Antinatalism is not a meme anymore

Antinatalism is not a meme anymore.

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This is a corporate lifestylist meme. Fighting fossil fuel companies, industrial pollution, and the meat industry are all infinitely more helpful.

Could in future communist society reducing reproduction be way to prevent climate change, mainaining the same level of production as in capitalist system?

anti-natalism is good tbh. we should adopt poor children if possible and instill class consciousness

Embrace Anarcho-Nihilism-Antinatalist Thought.

Probabaly. Less workers means less production, but we already produce more than we need. Realistically I don't see people giving up on their "need to reproduce" spook. Especially with pro-natalist propagarbage being churned out.

Seriously, go to google image search and type in "anti-natalism", the amount of ideology you will see is unbearable.


Yes and it would also offset the drop in standard-of-living of first-worlders who are the most likely to start a counterrevolution when Stalin takes away their electric toothbrush and semi-annual iPhones.

It was never a meme. "Muh environment" is though.

The adoption industry is pretty fucked up though. It's filled to the brim with child trafficking and fraud.

If we ever achieve automated communism, people will have to loose reproductive rights

McKenna was right all along.

This. It's far cheaper and easier for the bourgeoisie to put the blame on us rather than do things which will ACTUALLY mitigate climate change like build nuclear plants.

Reproduction already drops off once standard of living increases. In just the US compare the number of white one child families to black and hispanic, then compare within each group based on income and you'll see what I mean. Sure there will some aberrations with five or more kids but I'd be willing to bet after capitalism is abolished one and two children would be the norm for most couples with 3 being an oddity and 4+ being extremely rare. Of course the real issue is the pollution produced by fossil fuels and manufacturing, which wouldn't be solved if we reduced the population by 75% over two generations without doing anything about capitalism.

you can't reduce the population without capitalism collapsing

It drops off when the education level of females starts to rise, even though it's usually coincided with rising living standards. If you want to end world overpopulation, educate women so they'll realize they can be more than baby making machines

Why would porky want us to have less children???

To some extent, however automation is going to continually curb that. However a small group of leftists not reproducing is lifestylism that won't bring about a signifigant population drop.

I'd say women's education rising is indicative of an increased standard of living and that healhcare is part of it as well. At any rate aside from the edgelords communists advocate for better education and increased standard of living, so birthrates will decline.

Less people to pay out ubi to in the future.

You can't stop people from having kids. It's human nature.

Some conditions drastically reduce natality though. See Japan.


Antinatalism is dumb. You can't coherently speak of non-beings, so the question of whether someone wanted to be born or not is incoherent and irrelevant. Also antinatalism makes the assumption that self-alienation is insurmountable, which makes it an inherently defeatist ideology.

what the fuck am I reading here



Can someone please tell me what this picture is?

It's random slide from american high school geography class

Along with technology, population is commonly singled out for blame as an alleged “cause” of the ecological crisis. But population is by no means the overwhelming threat that some disciples of Malthus in today’s ecology movements would have us believe. People do not reproduce like the fruit flies that are so often cited as examples of mindless reproductive growth. They are products of culture as well as of biological nature. Given decent living standards, reasonably educated families often have fewer children in order to improve the quality of their lives. Given education, moreover, and a consciousness of gender oppression, women no longer allow themselves to be reduced to mere reproductive factories. Instead, they stake out claims as humans with all the rights to meaningful and creative lives. Ironically, technology has played a major role in eliminating the domestic drudgery that for centuries culturally stupefied women and reduced them to mere servants of men and men’s desire to have children—preferably sons, to be sure. In any case, even if population were to decline for some unspecified reason, the large corporations would try to make people buy more and still more in order to render economic expansion possible. Failing to attain a large enough domestic consumers’ market in which to expand, corporate minds would turn to international markets—or to that the most lucrative of markets, the military. - Bookchin

The point is to not brush the suffering of life onto new beings, thus being the oppressor. You are responsible for their life (and suffering) and you are also responsible for their death.
it runs deeper than that, it's not "being born sucks because now I have to deal with capitalism" it's "being born sucks because now you've brushed the burden of existence onto me and made be responsible for the preservation of my life by endowing me with hunger, thirst, sleep, and unattainable desires that I didn't ask to be given with", abolishing capitalism will lessen suffering but it won't go away completely as long as you exist.

We need collective action on this issue and frankly I think this sort of meme is pushed by the media to make us think we don't

Antinatalists, especially denizens of r/childfree get the volcano

You're an idiot. The best way to save someone from capitalism is to not birth them into capitalism. You're think you're going to make another soldier to free those who are already existing?


It's pure lifestylism. By all means ensure that the goo you shoot never results in a baby being born, but stop trying to frame it as the way to bring down capitalism or save the environment.

It's a map stating how many of earth's resources we'd need if everyone the same living standards as the mentioned country.

For example, we'd need 2.5x more of earth's resources if everyone on earth consumed as much as the average in France. The largest one was UAE, like 8x more, those fuckers in Dubai are consumerist whores.


Recycling still costs energy dumbass, and you still lose a bit every time you do it.

Babies and communist humanity are the cure for capitalism. Only an extremely alienated person would think of children in terms of costs.

It's impossible for me to have one less child I don't want to have chi— oh, I see how it is.

Get your shitty lifestylism away from me

It never was a meme. It always was a perfectly valid moral and political position, beyond the obvious personal aspect. Western and Northern European capitalism in particular are now dependent on population growth for their economic growth, and seeing as capitalism has to grow or it dies, well, it's either mass migration or mandatory natalism.

A possibility for a socialist or communist society would be a stationary economy, and that relates to stationary population, seeing as it implies it can go on indeterminately sans externalities. Which I think will eventually be considered an absolute necessity, seeing as the planet's resources obviously don't scale with population.

Schopenhauer is still a miserable fuck though


The Earth is our cradle but we can't stay there forever. Start extracting resources or even better, settle populations in the outer space.

USA living standards are actually shit though, what the fuck

Yes. It's a degenerate sickness that we indulge in and wish to spread to others so that we can gain our glorious utopia.

Ain't I right, fellow leftists?