The sweat pledge?

What are your thoughts on this beautifully crafted document second only to the constitution?

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More like classcuck oath.

Should have been called the cuck pledge tbh.

I liked the episode the wrongboys did on it a bit back.

Imagine your boss giving you this fucking cuck certificate



It's like injecting pure ideology straight into the bloodstream.

Is it just me or does this seem too real to be true?



Not OC but still obligatory

i remember hearing somewhere that he's an actor who never had a blue collar job.

never looked into it, but sounded about right.


I am all for working my hardest and doing my best at whatever job I can get especially if it means I can get more money or leave work sooner.
However, this is "hey employer abuse me and I won't say anything" tier shit.

He got semi-famous doing the show Dirty Jobs (for the Discovery Channel IIRC). It went to a different shitty blue-collar job each episode and he played along like he was doing the job with them. The whole thing was propaganda for why society needs people who slave away doing awful work and why you should be proud to do it. And it conveniently left out the part where people tend to do those jobs out of desperation.

Mike Rowe is more proletarian than anyone ITT. Prove me wrong YOU LITERALLY CAN"T



Read wagelabour and capital, fam.

Neither the guillotine nor the bullet will do.

I used to weld, worked at a lumber company as well then as a welder build equipment for them. Come at me fam

When I originally saw this it was just the paper itself. I was getting a little bit irritated by the class cuckery, until I saw 'Mike Rowe' at the bottom, and then I blew a fucking gasket. My dad used to watch that garbage shit show all the time. Even back then, when I was a little politically ignorant kid, I recognized that it was horseshit for him to be going on about how great and noble the workers are for mining coal all day, when he spends one goddamn day doing it and then scrambles. He was always a liability to the workers as well, slowing them all down while his dumb ass always struggled behind and had to be guided at every step.

All that said, if he had just kept his fucking mouth shut, I wouldn't care that much. Porkies gonna pork, hollywood's gonna make propaganda, actors are going to get hired for it, whatever. But for him to be leveraging his shitty show and pretending he's a fucking blue collar worker is so fucking disgusting, I wish I could hate him to death.

Mike Rowe is a giant piece of shit, but there is nothing wrong with blue collar workers. There is a lot wrong with blue collar workers being slaves.

I just got a job though. I'm slightly happy that I will have an income.

I'll eat my fidget spinner if that wasn't written by a think tank.

I can't believe so called libertarians and individualists endorse this submissive tripe.