Is joining a party a good way to make friends?

Is joining a party a good way to make friends?

Or at least get to talk to people IRL semi-regularly?

Too many screeching Puerto Ricans and black people in nyc

If you're a white male irl networking is a drag

But I live in Northern Ireland.

Join the real ira

But I'm not a nationalist.

I was thinking of joining People Before Profit, they've been pretty active lately.

Aren't they trots?

According to the Wikipedia page but I don't really care and I've never seen it come up IRL.

Ok then paddy. Joining party is always a good idea, you could make some friends.
On a side note: Bushmill or Jameson??

I don't drink whiskey. I only drink Scotland's finest cheapest vodka.


So you want your redheads to get BLACKED? Pretty fucking sad. You want a mongrelized population like America?

1. idgaf
2. "nationalist" means something different here than what you mean. It means "Irish nationalist" and they are overwhelmingly pro-immigration. Anti-immigration people are generally Brits.

I didn't even know there was vodka im scotland. You drink guinnes at least?

Is this an actual post? How often do you ponder about white girls having sex with black men?

Why do you fucks always think of black dick? What the fuck is wrong with you? I'm convinced that being right wing means you have mental problems.

Yeah I like Guinness. Pints are awful expensive though.

fyi the real national drink of Northern Ireland is Buckfast. It's very nice if you can ever get some.

You should
This mentality is responsible for the rape of Europe. Ireland will soon be full of smelly non-whites thanks to people like you

Dick is diamonds, thanks fam.

Post more pics of attractive people pls

Where nazi cucks get this meme?

I'm more worried about it being full of classcucks and porkies tbh.

Soon they will only exist in pictures


Does anything NOT remind these people of black dicks?

This isn't how you gorillapost.