Where were you when the Fifth Republic was kill?

Where were you when the Fifth Republic was kill?

Press F to pay respects.


So much for radical centrism.

Muslims should be mass deported under pressure penalty of death.

To answer OP, I am on my couch.

If you had the chance to bring back from the dead one Frenchmen to replace Macron, who would it be and why?

Hard mode: No Robespierre.

I doubt it would go far but it would be fun.

Philippe Pétain

Joseph Déjacque

unironically Victor Hugo

Fuck you, it's Robespierre.

Jacques Roux because he was the true leftist revolutionary of the French Revolution

The only good things about France are their unions and left wing organizations in general. Everything else is awful, especially their hyper imperialist liberal governmental system. Hope Russia destroys them first.

The Cold War is over.

il est bon, fam. on a encore st. juste

seriously how many more times will they be trying it? can't they just seriously give up finally

We need another Louis or Napoleon, fam.

Remember when France has the best cavalry forces of Europe?

Charles Fourier

They should instill a confederation. Seriously, fuck Paris’s cultural assimilation polices towards the rest of France.

Russia is the default Anti-Imperialist™ superpower now.

The French shunned their saviors, now it's up to them to reap the consequences

Correct answer.

And to think all they had to do was not import millions of muslims


Lois Blanc

Babeuf was better tbh

calling it nwo, screenshot this is you want.



Something that can tell us that this current law is nothing like the Reichstag fire decree.

it really is tragic when people are this blind.


Léon Blum

I don't really care about it, frankly
The "freedom of religion" stuff is because you can close down Salafi Mosques more quickly
The "freedom of assembly" doesn't mean shit, you always needed a permit (granted 99,9% of the time) to protest in France

It's just that most of the matter will be dealt via administrative judges instead of "penal" ones, which are usually closer to the government.

Come on, just imagine a Cheminade presidency


paul lafargue