Venezuela Humanitarian Aid Bill advances in the House

This bill calls for a plan to be created to provide health and medical supplies as well as basic food commodities to the people of Venezuela through independent and credible non-governmental organizations. This important piece of legislation also states that the United States and the United Nations must urge the corrupt Maduro regime to permit the delivery of international humanitarian assistance to address the food and medical shortages without delay.

The Venezuela Humanitarian Assistance and Defense of Democratic Governance Act would instruct the Secretary of State and the USAID Administrator to provide humanitarian assistance to the Venezuelan people. It would also instruct the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations to use her voice and vote to push for humanitarian aid to Venezuela through the UN, while continuing to raise the profile of the country’s political prisoners and the government’s efforts to undermine the rule of law.

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So basically the totally popular "resistance" there needs guns now?

Anyone has that fox article on Venezuela?

civil war soon

The opposition is extremely unpopular. They need weapons in order to have a sliver of a chance. It's pathetic really. America is losing its grip over most of the world. Even SA is no longer its bitch.

what? America has always overthrown countries by giving porkies weapons. Nothing has changed.

Yeah right.ón_de_voto_para_las_elecciones_regionales_de_Venezuela_de_2017

(recommended: ignore polls before August 2017, the Constitutional Assembly's bullshitted election results killed the protests and what was left of people's belief in elections instantly)


That's the joke. It's just like China. When things are going well they call it capitalism. When things fall through suddenly it's an example of how socialism just "doesn't werk."

there they go!

tired bait

I am sure none of this serves to establish a black fund to buy arms for moderate rebels.
Not a penny.

this post has caused toilet paper shortage in my household.

there they go!

when will neoliberals admit they are a fucking joke that resulted in one of biggest disasters of the 20th century?


Suriname and the others aren't even relevant enough to be noticed by Mr Pork.

Venezuela will be a extremely sad story not because of current capitalist shortages but US intervention.


Desperate times call for high-caliber food packages.


Two pictures of women giving birth in the waiting room of a Social Security hospital went viral on twitter, and the students that took the photo were detained, then released shortly afterwards:

Pics related.