one. You're meaningless.


make Stacy's pussy your property

Read Schopenhauer

Has MGTOW, alt-right or pua shit actually improved your life?

Egoists always say this, but exactly how do you make someone pussy your property?

I'm sorry buddy but no political ideology will fix your autism, you just gotta learn to live with that.


Communism is gonna make hentai real

tbf your best treatment would be psychedelics or MDMA

don't blame me if you get your shit fucked up tho

Forget about women. They're really not worth the bother.

Technically my stance is still "I might go out with a woman if she asks, but I will not go out of my way to meet people." So far, no woman has even given the slightest hint of interest since like 2011, and that ended badly. (I wouldn't have wanted to be with her anyway, she was into drugs and shit.)

The incel communities tend to be full of emotional vampires and ideologists who are taking advantage of desperate people to do their thing. They're really disgusting, and that's why I left around 2012-2013 and never looked back. Now I'm getting older and less interested in women. It does get better - I didn't believe it when I was in my dumb twenties, but I retained enough sense to see how stupid other incels were acting even though I had my own stupidity to work through.

I was considering self-castration for a while just because I wanted to be over all of it, but as I got older it just became less of a problem. Of course now I'm pretty much impotent and any relationship with a woman is essentially impossible.

Actively punishes for that, isn't it? You are untermensh and a waste. The best thing you can do is go and die in some war or guard duty and catch a bullet for a better man.

Marxism will, at least, try to acknowledge the problem once some of more pressing concerns are solved, and will not expect you to sacrifice your interests for someone else's.

I do not believe there are better or worse ideology for someone, really. Just like there aren't better or worse sciences for someone.

Good advice.

In Fascism the state can give you the opportunity. If you refuse to put the effort to use it, there's nothing Fascism or any other system can do for you. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

What can you offer women? Are you good-looking? Rich? Interesting? No? Then why the fuck would anyone be interested in you? Better yourself and you'll find a woman. It will be hard, painful even. You'll get rejected many times, but you'll get there. Or you can take the easy route and whine it isn't fair while doing nothing to change your situation.


More like it would send you to a concentration camp with a big black triangle on your uniform.

Honestly a lot of the "leftists" in this thread gave similar advice.

And what is this opportunity exactly? A boot in the face? Die for glorious fatherland? Literally forcing women to fuck him?
The problem isn't with himself, but the broken ass economic system that creates these people. Fascism offers no solution to broken families.
I can tell you from experience, if your parents are unhappy together and stay together "for the kids" you create an extremely dysfunctional family that creates dysfunctional kids.
I hate that The Hilldawg appropiated this, but it takes a village to raise a child.

Are you seriously implying that single mothers and orphanages nurture people of great success and character?

No, I'm saying creating a communist society where the family isn't split into fragile nuclear families will greatly reduce trauma in future populations.

How are you going to do that, outlaw divorce? And what about pumping and dumping?

My problem with this is sort of like my problem with giving this advice to someone poor to start thier own business and invest or whatever. It isn't bad advice, but in the context of world poverty it's pretty inadequate because in capitalism this underclass NEEDS to exist.

Similarly, if we're trying to end this entire phenomenon telling people to work out and get rich isn't adequate at all. We already live in a world where men compete to improve thier status and looks to fuck the most and best looking women, like some kind of sick contest. As if it's an affirmation of a man's worth. My normie friends really do think like that. Why not question the underlying issue?

It's a shame MGTOW turned into the He-Man Woman Haters club and not a movement of educating young men of the pratfalls of marriage/relationships in our capitalist society. I remember when it first started being a thing around 2012(ish?) and it had some real potential of empowering isolated guys that would turn to r9k incel self-pity instead. No offense to incels here.


Are you joking? R9k losers are way better than mgtow. R9k is compatible with leftism, they just complain about tfwnogf, play Vidya, and watch anime. They are harmless

Mgtow on the other hand, promotes shit like sex tourism and using prostitutes. They approve of using women as sex dolls, to never make a commitment. To pump and dump and gtfo when she asks for long term.

Mgtow is absolutely not compatible with leftism

Marriage is entirely symbolic and mostly related to inheritance of property rights, stop talking about families as if they depend upon it.
I feel like my post you're responding to explains your question pretty well.

It literally is, from a biological perspective. And an as FYI, the farther removed from economic capital and social capital (ie. "status") society becomes then the more biological capital matters - if you don't have any sort of social or economic edge over Chad that proves your worth as a mate then why the fuck would any woman choose your genetics over his?

U sound more like a Pinoshit than a Fascist tbh.

I know OP doesn't care because he's probably talking about white incels, but there is currently no good solution to the nonwhite incel problem. I can't speak for Asian incels. They're fucked. I can speak for black American incels, and I'd assume some observations would apply to Hispanic incels as well. The primary problem is that the solution to the white incel problem is to develop social skills and pursue your socially acceptable interests. The issue there is that pursuing interests that would be socially acceptable for whites can make it harder for nonwhite incels to get laid.
None of the above are problems unique to my career path. Similar problems come up for Hispanic engineers and Asian doctors.
The problem with being a leftist, black incel is that pursuing my politics and other interests have only made it harder to find a partner. As I've progressed from an undergrad degree in a hard science into law school, the number of nonwhite women but especially black women I've interacted with has gone down to nearly zero. These women are consistently more willing to date an average looking white guy than an average looking black guy, since average looking + black = ugly.
I'm not joining any groups with "socialist" or "communist" in the name until after I have a job, but I do legal observation with the National Lawyers Guild. The women that I see doing the same thing are almost exclusively white. White women aren't going to date black men if the white equivalent is available.
Finally, there are the black women at my school who aren't in my social circle. The type of black people who go to a good law school are probably one of the most race-essentialist, class-blind groups in the country. I'll date someone ugly, but I won't date someone I hate.
The only way to solve the incel problem necessarily includes solving the nonwhite incel problem. The only way to solve the nonwhite incel problem is to radically reshape society. The only way to sufficiently reshape society is to destroy capitalism.

nice moralism faglord

i've heard some good things about >>>/suicide/

I don't see anything wrong with this. If women aren't going to have loyalty to you, then why should you not pump and dump? The only ones that would complain about this are women who now don't have a betafag to fall back on, and betafags who don't want women to settle for them and want 100% pure waifus, which I can understand, but then the solution is just to forget about long-term relationships for them as well.

Lol why would you assume that. I'm not racist, another reason why fascism and alt-right bullshit doesn't appeal to me.

I get laid plenty as a poor brown manlet. Get fucked. It's all about socialization, attractiveness does not matter as much. Even if you found your perfect Aryan waifu to marry, chances are she fucked someone inferior like me in the past

Ah nvm, you're an mgtow retard yourself

Well what else is there then?

Oh brother, that was my "decision" back when i was 14. But actually it was just a rationalization of my fear of depression and my cowardly way to cast off that burden. Needless to say, that "stance" didn't work for me either.

I'm not OP, and I'm married. I just said I can understand. Nobody wants to be the second place prize for someone that would ignore them otherwise. Also, you type like a fucking retard, so…pot calling kettle black, etc…

I sincerely hope you aren't left in anyway and are just some Holla Forumsack here for the memes. Fuck off.

As for OP, you can't just pick and choose an ideology because you are an incel. These social issues are mostly because you are a betaman. There may be (in my opinion) better ways of raising children that will promote non-autismo type attitudes in the adult years, but, there will always be the beta. I'm sorry.

You shouldn't be getting into Communism because of girls. This isn't about girls. If it is, then that person is a loser.

I don’t think being a black incel and being a white incel is that different.

White guy here, the only time black women have ever shown interest in me is when they’ve never seen someone with blond hair do close to them and they were intrested in it. After a few minutes they lost interest.

Again not true, it depends on the woman, if you’re stuck try to find stuff you have similar intrested in. If the problem is lifestyle differences then forget it.

Corbynism, he said something about state issued girlfriends.

Read Bookchin and then Takis Fotopoulos. It is pretty dumb to reduce everything to economics, and Marx try's to do that in an effort to make a "scientific" assessment of history and progress but ultimately creates a teleological argument. There's also the fact that his views are based on an outdated view of history and anthropology

I'm listening to an audiobook of the next revolution right now. What should i read by Takis?

socialism but without a sexual market, men get to choose their partners and the men with the highest Autism Levels (incels tend to have above average Autism Levels) get first choice

How was what he said contradictory to Leftism?

onanism, it literally solves your problem by relieving sexual desires

Islam is a beta uprising. Either that or move to a place with minimal government, build your wealth and or power somehow and build a harem.

It's also essentially having sex with your own brain

It's literally perfect, not even solipsism can stop you.

I consider myself a left wing libertarian fascist. Is there a place for me here?

it's always just your brain, user.

Now that's some top-level ideology.

The point is you don't need to be an asshole to have a one night stand. I don't care if you continue to go out with a girl or not.

Communism is for losers who cannot get a real job, or who are too dumb to use the free market to their advantage. No matter what economic system you femoids devise, nothing will shield you from the fact that you just suck at being productive. Nobody should get into communism because communism is a death cult ideology that uses assorted losers, deviants and virtue signalling faggots to destroy targeted civilizations. Since we all know that commies have no plan for the day after the revolution, we can safely say that their usefulness expires then and there. This has been the case for every revolution led by communists in history and why every the magical fairyland never materializes.>>2117562

You're complaining about me saying pump and dump makes sense as well as relationships being potentially unnecessary for men. Were you just having a kneejerk reaction back there, or what did you mean?

There is no ideology for the incel on the left, since the left is defined by its autistic opposition to the right. The left literally cannot stop talking about the right, even on its own board. You faggots know this to be true.

This is why the left will never stop making fun of the sexually underprivileged until all its women betray them for Chad (since Chad isn't a massive numale faggot who can't get a job). The left will never let go of the "LE ALT RIGHT IS ALL VIRGINS AND SHIET" talking point; male virgin shaming is a core component of feminism. The left wing are essentially ancaps when it comes to the sexual free market, which is why they drop all their social structuralism bullshit when it comes to male incels. It is 100% ok to blame society for all the problems of being a nigger, but it is never ok to blame society for being alone (if you are male). After all, why blame society


Its over m8. Its all over.

Life, a world, possibly artificial life through biological engineering and an end to sexual reproduction altogether. Sex is the biggest nothing and soon to be obsolete anyway, and there's no point in the incel obsession over what women/men think about you because of your sex life.

What did he mean by this?

He very clearly called you all white knights and betas who act like crabs in a bucket for your own pathetic situation, but I guess that would categorically fall under, "Self-awareness" which is something all leftists lack; as all leftists are autistic in some capacity, leading to egotism and therefore no ability to even be self aware.

No, you retard. It's not about whining and finding ways to say how you're not at fault for everything because society sucks.

Structural analysis of society shows that society creates roles that need to be filled in order to function, and that there are means of coercing people into those roles. A very large amount of those roles has to be "exploited worker" whose social role is to create things for others to profit off of.

If you want to say that incels are the fault of the structure of society, then you have to actually make a structural analysis that shows something similar, not just "wahh feminists have cups that say 'male tears'"

I'm sure you will find a gf someday my dude

why would the anarchists even use leninist symbol of the hammer and sickle after what have happened to them during kronstadt or conflict against makhno?

user, I oppose the accumulation of wealth into the hands of the elites of society, elites who were born there and will stay there. I oppose the idea that society should ultimately serve the interests of those elites. The working class deserves better. That includes factory workers, code monkeys, regional managers, and more. I oppose the idea that a person should have to labor for the benefit of another just because of a power imbalance handed down to each of them by their parents.

I oppose the aristocracy and their death grip on our society and our culture. Free market ain't gonna do shit but make these problems worse.

The United States is failing because of Capitalism. If you can't see it you're willfully blind.

Proletarian hygiene and fitness

Just become a socialist user, from there, figure out what ideas sound good to you and develop your own understanding of the world and how to struggle for a better one.

That's what it's all about, struggle. It's the struggle that brings us together. Try to see if you have a chapter of a local socialist org, meet some qts, work out to defend yourself in the coming insurrection, go to a gun range, ect.

Ignore all the assholes throwing shade at you, loneliness is a real problem in our society, one that we'll all have to tackle together. The alt-right can't fix you're loneliness, nor can the bourgeois techno futurists. No, it is only through getting control of our own technology and economy that we can fight the general trend of atomization.


The point is never to just nebulously "blame society", we're not liberals, much less liberal feminists. We're here to fight against the power of capital, to get people back in control of their own society and world.

we need left incel-ism now



Post-fascist social democracy.

This is extremely good read, thanks for posting it. I read the whole thing, and was disappointed to see no solution offered at the end. Still, he goes a lot farther than I thought he would. Even saying it is unfair that Barry can't get a gf and Henry can. That's impressive.

Left-icelism will not ever be a thing but if it is, I'd join it in a heartbeat even though I'm not an incel anymore

We provide incels something to fight for, one person one wife. There's nothing else that needs to be said about this. If this principle is in effect everyone is paired up. No more sexual liberation

All fellow "leftists" can do is ridicule and deride you. They will never acknowledge your problem or will forever treat it as a second rate issue

If you want to join people who don't abuse you constantly for being an incel, you know where to come

What's a good ideology for an incel who has accepted his fate and is not interested in any attempt at self-improvement? I'm currently into fascism and though I like how taboo it is, it's starting to lose its feeling of novelty for me. I've grown bored with it tbh.

Google Bookchin

Don't delude yourself.

Fascism wouldn't give two shits about that. Social darwinist approach would mean that a fascist state would not make any effort to help the disfavored: a black triangle and a death camp is all a NEET would get.

Fascist state is a state of mobilisation: actually, there would be no stay-at-home moms or women as property. Because they would be needed for a full time jobs.

Fascist state has extremely emancipated elites. They will have harems of wifes, slaves and concubines, Roman style. Neither Hitler, nor Mussolini were anything remotely close to family men.

T.L.D.R. Fascism is probably the only ideology that would not just ignore, but may also punish incels with a concentration camp for (a rather shortened) life

Whatever helps to get you mad, armed and organized. I just hope you realize who is really holding you down and that 'no gf' is probably the least of your problems.

egoist anarchism will allow you to just pin a bitch down and fuck her. just need enough ammo to take down her family or owner.

not really, being an incel is worse than first world poverty

Please tell me you're being ironic


Give me an alternative. Oh wait you don't have one except empty ridicule lefttard bitch

Believing in ethnic cleansing because you can't fuck is kind of its own self own.

no, i'm not, i highly doubt people in first world poverty are as suicidal as incels

You're being melodramatic. Plenty of people end up incels because they can't afford to talk to anyone, then kill themselves or become homeless. These aren't the sort of people who identify as incels or join your community and instead are the people panicking in random local forums, labour movements and entrepreneur sites.

The amount of people throughout history who have committed suicide because they realized their lives are forfeit and won't amount to anything, or starved to death, or died because safety of the impoverished isn't a priority of the bourgeoisie, is probably larger than the amount of people who committed suicide because no sex

we aren't talking about the span of history though are we? we're talking about modern first world poverty

how on earth can you not afford to talk to someone? what does that even mean?

Oh right we're talking about now. The amount of people in the world as we speak who have committed suicide because they realized their lives are forfeit and won't amount to anything, or starved to death, or died because safety of the impoverished isn't a priority of the bourgeoisie, is probably larger than the amount of people who committed suicide because no sex

I mean, you can afford to talk to someone, but people generally like doing stuff. If you're the one who's broke, hanging around with someone on their spare time off work, they're probably going to want to get some beer or weed. Then your problem is that you're putting them in a position of sorting you out with either, which most working people can't afford to do regularly.


The Wife
The Incel

ok man

very few people starve to death in first world countries


You're right, it's drug overdose and health problems that get you in America. not lack of fucking.

what does personality have to do with anything? inceldom is a phenomena primarily caused by being ugly, personality doesn't matter that much

using drugs is something you choose, inceldom is not, and in any case you are fixated on comparing net deaths to proportions, drug problems are a lot more widespread than inceldom

You're more likely to commit suicide from a health problem and poverty than you are strictly for being a virgin. That's just how it works.

I'd fuck Adam Friedland and he's a bug.

H0ly shid

Anarchism, Communism, Fascism, cannot change your physical appearance to help you get a girlfriend

but we can eliminate women's choice from the equation which makes the male's appearance an issue in the first place

No, I'm afraid the Handmaiden's Tale is actually a minority political opinion and just as likely to happen as you fucking.

Focus all that autismal energetic rage at women for not being forced to fuck you into forcing yourself not to give so much of a shit

i highly doubt that, people earning under 34k a year only have a 50% higher chance of committing suicide and the unemployed only have a 74% higher chance of committing suicide

You didn't answer the question

"Only a 74% higher chance of committing suicide"

Dude if you want to compare your problems to the people who actually struggle physically you might as well commit suicide


Yes, only 74% chance, what is weird about that statement? considering the mental health of the average incel I would be surprised if the incel suicide rate wasn't several times the average, like with trans people

Only a 74% chance

are you sure? for most of civilization's history it seemed like we were smart enough to know that giving women rights was a bad idea, I don't see why we can't collectively come to that realization again

Frankly, I'm positive. You're going to be disappointed by a lot more things your parents should have taught you about life than you don't automatically earn people's respect by existing.

Sweet Jesus the autism in this thread exploded. When are you all going to learn that the asexual bioengineered master sex is the future?

Also fascism will not give you a fucking girlfriend you twats.

I'm not interested in earning people's respect, I just want to do away with women's rights, is that so much to ask? It's clear that, as women are essentially mentally children, they can't be trusted to have the same freedoms a man does, they ruin society

Where were your parents dude

I mean, yeah

I don't know what you're on about, I don't see why a rational person would need to "respect" me as a person to agree with my ideas


We all know that.

I'm asking where your parents were.

Usually either at home or at work

They didn't do a good job at telling you what you do and do not earn from other people.

One man
One wife

The gynocracy has so thoroughly destroyed our societies it has resorted to importing highly patriarchal feudal brown people form the third world that practice POLYGAMY in order to inflate the fertility rate and keep pensions viable. This is the logical conclusion of Feminism and the cock carrousel.

End the insanity today. Reinstate the patriarchy and there will be no more incels.

There's so much psychology going on in this post.

Where's the fun in that?

There's so much pure ideology it hurts my brain. Nazis are deluding themselves (or at least others, since I'm pretty sure this is a malignant lie they use to influence weaklings) if they believe there was a golden age without incels.

You are forever going to be the Wiley Coyote to someone else's Roadrunner and that's just the way it works. Keep inventing ways to get out of it and people to blame.

He's absolutely an idiot but your responses make it clear that even as leftists you can't even imagine a solution to inceldom

Why are you surprised when incels like that guy turn right wing. Because leftism would rather ridicule them and refuse to even put this issue on the negotiation table

The red pill, clearly.

Because Leftism doesn't claim to be some cure-all for all your petty girl problems, like how nazis literally believe that once they establish the ethnostate they will all get qt aryan virgin wives an have 20 kids

This is awful advice.

I agree that the system of capitalism requires a vast, downtrodden underclass, but as I asked before: What's the systemic function of incels? Sure, you need to have single people who are available for dating for dating to work, but being single isn't the same thing as being an incel.

Maybe you should try and formulate some theory about it then. Clearly there's a large demand for a pro-incel left


I'm quite firmly sure that people who are unhappy about being incels are more upset about being without companionship than they are being without sex.

Approaching this as a "how do we get our dicks wet" is the wrong way to go about it.

"who provide a girlfriend experience"

what is this

That's one of the very bottom choices. The top two are actually broadly about improving people's social lives, sex or no sex.

a survey leftypol took in a previous thread about which solutions could be made for "the incel problem"

answers were written by the survey author. The top most ones are the most answered.

wouldn't improving the material conditions of the proletariat make the incel problem worse, with all else being equal?

I demand source

Sexbot Anarchism

Sexbot Anarchism

Sexbot Anarchism

Socialism will give you state issued gf


Vague as shit

Other socialists don't agree

there would be no reason for women to not go after chads almost exclusively when they don't need to worry about needing a provider


Good maybe this will finally breed out all the ugliness out of humanity

He is right, communism would only be the Sexual Revolution on steroids, and the Sexual Revolution truly established Capitalism in the sexual market, not socialism as many believed

Go to clubs and do a lot of coke

Can I ask you all a question

How is your bastardization of behavioral science not equivalent to Astrology and Horoscopes

can I ask you what you think is wrong with yourself?


You're right, the picture I posted was.

maybe the reason you guys don't get laid is cause you think this kind of shit makes sense. try treating women like human beings instead of abstractions to fulfill a need you have and see if that takes you anywhere.

ps. there is nothing more unattractive than a fascist

here you go famrade

because Holla Forums & /r9k/ is all about spooks. Nothing is real there, it's pure ideology.

dude realize that an attractive personality counts but that an attractive physical appearance counts too.

OMG attractive people have more people attracted to them!!!!! WHAT KIND OF MAGIC IS THIS!

If you're an ugly fuck compensate by not being socially retarded at least you can become somewhat respectable that way. For your own sake or masturbate in solitude all you want I don't care. fuccboi

Socially awkward, don't understand the cues for dating which I guess everyone else knows. Not assertive with what I want, take rejection personally, poor without ambition. The list goes on

Here's the thing. It'll make you feel better I promise. Everyone is the same way. I mean everyone.

Girls don't reject you out of cruelty or condemnation, it's because they don't know how to handle it just as badly as anyone. Like if a girl hit on you, you'd be flattered, surprised, you wouldn't know what to say. You might even deny the advances because you're just nervous about how far this is going so suddenly.

Not all people are like this, men or women.

But we're all in someway anxious for the same reasons you're describing. None of us are all that secure. We're all paper tigers.

Even if that's true, it doesn't change my lonely existence. I can only hope that those who ridicule and say that my situation and will never change no matter what and that I deserve it are wrong. And those who say that when capitalism is gone there will be ample opportunity for bringing me back into the fold of society and even having society wide programs are correct.

The thing is I'm legitimacy not a racist (why I abandoned fascism), I don't hate women or anyone. I'm really a decent person and I guess people can't believe that someone decent can be an incel. They think I MUST have some inferiority that ensures I deserve it

Thanks I'll get to reading that

i'm not a fascist, and how am i not treating women like human beings?

girlfriends are over-rated

finding other humans that are not completely insufferable is nearly impossible. if "getting a gf" is your goal you are very likely to end up settling and unhappy. also becoming a leftist or switching ideology will also not make you happy.

this sounds kinda like stupid idpol shit. like you can just choose to be a communist instead of a nazi and then you will be happy. Material reality will not change around you because you are looking at it differently, but you might not be so angry and confused if you were looking at it correctly which is definitely something the immortal Marxist science of historical materialism can help you with.

Getting rid of your spooks can help you stop blaming yourself for things that are not your fault so you can start working on things that you actually have control over. You will still have to suffer with the rest of us but at least you will be able to recognize and name your demons.

Does it change anyone's? That's the point. We're all part of the broader community of people in situations we don't like who aren't perfect hitting every note out of the book about what to do and how to do it in order to get into a relationship. In fact, most people are the same, but different in their own ways. Nowhere does this come out more than in the world of dating.

And there's a reason less and less people are dating that don't involve women, or incels, or mean feminists. In fact it has to do with the finnancial reasons we just don't have incentive to get into relationships, or the ability to do so. Relationships cost money, a lot of money. Combined with dealing with your insecurities and their insecurities you have to be pretty fucking matched up in terms of yourselves in order to make it worthwhile for the finnancial cost. You both have to love each other. And that's far bigger a demand than you realize. That's a gigantic responsibility that involves everything from finnance to dealing with the banality of another person's human life the same as your own. Vomiting, shitting, pissing, having their own personal vices. Hell, learning something about someone that unfortunately makes you angry at them, arguments.

The list goes on. None of it is financially feasible for the youth today, and getting into it is rife with bad experiences for everyone involved. People here say women are selfish for having more partners, but are they really? It's a sacrifice both of you have to make in order to make sure both of you can survive on your own, and that's a damn big responsibility.

Not looking at the financial aspect of it, what I said still stands about everyone everywhere being insecure about something as touchy as this. It isn't all ideology, most of it is material consequence of the times plus the insecurities of modern life all of us suffer from in similar but also unique ways.

I highly recommend suicide


me too the world is overpopulated by humans it really is this isn't sane for the planet. remove some humans since most fuckos won't stop breeding less.

I'm thinking the problem isn't everyone else.

Isn't that just proof that the economic system imprints itself on society and not the other way around?

it goes both ways

My experiences with both have been both brief and severely underwhelming, to say the least. Or maybe I'm just not cut out for them, which is meaningless from my point of view because I'm a misfit either way. Companionship and sex can't possibly be worse, and besides, we both know there's no meaning to life anyway, so might as well pick anything you want, and I know I don't want anything I have tried so far.


Came for posadism, got autism. Fucking hell. Just fake confidence.

The left (especially leftist women) love to shit on us incels and they do so gladly so why should we support them, OP? Incels have no place on the left even the beta faggots you see in ANTIFA hate incels because they're blue pilled cucks or sexual defiants. The right embraces us and understands the causes of why we are incel (sexual liberation, feminism, fun, hedonism, genetics etc.) The right has answers to the issues and problems we face that the left doesn't it. Fuck the left.

Tell us more.

Stay mad.

I'm 5'3" and have a stutter. Get fucked you absolute cunt and stop giving useless cliche advice thinking you've done something good.

Incels are the way they are because most of the time they are genetic fuck ups and genetic dead ends. In other words we didn't choose to be born sub-human.

Lmao yer sure most of the guys in pic related are getting plenty of sex with hot women. Keep coping, cuck.

Then just go for the "genetic fuck ups and genetic dead ends" girls of your league and stop whining like an obnoxious faggot.


Having sex is counter-revolutionary, both for men and women. That's why revolutionary millitias should be gender separated and homophobic (transgenders are acceptable if they're really heterosexual).

Nice one future Stalin. Will keep it in mind.

Says the communist lmao. Stop whining about capitalism and get a job then faggot, how about that?

Also even those sub-human girls would have too high standards and would reject me, I've seen literal 3/10s say they want a guy who is at least six foot. How are we manlet incels supposed to compete with that?

Why do I get the sneaking suspicion you're mad as fuck rn?

Why do you pretend to be a Chad? We've seen leaked photos of Holla Forums users most of you are blue pilled betas

Because their only perceptible value to you is a hole to get your dick wet.

Here's a thought, what if you tried making platonic female friends before aiming for a relationship? It helped me out a ton.

Nah I'm calm just had a nice hot shower. Also I only used lmao once. You seem to be projecting, friend.

You know this insult really loses its sting when your opening salvo is "i'm an admitted incel stop bullying me"

Funny because I've seen them ascribed to FULLCOMMUNISM users before. Not that the autistic as fuck discord is remotely representative.

Nigga what? It's impossible to bully an incel because we've accepted the reality of our situation. Only blue pilled cucks on the internet get bullied.

And I thought I was autistic. Jesus Christ.

Ok so how is "lol I bet you're a virgin too" an insult?

You're right we should be making forced sterilization programmes in America.


Is your genetic defect a profound lack of wit, since this seems to be your only retort.

Most incels are honest about themselves and who they are and don't live in a false reality unlike blue pilled cucks (Holla Forums). So I don't see how you can bully us? What you can you possibly say to us that we haven't said about yourselves? Plenty of roasties and cucks make the attempt but very few succeed.

Yes as I have a below average Autism Level.


The absolute state of the internet

Sure you can. The only woman the neet incel ever is in contact with is fucked by another man.

No amount of hygiene and fitness is going to compensate for bad genetics, cuck. Keep coping, tho.

Happy now?

I'm more pointing out the fact that you're very clearly upset but to answer your question you can very certainly bully someone about something they're conscious of. Even when people become self-aware of something they will continue to be vulnerable to people attacking them for it as being aware of something doesn't mean to have made your peace with something. As much as incels are aware of their, uhm, "identity" they are not happy about it. These are very clearly very emotionally vulnerable people who do not like their lives too much, and more often than not it upsets them to be reminded of this even when they know it is true.

Consider fat people, fat people that don't realize they're fat are virtually non-existent. But most of them will still get offended when people call them fat despite being obviously aware of this.

Fuck, a typo

I'm became a communist exactly after I started participating in the work force.

Because the six foot chads aren't going to waste their time with those girls so eventually they'll have to understand their position and accept dating sub-humans like you.

Depends on if you would call the relationship with your mother meaningful?

Well by that logic everyone would be a cuck because everyone's mother has had sex with someone who isn't themselves.

That was the shitty joke.

My mother died when I was 13. A lot of incels come from broken homes.

Looks like you've been cucked out of a loving home by the Chad grim reaper.

That would make sense. And that's probably one of the contributing factors to them being so emotionally vulnerable.

Kek. Cucked by life in general tbh


Possibly yes but given that incels are usually genetic fuck ups I doubt coming from a loving home would make much of a difference. Maybe decrease your chance of committing suicide but you're existence is still going to be miserable.

Maybe but incels are not just losers they're usually black pilled losers which tends to make you immune to things that would piss off the average normie loser. There's levels to being a loser. I think youre just another normie who really doesn't know how incels are.

In communism humanity's productive capabilities will be focused towards things that will actually help and improve us as a species rather than retarded pointless profitable bullshit, meaning we can develop new and better cosmetic surgery and genetic engineering, thereby turning everyone into a Chad or a Stacy and eliminating the incel problem forever.

There are no normies that frequent imageboards, and if you think there are you're pretty deep in the hole

There are a lot of walking arguments for eugenics out there that are living perfectly fulfilling and satisfying lives. The problem with incels isn't that they're biologically irredeemable, which would be something that no one could ever fix. The problem with incels is that they're maladjusted, which is something that you can at least potentially mitigate.

As you pointed out, it's no coincidence that they very often come from broken homes. That's not a matter of eugenics, that's a matter of formative environment. Clearly there is something at work here that isn't genetic.

take the fucking redpill bitch

Of course there are. If you have friends, a job and a gf you're probably a normie. Most people here have these things so they are normies.

Well which one is it Captain Cogdiss, are they employed with a girlfriend and friends, or are they blue pilled virgin cuck beta losers?

We're maladjusted precisely because of our physical condition such as our genetics. As long as we have genetic and sexual inequalities you will have incels and betas.

Some of the most autistic people to ever exist have had relationships and friends and at least a service job. You telling me the weird kid with the naruto run is a normie because he found a fat autistic girl to stick his dick in?

I never said they were all virgins. But yes they are mostly bluepilled beta cucks and yes they're losers for advocating for communism because they cant help getting cucked by the bourgeois who are the economic alpha males.

Then how come there are ugly, poor, stupid, unlikeable people that have active social lives and sex lives?

Being maladjusted is not a matter of genetics for these people. They don't have Downs syndrome or something, they're poorly adjusted socially. That is the problem. It's not an immutable matter of genetics. In fact I would hazard that their belief in this is one of their main problems.

There's no such thing as "alphas" and "betas", sex isn't a weird genetic arms race. There are people and sex is one of the ways that they connect with each other. The problem incels have is their ability to connect with other people in general, even outside of the realm of sex.

Typical tbh. Slow witted, ugly, short, spiteful and dull, not to mention the supposed hatred for "betas" despite being the most beta people in existence, and having the cheek to call anyone else a cuck while living in a hovel because of the economic system while praising the rich. To be expected of these threads.

If you're worried about getting cucked by the bourgeoisie, how does being an incel fix that situation better than being a commie? Weird to say that people who acknowledge and address the bougies are the problem.

Why am I so tempted to make fun of incels?

Like, I'm generally a really nice person who sympathizes with most people, but then they whip out shit like and remind me how ignorant they are.

And before you jump down my throat, here's a serious question for you guys: Aside from getting your dick wet, what would you even want out of a relationship with a woman?

Damn you're fuming it seems.

Where did I imply that I wasn't a beta, short, etc.? I clearly did. Maybe you should learn to read next time, sweetie.

I understand you're autistic and got bullied in school, but your single father was lying when he said that people only bullied you because they were mad at themselves, or whatever it was he told you, it was because you're an insufferable person.
You keep saying this like it makes it true.

Damn you need to chill I can taste your rage all the way from here. Go out and take a walk or something. You are getting too tense for no reason. Would it make you feel better if I said that your little insults got to me? Kek. Normies are such scum.

Communism is literally the only non-cuck response to this. It's fighting back and expropriating the bourgeoisie.

How is rolling over and accepting capitalism not cucked as fuck?

I'm not worried about that as im getting cucked largely by the sexual bourgesie (women and their beta enablers) who control the means of reproduction. From an economic stand point, I live a very comfortable life under capitalism and have all my needs meet.

Again, I'm insulting you because you're pond life, not because I'm mad. It's impossible to get mad at creatures like incels, they're like spazzy internet goblins. The only way to respond to your type is to insult you until you sperg out, which is the only thing of value you can bring to any discussion.

I would rather support the right (capitalism) because unlike the left they don't view as enemies.

k you keep thinking that my man

No, really. What the hell do you guys even want aside from sex?

We don't just want sex you idiot. Most incels can get sex (prostitutes) we want traditional wives and long meaningful relationships, the problem is not just sex,. We also want to destroy the sexual free market and bring back the Patriatchy and get back to sane civilization among other things.

No, just as useful idiots.

Insane civilization I assume being civilization that doesn't cater to you.

Well gee wiz for someone who wants all those things you sure picked the wrong horse to put your cart behind, Capitalism ruined all those things.

These goals are even more pathetic than being a thirsty angry virgin not that there's any difference besides the pretentiousness of it.

Well… at least you're honest, I guess.

I wish there were better words to describe how retarded you sound. I really, really do.

I see. Very interesting.

Oh and one more thing.

Fuck this shitty thread.


Destroy the sexual free market? What are you some kind of freedum hatin commie?

they would only be pathetic to a pathetic person like you who is contributing to civilizational decay. Those are all worthy ideal to strive towards, dummy.

Modern civilization is a cancer if you don't recognize this then I fell bad for you. Just another brainwashed cuck. Funny how you can see the conspiracy of capital everywhere you look but can't see the social decay all around you.

It's either Patriatchy or matriachy (where were headed towards) because history has shown no matter how much power and freedom women have they will always want more. I'd rather Patriatchy and it has a long track record of working (it's worked since the beginning of course). It's also more natural and looks out for my own interests. Any man who prefers otherwise is a cuck.

You're putting a value on what is simply a different gender role. And it's been like this since the beginning of time. Funny how humanity has done well with Patriatchy and it's only until we started to embrace feminism and women liberation that society started to collapse.

I don't support free market capitalism and I think lolbertarians are degenerates who need to be shot, so im not against putting limits on markets at all and in the case of the sexual free market it needs to be limited.


Yeah, it's not like we could be equal or something. Nope, unless women are held as inferior they're going to take over and it'll be a male genocide.

Unironically though what's with reactionaries and being so afraid of people they think are inferior?

Hahah you can't get your dick wet or have anyone to love you ahahahahahah.

Fear is a right-wing emotion, and incels are riddled with insecurities.

Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Involuntary Celibacy Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Hit The Gym Like Nigga Get A Haircut Haha.

Prove society is collapsing.

Wow this is some great advice

Would funnily enough get girls if he hit the gym and got a haircut.

I don't think it's possible to prove such a thing but my reasons for thinking so is seeing the decadence, fun and depression that is all around me. Specifically things like the collapse of the stable traditional family unit, mass immigration, corporate greed, economic inequality, climate change, lawlessness, drug addiction, mass consumption, atheism, death of culture, rising suicide rates and general unhappiness, lack of community, etc. I think the reason why most people don't realize is this because they've become numb to it all due to the fact that they have so many distractions like TV, movies, music, social media, sports, drinking on the weekends, etc. That makes them unable to see how fucked we really are.

That's the best way I can put it. I can name many more examples of things which I believe pin point to collapse but j honestly can't be stuffed.

This tbh.

Half if not more of the things you listed can be justly pinned on capitalism, so I'm not sure why you are supporting it.

So basically you're mad as fuck at us because we attack the cause and not the symptoms like some sort of cultural firefighter.

No he would not. You need to come back to reality and stop being so blue pilled.

The only thing he listed you can't pin on capitalism is atheism.

Fascism is just Communism except that it focuses on Nationalist pride instead of class pride. The original Fascists were disaffected Commies, like Mussolini.

Is this woman hater propaganda for ants?

Interesting, this sort of babby take is normally not accompanied with knowing that Mussolini and Hitler were formerly socialists.

The problem with incels is that they would only gf some small margin of women. I know women (good number of them are black) who have been single for years and will date basically anyone who shows genuine interest

My current gf looks like pic related with slightly smaller tits and braids and she'd not had sex for almost 5 years until I asked her out

Are you the guy that was worried about what his friends would think? I don't think you should worry about that with all that milk.

It's not propaganda. This is just how women are by their very nature. If you don't like that then you might have problems with modern women.

Zyzz already had the genetics there. He didn't look bad. Just skinny. The blacksopcel will not be saved by the gym because he's genuinely ugly. He's hopeless unless he gets plastic surgery.

Well it is propaganda, someone sat down and made a fake account to compile all the replies they would get that would reinforce the incel worldview. What is that if not propaganda?

Not to mention I don't think anyone believes that women refuse to date hot criminals, in fact lots of women prefer hot criminals. This doesn't mean women ONLY like hot criminals.

Propaganda or not those were real replies from real women. I'm glad that you admit most women are unfaithful superficial whores, though. We're making progress.

I realize that, lots of propaganda has a level of truth to it. What makes it propaganda is distorting that to reinforce what you already have decided is true.

When did I say that?

Not me, but I understand why someone would think like that. I really think these guys should ask out women they consider beneath them because for me at least what I think of a girl and what society thinks of her goes out the window when she's cuddling in bed with you. Y'know what I mean?

I think both men and women consciously or unconsciously limit themselves to only consider certain races or body types "date able". And that's sad

Also I don't know how gullible you are (or how gullible you think we are) but these graphics can never be backed up except with "i saw it on halfchan or leddit once"

In my experience, this is more or less true. If I were to make an off hand estimation of all the responses and results I've gotten across tinder, okcupid, and craigslist, the majority would be from black women. It seems like for a lot of incels that come here though, they're disqualified for being
I don't know about all incels, but it seems like the majority that come here have absorbed this anime/pol trope of a young, demure, "traditional" sort of female partner, and that anyone not possessing this narrow range of qualities isn't even worthy of consideration, much less actually dating.


Well this is another thing, I don't think incels should even be using these sites and apps. It'll do nothing but disappoint them. Irl women's standards are more fair, but on those apps, it's a veritable shopping mall of guys

Nice joke, you mean genetics

is there an objective/scientific explanation for why some men just aren't at all appealing to women? i am 28 and incel and women just don't pay me any mind. they don't mistreat me; they just totally ignore me, as though i was invisible. is it a pheromone thing or something?

lol no

We need our own leftist incel internet culture.

Yes, I am. The gender roles you wish to impose on people are garbage.

No, it hasn't. You clearly have no idea what you're talking about.

Define "done well".

Society isn't collapsing. When society did collapse throughout history, "feminism" rarely had much to do with it.

Secularization and capitalism are related too. Many of the phenomenons brought on by capitalism (urbanization, rationalization, etc) strike a deadly blow to organized religion.

I think you should change your ideology. No matter as redpilled as you get; the theory of incels existing will never be proven.

What is proven is that society tends to manipulate the masses into viewing things the same way for consumer purposes (Capitalism).

Now I'm not denying that genes within a female can be attracted to specific genes/phentotypes a male presents; but normies are so simple minded that they can't move past this.

Think of it like this - Normies can't break our of the animalistic traits we picked up hundreds of years ago which is exactly why they're normies compared to us. They're a bunch of animals, subhumans.

If you just focus on you (take a MGTOW approach but don't go full female-hating retard mode; just go normie hating mode and logically justify it); look for a non-normie female that has similar perceptions of you and capacity to move past animalistic traits; I think your life would improve much more.

To me, the point of an ideology is to make life easier, although for 'intelligent' people like ourselves, we can't allow ourselves to believe in some bullshit/pseudo/inherently dogmatic theory (you'll find a lot of far-leftists will agree with this - it's okay to have a completely radical and fucked up ideology as long as you can defend it & defeat all opposing theories). I believe that the incel theory takes the easy way out & that



lol what an idiot


Depends on why you think you aren't getting laid. Assuming you're at least average looking, the problem is probably your personality. I'm sorry if your childhood made you an autist, but no one owes you sex. Either work on yourself or enjoy your wizard powers.

As for how to work on yourself, the best way would be to find a friend group that'll call you out on stuff without getting super triggered and ditching you. This would serve a dual purpose by letting you actually meet women. Failing that, work out, find and interesting hobby, read feminist theory - something to help you get out of your rut.

If you're unattractive, your chances of getting laid are probably lower, but not enough to where doing the above won't get you laid eventually.

To my eternal shame, I was an alt-right incel up until a few years ago. Realizing I was trans and deprogramming myself of toxic masculinity allowed me to actually have close relationships with people. Having close relationships gave me the confidence to ask my first bf out and I've been fucking cute queer people ever since.

but yeah, basically no ideology will get you laid on its own, but becoming a communist might help deprogram you of the shit that's making you insufferable

What an overly dramatic fag with a savior complex. Self-improvement is fascism now?


They're brainwashed to think that unless you get your dick wet you're not a real human being. Supposedly losing virginity cures acne.

ignore them back

Labeling incels as insufferable is useless. What needs to be done is to destroy their desire to mate.

That sounds a lot like communism

I find the right wing tough guy persona so fucking annoying. It might be because I know a few people like this, and they are the skinniest, weakest, pussiest examples of the lowest pits of humanity imaginable. One of them, who is basically a living skeleton, once had trouble moving a 15 pound metal chair- I had to move it for him. And yet he's still tried to tell me that he could kick my ass in a fight because I'm a pathetic commie beta, mostly because he's never, ever, not once been in a single fight in his life.

Dunning kruger is the most annoying feature of humanity.