Is the gender pay gap real?

Is the gender pay gap real?

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No it's a myth designed to divide the working class along gender lines

kinda- but it's more like 4 cents after you factor in the obvious things like experience, years on the job, career choices, etc.

of course, it is not economically viable to pay for training of human which can leave the workforce for a few years just because they are bringing another human to this planet.

I don't know but it's not that hard to believe. Just look at history and you'll see porky looking for every fucking excuse to pay some workers less.

one dollar in 1887 was worth 27 of today's dollars.

It is a statistical phenomena resulting purely from the differing career choices between the sexes and similar factors such as maternity leave causing women to disproportionally miss work and therefore be seen as less productive and therefore less deserving of raises. add in the fact that women work statistically fewer hours, and it all makes scene.

…What does that have to do with anything?

Somehow they managed that though.
I guess we should be asking for 30$/hour minimum wage these days really.


Yes, but not as large when comparing like to like. If women were $.21 an hour cheaper then we would see signifigantly more male unemployment.

That's actually worse than I thought. I think my old min wage job gave me $54 a day?

I assume.

it is real but still irrelevant tbh

this, obviously:

this, obviously:

It says a dollar a day, not an hour

It's misleading. It factors in the average of all jobs, rather than comparing men and women doing the same job.

Reminder that the feminist movement was funded by the burgoise to open up 50% of the population to taxation and exploiting their work.

Now two working class parents can barely afford to raise one kid.

You've been had, you dun goof'd. Now your kids spend even more time being indoctrinated by the state.

How does it feel?

It's mostly that men and women have different jobs and interact with their jobs differently. Women are more likely to be in charge of household shit and kids, meaning they tend to work less, take jobs that involve less work, or take jobs dealing in caretaking that pay less.

The wage/pay gap isn't the problem. The problem is the wage system itself. If people were compensated according to the value of their labor instead of what the labor market sets as the price of labor, then the only gap would be due to differences of labor input. Cultural issues like "work/life balance" and shit would also have to be taken into account.

If there's a significant difference in pay due to discrimination at the boss-worker level then it's a lot smaller than these other factors.


No sane person is claiming that a man and a woman doing the same job for the same amount of time have such different salaries.

What people are pointing out is that traditionally female jobs, such as working at a daycare, as a nurse, etc are payed less than traditionally male jobs. Because of this the average female salary is less than the average male salary, not because the average female is payed (significantly) less than her male colleague but because the average female dominated job is less payed then the male equivalent.


take a guess


women's work at the home and dealing with children is unpaid labor under capitalism, and thus they have less income then men

dont know, dont care. goal is to end wage system, not to create an arbitrary equality within it.

I'm not so sure about that. The other issue at play is that as a society we don't value the kinds of labor that women tend to perform (like child care) as much as other forms of labor.