Democratic Party effectively disbands, throwing support behind Koike’s party for Lower House poll

Democratic Party effectively disbands, throwing support behind Koike’s party for Lower House poll

In a dramatic move sure to change the landscape of the nation’s politics, the center-left Democratic Party decided Thursday to effectively disband its Lower House caucus and join Kibo no To (Party of Hope), a new conservative party led by Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike.

The effective sudden death of the nation’s largest opposition force could turn the Oct. 22 Lower House election into a two-way race between conservative forces: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party and Kibo no To.

Public support for the DP has been dwindling for months, and the party was widely predicted to suffer a crushing defeat in the upcoming vote.

The proposal to shift allegiance to Koike’s movement, made by party president Seiji Maehara, was unanimously approved at a general meeting of DP lawmakers the same day. Under the plan, all DP candidates for the general election have been asked to abandon party membership and apply to join the official ticket of Kibo no To.

But it remains unclear how many DP applicants will be accepted by Kibo no To. During a TV interview on Wednesday, Koike, a right-leaning conservative, said her party will choose applicants from the DP after close consideration of their views on constitutional revision and security issues. The comment has been interpreted as indicating that Kibo no To will refuse to accept left-leaning DP lawmakers.

This means the powerful Lower House could be dominated by two major conservative parties after the Oct. 22 election, observers say.

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What the fuck Japan

Wow I am shocked. I wonder what 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧they🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 are going to use to destroy the USA now that their biggest golem is gone? The alt-kike/right definitely is gaining traction but with kikes there has to be opposition. Where is it? Have the kikes abandond america?

Oh wait I suck cocks, this is for japan. Good on those nips to be more conservative.

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We call that pulling a Theresa.

Does this reveal the JCP to be the only real opposition party?
Will disillusioned japs not shaken by the media frenzy about the norks look to them?

Stupid fucking American, now that the DP is done for and this happened, there's a new chance for the Socdem Party and the Communist Party.

For fucks sake, who cares?
Are any of you even japanishe?
No, you are all a bunch of weeb retards.
Now stop making stupid and irrelevant threads about a far-right country that you'll never even visit during your lifetime but you feel compelled to like just because you like their silly cartoons.
Then go treat your mental illness, yeah that's right, I bet you suffer from some sort of mental illness cause I've never saw a single weeaboo who didn't appear to suffer from something in their heads.

This board is about international politics. I'm sorry that you clicked the wrong board.

The two parties was the same to begin with.

As long as they start being more public about their existence.

Is there anything we can do to help our Japanese comrades meme-wise?

from wikipedia. we got idpol too folks

Nooooooo! My pure Japan can't have idpol!!!! It's all the Jews fault!

Honestly this isn't a very enthusiastic argument.

lol are you ok?

Japan is the worst place when it comes to male-female relationships.

Wow it's like the rest of the of the fucking world.

Oh, really?
I didn't know Japanese men did something worse than throwing acid at females whenever they dared to do anything they don't approve of.

Japan can crash and burn soon enough
Fallen japan will become for capitalism what the fallen soviet union is to communism.


Yuriko Koike says pro-Constitution Article Nine lawmakers to be excluded from Hope Party, basically admits she is out to slaughter liberal politicians.

Kazuo Shii declares that the Japan Communist Party ready to cooperate with all parties, politicians, and candidates that still support Constitutionalism in the nation.


The fuck is this?

The fuck is this?

Japan is so right wing that their commies are socdems.

All communist parties in developed countries are socdem.

Japanese politics are worse than US politics, holy shit.

is she a jap Le Pen?

This is the part of the constitution they're trying to defend.

And then you wonder why I hate america.

Shinzo Abe is gonna win.

But they don't know, he's actually a Nippon Kaigi masquerading as a neoliberal.

The separation between them and LDP was even more farcical than between Democrats and Republicans.

There's a high chance Abe is going to resign or get kicked out if they do considerable worse these elections, even if they win, though.

If Abe stays on in spite of a bad result, he would be labelled as a dictator, since leadership in Japanese politics isn't supposed to be long term.

Kill all classcucks.

Good to see that Japan is just as dictatorial as ever

They should seriously push for anti-capitalism. Can you imagine how many Japs there are that are fed up with their jobs, considering their weird ass traditions of working constantly (for free a lot of the time) because it's corporate culture?

the Japanese communist party wants to defend the part of the constitution that prohibits the Japanese from creating an actual army

JCP is an irrelevant borderline joke of a party
It has NO potential

No party will ever have potential tbh

The problem with all the communist parties/movements in western nations is that that for most of their existence they were more or less nothing but pro SU support groups who towed the Soviet line 100%
This when it became obvious that the Soviet union and socialism in general had mostly failed most of them just devolved best case scenario into soc-dems and worst case into liberals like CPUSA


The funny thing is, Japan is possibly the country most ripe with the conditions for Marx's original idea of a socialist revolution. Highly urbanized, extremely industrialized, absurdly high alienation… shame about all that classcucking tho, tho the high material living standard is obviously important too. If the Japanese people lose that, the country will be a potential powder keg.


Tell me you didn't wish it to be about 'Murrica and the post to end with "pic unrelated". I double dare you motherfuckers.

LDP's new election campaign slogan isn't a very subtle appeal to NK fears.

no u.

I hope the JCP can take advantage.

that good?


Just like Ireland!

Worst case scenario. When they are gone, whom will you blame for all your shortcomings?

Just like everywhere else!