Kill all the old bolsheviks

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Read Grover Furr, ultraleft anarcho-liberal revisionist.


Congratulations, you've just conceded a major talking point to racists

wdhmbt? i just said nations are bullshit

C'mon man

are you implying stalin didn't kill almost all the old bolsheviks?

No, because you are implying Stalin had absolute power and was solely responsible for the purges

I wasn't talking about you I was talking about the twitter guy


Read Victor Serge for a good account and complete list of the most important persecuted Bolsheviks under Stalin


fucking how

tankies are super pro-nationalism for some reason. i think it has to do with opposing permanent revolution but im not sure how

ye because stalin was a king, it's not like he was elected or that all those decisions were collectively agreed upon by the party

proletarian patriotism has nothing to do with nationalism. stalin himself was responsible for eradicating nationalism in his native georgia

homosexuality was categorized as an abnormality in behaviour and was only treated as a crime in cases where minors were involved


soviet realism is modern art


opposes the majority. a decision banning fractionism was passed and agreed upon by the majority. trotsky, despite many warnings, continued working within a clique and eventually got expelled for it. the naive perception that it was personally stalin who dictated all of this is idiotic. stalin was simply the person that the majority agreed with, like lenin before him. he was voted into office, he didn't inherit it or some shit

No way.

You realize that there is nothing counterrevolutionary about working with your political allies to influence the direction of the state right? There was no justification for expelling Trotsky, even if his faction was in the minority. They still have the right to remain in the party and try to direct its course.

Also I hope you realized that the ban on factions was the death knell for soviet democracy. It basically made dissent from the party line illegal.

How is nationalist? Lenin was more of a nationalist than Stalin.

How is this*

you misunderstand how the party functioned. everyone could vote and have a say in policy making, but once a decision was made everyone had to adhere to it. this was voted by the party when lenin was still alive. trotsky, despite being in the minority and despite his proposals being downvoted by the majority, never followed the agreed upon line and schemed in the backround. this was strictly forbidden by the party, and he was obviously expelled for it. but this was something that was voted while lenin was still alive, not something new that stalin implemented.

ye checks out

*thinks books oligarch dicksucker aka Grover Furr valid source.

you don't need to read grover furr to know things like katyn were propaganda, since goebbels himself admits it in his diary and the documents presented by yeltsin weren't even good fakes