Not pretending they didn't have problems or were Zionists in some ways, but how is Holla Forums not literally Jewish communalists yet? Hell, there was even an unexplained lack of homosexuality in kids

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And don't forget
and undoubtedly the number has risen by now

Also, it was intertwined within a capitalist economy so no wonder it didn't last.


All the more reason and evidence to slay "human instinct" with technology and beatings.

btw look into Ocalan's democratic confederalism, I don't know how much he was aware of Kibbutzim but he definitely formulated this sort of system. Check his writings on women.

Ironically this was kind of caused by a kind of Westermarck effect on the children where they didn't feel much of any sexual attraction to what they saw as their brothers and sisters. This caused most of the later generations to move out later to find mates, which in turn caused them to interact with capitalist society.

This is the actual definition of being spooked

Stirner was right

All this proves is that without capitalism most people would abide by traditional values (minus all the coercion and oppression for those who did not do so.) In other words idpol variants of anarchism and socialism are not needed.

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like clockwork

Although you always felt that way given they're the ones controlling governments.

Huh, just noticed that you forgot to mention that these traditional values you crave so much came from a communal non-hierarchical organization, and not from repression by an authoritarian government. Really makes you think. But hey, since you yet again acknowledged Jews as superior why not give Wilhelm Reich a go? He has a lot of interesting things to say about fascism.

The Kibbutz accepted non-jewish volunteers from all over since the early days. They even took in children from damaged families to help rehabilitate them.

We were thought in school that Kibbutzim just married their kids between them. So I'm not so sure if what you said played a role.

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Cry about it, red fascist.

Its a interesting phenomenon that is debated still but has been observed by multiple researchers

Here is an interesting debate on the topic Hypothesis_Comment_AJS_12.pdf

So if spooks don't matter, whats wrong with them following "traditionalism"?
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What's Israel like? Is it really as racist as we think it is? I mean, I know there are a lot of terrorist Palestinians, but Israel tends to overdo it to a degree that no other nation would be allowed. What do you think of these things?

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The kibbutzim are definitely a history that contemporary Jewish and Israeli could draw on effectively. However their project would need to be modified by the ethics of dialectical naturalism for it to be liberatory.

Jewish and Israeli communalists* I mean

So does that proves Soviet's theory right that homosexuality is a bourgeoisie illness caused by capitalist 1st world?

Its probably because the children were raised so closely together which caused them to view each other more as family instead of people "outside". Its been noted before incest only really occurs in dysfunctional detached families as the detachment prevents them from becoming romantically desensitized, so its likely the children due to their closeness had already become desensitized to any sort of attraction Still doesn't completely explain why there was almost no cases at all though, even after they went to look for a mate from other groups

It's easy to forget nowadays, but there was a real possibility that newborn Israel would be red, which is why Stalin supported its creation. Or possibly it could, at least, stand as a counterforce to Western influence in the Middle East. In the end, the leftist elements were relegated just to kibbutzim. I don't know if Stalin lived long enough to regret that support.