Who is /Clevelandreds/ here?

Who is /Clevelandreds/ here?

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more of a Pinky-9er myself

Capitalists smell like shit

I love it when libertarians let their authoritarian sides shine through.


This image contains so many buzzwords, it could probably provide electric power to New York City for the whole duration of October.

Reds too OP. GG Ben, no re.

Non-burger here. What's the deal with hat controversy surrounding American football athletes recently? I'm not very au fait.

It's basically vidya for men 45 and older. Boomer white dudes are especially obsessed with it.

someone just shoot garrison already


Denver virtue signalers gang

You can make legit criticisms of professional handegg but you'd think a "libertarian" like ben would atleast be against police brutality.

Vast majority of libertarians are fascists or at least have fascist sympathies.

Does Ben not realize the Cincinnati Bengals exist? If you're going to have any Ohio team be the Reds, why would you do Cleveland when you could reference the Cincinnati Reds? Referential humor isn't exactly clever, but at least there's a thought process behind the joke.

I didnt followed the whole drama because im not even american, what was that about?
Some sportball players refusing to sing national anthem or what?

They kneel instead of singing the anthem to support BLM

Clapistan handegg players have to stand and look at the flag for 2 minutes before every game. Some players started kneeling instead

Really tickles the pickle.

Well, he once was but then realised appealing to Holla Forumsredditors is easier.

Dat patreonbucks rly makes you change ideas

They basically got gaslighted by leftists to side with the statists


american football is confounding
it's three hours of half time interrupted by bursts of play

Is Zyklon Ben still in denial about Trump's constant backstabs?

The state of your country confuses the hell out of me amerifags.

I love the NFL kneeling shitshow even though it's meaningless spectacle. America loses its shit over the stupidest things.

Well we all knew lolberts were closet fascists.

actually it's all because of the deep state that Trump is acting exactly like every other neocon republican
t. Ben Garrison

Benny G getting more incoherent I see. Also nice to see the point of the comic is pretty much pic related.

No see, according to lolberts, pigs are good if they're beating hippies and killing niggers. The nanny government forces them to yell 'pureeti piggu purincesu' and activate a transformation sequence into oppressors whenever they have to they tell lolberts they can't have CP.

fugg, he's libertarians' equivalent of Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader. if the aut-right really are behind his transformation, I guess that means for the purposes of this analogy the Jar Jar Sith Lord theory is true

I-am-so-fucking-butthurt, the picture

holy shit, ben garrison really never stops peddling his Holla Forumscuck tier worldview, and with no regret or shame to sharing responsibility to spreading ideological cancer.

If I were an NFL player, I would whip my dick out and nut on the flag during the anthem.

This must be one of the most openly butthurt comics he's done on the recent times.

Nobody knelled from the Steelers tho

thanks doc!

lmao this whole thing is about racist dads not wanting black people protesting in their safe spaces

so this is what you all mean by the spectacle right? about how americans care so much more about the symbolism of football plays taking a knee instead of the looming threat of north korean nukes or the damage from 2 devastating hurricanes, or discussing ays to stop isis influence?

you little motherfuck faggot

i dunno why, but this turns me on

read bordiga

why are you spamming that?

it's a shitpost, genius

All this drama makes me want to start watching hand egg and I'm not even a gringo.

I can feel the butthurt through the computer screen. Some edit this into the improved leftypol version.

Holy fuck, is he really making fun of the attempts at dealing with the awful health problems football causes?

I think maybe you have a thing for women, user.


HELL yes I can finally be proud of my football team
No more toilet jokes


wtf i love capitalism now

whats the name for these?

this is what afroplasm looks like

This is basically GamerGate for old white men.

I'd watch the fuck of Spaceballs themed football tbh

The funny thing is, the Russian people at large thought the exact same thing about the czar, all the way up until Bloody Sunday.

I just realized Ben made fun of football player's head trauma and CTE. I'm usually not shocked when the right pulls their shit but this is just disgusting

Afroplasm is white.

That was true for the French as well before the revolution.


good catch

only thanks to NAZBOL

Did the French Revolution have a clearly dividing event like Bloody Sunday tho?

I hope that one day I too shall get to collide head first into other human beings for a ball while being millions of dollars as drunk fat psychopaths cheer me on from the stands.

Does Ben Garrison really think giant football players are less masculine than the audience of his comics.

This one is particularly funny because the average salary in the NFL is only about $1 million per year.

Like he's calling them weak infants, like he does with all his political enemies. The ambiguity behind his other comics is the bare, bare, bare fucking minimum of, perhaps; I wouldn't sound realistic, but plausible to someone. Someone his audience can say, yeah those guys are pussies. Football players are well known for being gigantic black men. I know his audience will buy into this.

But come on now, Ben.

"Why aren't these niggers bashing each others for my entertainment?" -Ben Garrison

The funniest, funniest fucking thing about this football drama is that NFL players didn't have to be forced to go out for the national anthem until the government signed a law making it mandatory in 2009


Before 2009 they were in the locker room, doing stretches, getting ready, etc. The US government literally just made a bullshit asspull law that said you have to put your hand over your heart amen god bless america.

And people are acting like this is a fucking national tradition from ages past. It's a stupid fucking not even a decade fucking old. This is the definition of fucking crocodile tears and feigned outrage.

The flight to Varennes?

yo w2c?

How long are the contracts for though? I figure that although one million a year is still huge, the fact that their health is going to be fucked after all the headbumps shouldn't be laughed off as them wanting to be treated like babies.

Well that's the thing, it does sound like a ton of money in a vacuum but as you say, expenses and career length matter. Average length of an NFL career is…a little over 3 years. Players like Brett Favre who play forever, get huge contracts, and big endorsement deals are the exception.


Obviously Garrison feels threatened that people are standing against brain damage.

No I'm serious, he posted a picture of himself with Capital. He can't be more than a quarter black.

This guy steps up the average conservative cry baby.

What they do?

it was still thanks to NAZBOL

I confess I never did any reading especially on the French Revolution, seeing as I have my hands full already with socialism alone. So I saw in Wikipedia and it signaled the start of a counter-revolution? Looks like the king's reputation was already shot by then. I don't think think there was an event as divisive as Bloody Sunday, people just got sick and tired of the royals despite them just doing business as usual.

Cleaveland did nothing wrong.

I don’t like Ben Garison, but dam that comic is fucking on point.

Harrison is an absolute monster

The worst thing out of all this is that Kapernick's protest just got subsumed into this spectacle with Trump


I am impressed that he knows the ancom flag tbh.

thats the antifa flag yer retard

Where my Denver Virtue Signalers at?

whenever a right-libertarian sees a perceived display of anti-nationalism, they lose their convictions immediately. i love it.

Therefore the answer is a reactionary strongman like Trump who can keep those fucking niggers in line and teach those white bois how to be a "real man". Typical fascist stuff really.

do reactionaries have the biggest daddy fetish of any ideology?

You mean by literally kissing their ass like does all the time? The hysterical SocJus "REEE LE TRUMP WANTS TO KILL ALL DARKIES!" crowd forget that he always was a fellow liberal.

Even if him kissing black babies isn't just standard campaign pr what the other guy is talking about involves the strongman nigger wrangler manufacturing black domestication with threats and coercion. He "kisses black ass" when he makes them kiss his ass first.

Trump is a nigger baby lover.

obviously he isn't the savior of the white race, he has a Jewish daughter ffs. people on the far-right bought into his faux populism either way.

lol cucked again

Does Holla Forums unironically believe cops risk their lives and careers to murder random blacks for shits and giggles? I know the board owner thinks Mike Brown din.du nuffin but are the rest of you that retarded?


The NFL is subsidized by the government. It would be kind of weird if they didn't go out for the national anthem.

Is this the power of nazbol?

What percentage of cops are only indicted when they kill people?

Did you see his killer afro though?

Are you serious? Rightwingers and reactionaries base their entire worldview on hierarchies and relations of domination and submission. They're permanently stuck in the anal phase.

It'a all about the Paterfamilias

I love how he is seemingly the normal one and angry at the rest.

why is he mad at football players for getting concussions

Thanks user, for introducing me to a term I hadn't heard before.

why is the gov't subsidized

Anyone else notice how the black guys look more sunken-eyed, threatening, and stronger? Can't tall if Ben is being racist or secretly hiding his BBC love.

I don't even know the stats and that pic already reeks of bullshit.

There isn't even a fucking source besides the website