Tbh lads, I'm pretty ready just to end it all

Tbh lads, I'm pretty ready just to end it all.

Class consciousness seems to be at an all time low and everybody has doubled down on the liberal kool-aid.

I make a fair amount of money for a prole but my job is awful and I'm just contributing in a more efficient fashion to the exploitation of other workers.

I've realised all my hobbies are merely distractions and escapism from how awful existence is. All of my relationships seem inherently tainted by the corrupting influence of capital.

become nihilist anarchist

Feels gud tbh
Joking, fam, killing yourself is never a good idea

Dude this is the beginning not the end. Also death is not real prepare to just be alienated in the afterlife… Dont worry about it you get it more than you ever have, also everyone here is like you. Just think about something someone could tell you they did where you'd be like "cool" and do that for yourself. If you're a piece of shit, journal about it until youre not sure what your problem is then post about it to see if anyone else has ideas

Class consciousness is growing son. The iterative replacement of ideas is going faster and faster. Its not just about the content of peoples ideas but the form. More and more people are reconsidering their whole life. More and more people are realizing the question is world polotics and the relationship to the individual.

Maybe its that what you think is class consciousness is retarded. I think this question is open and I wanna hear your thoughts. But my opinion is that everyone already is in the working class so class consciousness is immediately species being. Not sure if is argue this changed over time, ie if I think prole/bourg was ever accurate

What level of spookery is this?

No spook, life is a spook.


Google Bookchin, and embrace a radical politics that is suited to the 21st century.

spot the pseud.

I actually like Bookchin, but fuck off. If someone is coming to you saying they're ciohawddcvsdvhasdf

cba to type anymore whats the fuckjing pointy

I feel the same way I think about suicide constantly

Did you have a stroke?

As long as there is capitalism, there will be communism. While there is communism, there will be communists. When there are communists, there is still hope.

Giving up after coming this far already is absurd.

stages of grief my man. Just got to wait for the acceptance part


Your continent is cucked

Just like everyone else, who cares.
There's a fix for it.

Recognize that there are lots of people in this position and embrace a revolutionary mass suicide movement.

don't off yourself. if all the good people off themselves nothing will ever change for the better.
this assessment ist correct, but listen to this wise user this is the beginning, not the end.
if you want to improve your mental health, look into learning a meditation technique like vipassana or zen. disregard the kiddies who dismiss these techniques as eastern mysticism, they have no clue what they are talking about. practicing mediation cured my depression.

Why not? Why are people obligated to live?

Substituting the working class for 'communists' as the actor for socialism is fucking dumb.

And yet here you are on a niche imageboard during the weekend.

If you're miserable, kill yourself
Don't let anyone tell you that there's some """moral""" obligation to live

HERESY! It is an excellent idea.

Suicide is the rational choice if you believe your expected future happiness is negative. Nobody chooses to be born, but they do have a right to choose when their life ends.

That said, we need ethical, rational people to make the world a better place.

what's wrong with that? i like this place very much, it'd great to discuss politics and to to shitpost occasionally.

You first.

I don’t think class-consciousness is low. I literally became conscious a month ago, and I’m literally normie cancer, so everyone else should be conscious too

If anything now is the best time to be woke since at least the 70's.

Embrace it.

every fuckign time

100% this. It's fucking stupid that you're made to feel like you're obligated to live even when it brings you nothing but suffering and you never chose to be born in the first place. There is only one destination anyway, why should the rest of us throw a hissy fit if someone chooses to go there a bit earlier?